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"Lone Wolf Racing"

Jeff Price
Phone: 03 363 9578
New Brighton Power Boat Club

2002 Hoffman, formally raced as Patriot in NZ and The Advocate (by Max Toler) in the US

Mercury S3000 2.5 litre F1 Race Outboard
Thanks to Malcolm Jamieson (KRB Motorsport) and Brendan Power (Power Performance Engineering)

Craig Harper
Toby Price


Racing since 2002, starting in Vee bottom ski boats (FV and MOD VP) we stepped up to F1 almost by accident… After an engine blow up on our ski boat we found a “spare engine” option with the VDO boat. We made the purchase from Peter Edmond and decided to run the boat for a season to see how it went… Well as much fun as racing the ski boats was, the F1 Tunnels are another thing again, we were bitten by the bug and never looked back. Helped out by many of the other F1 teams VDO received a makeover and became “Thirsty”. Both Jeff and co owner Bex Jones ran the boat with some great success (lots of 2nds and 3rds J). As always happens in motor sport we wanted more speed!! A chance comment to Tony Latimer of “how cool it would be to have a newer boat like his” lead to a trade in offer and another off season make boat makeover. Lone Wolf racing was born and we now continue to strive to learn the tuning and driving of our new boat. A major thanks to Pete and Ian Thomas, Steve Hughes, Tony Latimer and Malcolm Jamieson along with many other F1 teams for helping us into the sport and always being happy to offer advice and pass on their experience.

Season Objectives:

Complete the full NZF1 Tour, continue to help F1 racing grow in New Zealand.

Thirsty & Exported at Play

Bex Jones Racing Thirsty - 2007 Karapiro Regatta

Lake Hood 2011

Lake Kaniere Nationals 2012

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