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22nd January 2015 - Goldcup Regatta Entry Form


44th Goldcup Regatta 21st & 22nd March 2015
Manawatu River, Foxton.
Featured Events:
44th Goldcup
Matt Morrison Memorial
62nd Carl Augustin
Sally Nagel Cup
Bob Dunlop Memorial
Ross Knight Memorial
North Island

North Island Series 3000

Phillip Hoskyn
Flat 16.
16 Alma Road
Wanganui 4500

Goldcup Entry Form

21st January 2015 - Wellington Regatta Entry Form

Regatta 7th & 8th March 2015
Featured Events:
Peter Palmer Memorial
North Island U/U.
North Island GNH.
North Island Pro Stock
North Island FV
North Island Mod VP
King of the Harbour

Wellington Entry Form

Raewyn Palmer
P.O.Box 30-833
Lower Hutt 5040
Phone (04) 586 0919
Fax (04) 293 7034
Mobile 027 416 5070
Email: raewynpalmer@xtra.co.nz

21st January 2015 - NZGP Regatta Programme & Entry Form

Regatta January 31st & February 1st 2015
Lake Karapiro
Featured Events:
Masport Cup
North Island Pro Com
NZF1 Powerboat Tour Round 2
Dennis Taylor King of the Lake
Joe Robinson Trophy
Marsh Motorsport Trophy
NZ Offshore Round 1

NZGP Entry Form

NZGP Hydroplane Drivers Club
PO Box 1076
Email : alexanderfarms@xtra.co.nz

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19th January 2015 - Bruce Bourquin Book.

Terry Wicks has just recently released a book on her late Husband the Life Story of Bruce Bourquin, Bruce was the designer and builder of the Grand Prix tunnel boats for over 35 years.

Some of these Boats were raced in New Zealand with great sucess.

There is a link to Amazon if you click on the picture


18th January 2015 - Lakeland Update. 6.45pm
The club just finished the prize giving at the Local RSA Hall. Some great spot prizes on offer for the Boaties.

Master of Mangakino
1st Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"
2nd Evan White "Wasted Nights"
3rd Ian Warmington "Razzle Dazzle"

V8 Challenge
1st Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"
2nd Evan White "Wasted Nights"
3rd Daniel Hall "Foreno Tapware"

Snorkel Trophy for upending his boat for the second time this season went to Bayden Sprozen "Mad Dog Maddi"

Hand Grenade Trophy went to Alan Wells "Endorphin Rush"

Dawn Memorial Trophy went to Brent Frampton "Flatout"

VG Stiener Trophy for top Lakeland Boat went to Alan Steiner "Misty Blue"

Racing today was great when it was on some good racing in all the classes whom raced. Some pictures will go up late tonight.

17th January 2015 - Lakeland Update 5.00pm.

North Island Formula One Heat Two
1st Sam Hughes "Unfinished Business"
2nd Philip Stilwell "Total Lubricants"
3rd Nick Coles "Public Enemy"
Derek McAdam "The Chase" DQ hitting a buoy
Luke Sharp "Promt Parts" DNF
Another great start by Derek leading Luke after Lap one but then Luke broke down. derek was then in a great position to win the race and the title but a lapse in concentration saw him nudge a buoy and was reported by the officials and DQ. Sam then picked up the win from Philip and Nick came third.

Overall NI F1 Title
1st Sam Hughes "Unfinished Business"
2nd Philip Stilwell"Total Lubricants"
3rd Derek McAdam "The Chase"
4th Nick Coles "Public Enemy"
5th Luke Sharp "Promt Parts"

Two small fires breaking out on Scorpion and one of the Lucas Oils GP boat were the only dramas to the day along with 4 modh h boats breaking down in one of there heats which caused a delay while they retrieved them.

Good close racing in all the Junior and Clubmans classes.

Will do photos and more info when i get home.

13th January 2015 - Lakeland Update.

The Regatta at Mangakino is this weekend and the weather looks pretty good at this stage.
If all the boats whom have entered show up we could see 50 plus boats.
Entries listed on the Lakeland Power Boat Club Page

7th January 2015 - North Island Title Venue Changes
With the Cancellation of the Wanganui Motor Boat Club Regatta the following North Island Titles will be held at the following Venues.

North Island FV & Mod VP to be raced at Wellington Power Boat Regatta March 7th - 8th 2015

North Island Series 3000 to be raced at Manawatu Goldcup Regatta

6th January 2015 - Lakeland Update.
The Regatta at Mangakino is on in just under two weeks time and 42 boats have entered in the Regatta.
The Club has struggled with Sponsorship and Fundraising this year and while the feature Races and the North Island title will have prize money the Supporting Races will unfortunately miss out this year.
Entries listed on the Lakeland Power Boat Club Page

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