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The Formula One takes power boating to another extreme, entertaining audiences with high speed, action packed racing. Spectators watch in awe as lightweight tunnel boats, constructed of wood, fiberglass and carbon fiber materials, literally race across the waters on a cushion of air at speeds in excess of 120 m.p.h. These high performance powerboats challenge even the most seasoned professional turning sharper and faster than any other race vehicle in the world. Drivers can experience up to 5G's of forces as they maneuver around a 1.5km course.

2013/2014 NZF1 Powerboat Tour Round 3 Race 3

2013/2014 NZF1 Powerboat Tour Round 3 Race 1

2013/2014 NZF1 Powerboat Tour Round 1 Race 1

2013 NZF1 Powerboat Tour Promotional Clip

Youtube clip 2012 of the NZF1 Powerboat Tour

Formula One Boats Cromwell 2011


Round 1:


Round 2:


Round 3:


Round 4:


Round 5:


Match Racing Clip

Formula 1 PDF File of Driver Profile Form Driver Profiles If you want to Update your Drivers Profile please Email the Webmaster With any Information you need Updated either added to or removed. If you are suppling pictures please make sure you have the permission of the Photographer (I may have images of my own i can add to the Page). If you know your sponsors webpage address or logo we would like to include it in the Sponsors Section.
People are Interested in any past Acheivements and History of your Boats and Drives, so the more information you supply the better your Profile will look.

Kilo Speed Records

National Record
Luke Sharp
Promt Parts
130.296mph (210.496kph)
Northern Zone
Luke Sharp
Promt Parts
130.296mph (210.496kph)
Central Zone
Roger Seymour
Mobil Sport 3
125.39mph (201.75kph)
Southern Zone
Peter Morris
Wizard of Oz

New Zealand Formula 1 Champions
2015 Anthony Robertson Design Windows
2014 Luke Sharp Promt Parts
2013 Julian Stilwell Scott Construction
2012 Luke Sharp Promt Parts
2011 Luke Sharp Promt Parts
2010 Luke Sharp Promt Parts
2009 Steve Hughes Total Lubricants
Malcolm Jamieson
Malcolm Jamieson
2006 Steve Hughes Total Lubricants
2005 Allan Dennis California Girls
2004 John Herzog Oceanbridge
2003 Peter Thomas Twister
2002 Ben Cawthra Red Line Lubricants
2001 John Herzog Oceanbridge
2000 Malcolm Jamieson Az Ya Do
1998 Steve Hughes Shell Nautilas
1999 Not Contested
1997 Malcolm Jamieson Widow Maker
1996 Steve Hughes Shell True Blue
1995 John Herzog Oceanbridge
1994 Roger Seymour TV3 Mobil Sport

Click on the Images Below to go to the Boats Profile Page. Only Boats whom wish to have a Profile and supply information are to be listed.

Julian Stilwell
"Scott Construction"

Brendon Cornes
"Total Chaos"

Luke Sharp
"Promt Parts"

Richard Sommerville
"KS Builders"

Jeff Price
"Lone Wolf"

Philip Stilwell
"Acceleration on Water"

Sam Hughes
"The Situation"

strike zone pic2
Peter Swinkels

New Zealand Power Boat Association 1947 - 2017

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