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23rd March 2015 - Goldcup Regatta

Amber Ryan beside her "Lil Hoon" race boat with her brand new Race Helmet Which was Presented to her on behalf of Mark Digglemann of MTF Kapiti. Orrin Forsthye "Boann" was also the Winner of a New Helmet which will be delivered to him.

Kent Dunlop with the Matt Morrison Challenge Trophy


22nd March 2015 - Goldcup Regatta 4.30pm

After a 25 years an Inboard powered boat has finally won the Goldcup with Kent Dunlop beating home 3 Formula One Tunnel Boats.

MTF Kapiti Goldcup 2015
1st Kent Dunlop "Razors Edge"
2nd Brenden Cornes "Total Chaos"
3rd Nick Coles "Public Enemy"
4th Philip Stiwell "Total"
5th Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"
6th Richard Smith "Ballistic"
A great start by Kent Dunlop in Lane 4 saw him power to the top turn in first place leaving the Tunnels to try and chase him down and pass. Kent made sure to keep it tight in the turns and maintained his lead throughout the race for a good win. Brenden Cornes was flying in his F1 Tunnel and had a great race against Nick Coles.

Ross Knight Trophy.
1st Daniel Hall "Foreno Tapware"
2nd Richard Smith "Paradise Afloat"
3rd Brenden Hall "Armageddon"

Sally Nagel Memorial
1st Daniel Hall "Foreno Tapware"
2nd Alan Stiener "Misty Blue"
3rd Daniel Pollack "Undertaker"

Bob Dunlop Memorial
1st Kent Dunlop "Razors Edge"
2nd Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"
3rd Richard Smith "Ballistic"

22nd March 2015 - Goldcup Regatta 3.30pm

Matt Morrison Memorial 2 heat Start.

Matt Morrison Memorial
1st Kent Dunlop "Razors Edge"
2nd Richard Smith "Ballistic"
3rd John Ryan "Dancing Bear Too"
4th Ian Warmington "Razzle Dazzle"
5th Ben Ryan "Dancing Bear"
Great starts to the races But Kent Dunlop had too much for the rest and left them behind. Richard Smith drove well to finish in 2nd having a great race against John Ryan in Heat two. Ian Warmington had close races with both Ben Ryan in heat 1 and John Ryan in Heat two.

Racing for the goldcup still going on lots of delays with wood.

22nd March 2015 - Goldcup Regatta 11.30am

John Ryan drew Pole 6 for the first Heat of the MMM with Victory in 1, Razors Edge in 2, Ballistic in 3, Razzle Dazzle in 4 and Dancing Bear in 5.

Its a cloudy day no wind or rain but still have the log problem so Race scedule will be much the same as yesterday wait until 12.30ish and then get ito it.


21st March 2015 - Goldcup Regatta 5.10pm

Kent Dunlop was fastest Quailifying for the Matt Morrison Memorial. The MMM will be the first race tomorrow this is due to the logs coming down the river.

Matt Morrison Memorial Starters.
Kent Dunlop "Razors Edge" 47.91
Richard Smith "Ballistic" 50.66
Tony McCaa "Victory" 53.95
John Ryan "Dancing Bear Too"56.37
Ian Warmington "Razzle Dazzle" 101.88
Ben Ryan "Dancing Bear" 114.10

Sadly Adam Parker in "Heat Seeker" had trouble with the starter Motor and couldnt do his timed lap. Miss Conventry had broken down on Friday and the other boats didnt turn up.

North Island Clubmans
1st Andy Morris "The Judge"
2nd Bayden Sprozen "Mad Dog Maddi"
3rd Alix MacBeth "AB Marine"
A very closely fought affair that came down to good starts by Andy Morris in The Judge as he just managed to be at the first turn first and stay out of trouble to win both heats. Tied points for Alix and Bayden saw them seperated by just a few seconds. Jaymee Digglemann was a contender until a spin and collision in the the second heat with Ross Leger saw them both eliminated with damage.

Carl Augustine
1st Richard Smith "Paradise Afloat"
2nd Alan James "Dundeel
Steve Mathieson and Jeremy Thomas both DNS as they stpped on the run to the start line. Daniel Pollack was giving Richard a good race until he too stopped leaving the way clear for Richard to win in what is a very good race boat.

North Island Series 3000
1st Brent Frampton "Flatout"
2nd Simon Farnsworth "Brayka"
3rd Noeline Steiner "Misty Blue"
Great battle for first in Heat one with Noeline only just keeping Brent in behind to take the win. Jeremy Thomas in "Xrated" drove the little boat well and kept up with Simon for most of the race before finishing 4th. In Heat two Jeremy had a loss of power and was pretty slow finishing a lap down, Brent had the jump on Noeline at the Start and needed to be faster than noeline on overall time if the points were to be tied. Noeline drove great but on the last Lap Misty Blue slowed to a stop with a broken wire just metres from the finish line.

21st March 2015 - Goldcup Regatta 1.50pm

Miss Coventry has a blown Head Gasket after practice on Friday and is out for the weekend.

Great day for it. wont be an update until after the racing as i have low battery and and failed power cord. Have to drive home and do it. A lot of logs in the water so racing was delayed. Popped home and back just in time for racing. First heat of the Series 3000 heat just starting but the wood will be back soon.

16th March 2015 - NZPBA Nationals Revised Entry Form
The Entry's must be in by March 28th.
Entry Fee is $200
There is a $100 Discount on the Entry if you send it Before the 28th of March.
Meals are now purchased seperately on the Entry Form. You need to indicate how many Meals your team requires so that Catering can be arranged.
Meals and Prizegiving on Saturday and Sunday Nights are at the Golden Gate Lodge and they have Accommodation available. Please support the Sponsor of the Regatta.

NZPBA Nationals Regatta Friday 24th - Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th 2015
Lake Dunstan, Cromwell.
Featured Events:
NZPBA Nationals
NZF1 Powerboat Tour Round 5
Southern Clubman's Series
Southern Pro Stock/Com Series

P O Box 207
Cromwell 9342
Linda Pope
Ph (03) 445 1141
Fax (03) 445 4369
Mobile 027 433 6163
Email: stevesmarine@xtra.co.nz

2015 Nationals Entry Form

Race Convener
Daniel Rule
Email :sline.roofing@yahoo.co.nz
Lake Dunstan Boat Club
PO Box 207

Golden Gate Lodge

Racing will be on the Main Lake this year weather permitting.

15th March 2015 - Goldcup Regatta

Race Site has never looked better after the Club members had a working bee today. as you can see we have been working on the grassed area for boat parking now its good all the way along the Strip. Tony Arthur's already to go too, he's just wondering why he is the only boat here already. The Club has decided to start racing early in the morning so if your boat is there on Friday it will be scrutineered then to speed things up.

There were about 7 or so Ski Boats at the Ramp making the most of the good conditions on the river. Weather forecast for the weekend is looking pretty good at this stage as well.

With 25 drivers entered for the North Island Clubmans we will run 3 heats to determine the fastest 10 boats for the Championship. Some of the boats have double drivers in the event they both make the top ten one will have to pull out and the 11th fastest boat will be in the finals. With ten very evenly matched boats the North Island Clubmans Championship should be very close run thing.

8th March 2015 - Wellington Regatta

Ian Warmington "Razzle Dazzle" leads Adam Parker "Heat Seeker" in the Peter Palmer Memorial.

All over bar the prizegiving yet to come. Was some good racing all around. Will post some pictures later tonight and update the results when they are given out at the prize giving later

Peter Palmer Memorial
1st Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"
2nd Ian Warmington "Razzle Dazzle"
3rd Daniel Hall "Foreno Tapware"
really tight battle at the front between Adam and Ian with Adam only just pulling away from the 3rd lap on.

North Island U/U
1st Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"
2nd Daniel Hall "Foreno Tapware"
3rd Brenden Hall "Armageddon"

North Island Pro Stock
1st Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"
2nd Simon Farnsworth "Brayka"
3rd Malcolm Packer "Miss Conventry"

North Island Mod VP
1st Ross Leger "Legend"
2nd Alix Macbeth"AB Marine"
3rd Bayden Sprozen "Mad Dog Maddi"

North Island FV
1st Andrew MacBeth "AB Marine"
2nd Bayden Sprozen "Mad Dog Maddi"
3rd Ross Leger "Legend"

North Island GNH
1st Daniel Hall "Foreno Tapware"
2nd Alan James "Dundeel"
3rd Brenden Hall "Armageddon"

Paul Le Roy has some great Images up on his Flickr Gallery and will had more over the next few days as well. If you want to purchase some of these just flick Paul an Email at leroyfamnz@gmail.com


8th March 2015 - Wellington Regatta

Much nicer day today.

Had a few races already. some close action in the ModVP Title and the GNH title hopefully they can get through the racing before it blows up again.

7th March 2015 - Wellington Regatta

Wellington's had to postpone the regatta until Sunday as its just a little to rough for the bigger boats apparently. Its Supposed to be better tomorrow so they will kick off about 10am and rattle through things.

Malcolm Packers "Miss Conventry" is looking great and he's just itching to get out there and drive it.

4th March 2015 - Wellington Regatta

Weather forecast for the weekend.
Its a bit cloudy looking during the day with the odd shower expected.
Its hoped to see the return of "Miss Conventry" to racing after a full on Restoration by Wellington's Malcolm Packer.

2nd March 2015 - Goldcup Regatta Entry Form Important Information
The Secretary of the Manawatu Power Boat Club is moving Home this week. Any Entry forms or Club related Mail should be sent to the Address listed below mail already posted to the old address will still get to me...hopefully. The Entry Form has been updated with the new Address.

We list all our entry's on the Manawatu Power Boat Club Page. If you are not listed then i haven't received an entry

44th Goldcup Regatta 21st & 22nd March 2015
Manawatu River, Foxton.
Featured Events:
44th Goldcup
Matt Morrison Memorial
62nd Carl Augustin
Sally Nagel Cup
Bob Dunlop Memorial
Ross Knight Memorial
North Island

North Island Series 3000
Rotoiti Pirates versus Manawatu Clubmans Team Challenge

Phillip Hoskyn
805 Rapanui Road
Wanganui 4500

Goldcup Entry Form

2nd March 2015 - Rotoiti Regatta

Raymond Hart "The Boss"

Graeme Robertson a Nelson Photographer has some great shots of the racing on his Blog Webpage and will be uploading more shots Later on.

NZF1 Points Tour Points after Round 3 at Rotoiti. Very close at the Top of the Table just 2points separate Luke Sharp and Julian Stilwell and any of the top 5 would still have a great chance of winning the Tour.

1st March 2015 - Rotoiti Regatta 7.30pm
Pictures will have to wait until late monday night sorry.

South Island Modified Hydroplane.
1st Daniel Hall "Foreno Tapware"
2nd Tony Arthur "Thunderbird"
3rd Cliff Jordan "Summerwine"

Summerwine had a DNF in heat 1 which sealed his 3rd place finish overall. A new engine in the boat wasn't running as well as it should have. Foreno Tapware easily won the two heats to take the title from a much improved Thunderbird which looked good showing plenty of speed.

South Island Pro Stock.
1st Mike Ryan "Provocative"
2nd Richard Smith "Balistic"
3rd Nigel McCaa "Victory"
Great racing Balistic and Provocative each had a win but a third in heat two to Balistic saw Mike Ryan take the win. The Victory Boat runs a Dodge engine makes quite a nice sound and was the first time racing in NZ for this boat. It run very quick on the Sunday with Tony McCaa Driving.

South Island GP.
No Official Results racing went on to long and with the ferry to catch i missed the prize giving and the results. There were a few DNF and DNS so it might have been The Boss that picked it up.

King of the Lake
1st Jack Lupton "GP57"
2nd Ken Lupton "Lucas Oils"
3rd Jason Hagerty "Miss Aberdeen"
Beach start race that saw Jeff Price "Lone Wolf" fly off in the distance leaving the 3 Hydros behind but one by one they all rounded up and passed the F1 Boat


Rotoiti Pirates versus the Manawatu Club Teams Race

This was a lot of fun the Manawatu Team were out gunned and got Hammered by the Rotoiti Pirates. Both heats were brilliant with the boats on grid two abreast start much the same as Stockcars but without the biff. Slowest at the front and fastest at the rear Heat one it was Ross Leger in Legend who won the next 5 places were all hard fought over and very very tight, Manawatu boats Little Chief(fill in for our broken Lookout) and Pincoya brought up the rear. Heat two was run immediately after a Clubmans race, Pincoya made a mess of his engine in that race and couldnt start so Rotoiti had the advantage already. Georgia Crowle in Flipper was soon in the lead and driving quite well to hold off most of the field and Andy Morris and Craig Merion ran beside her making it very hard for Bayden Sprozen and Ross Leger to pass resulting in a bit of a white wash for the Rotoiti Club. The return Match in Manawatu will be even more interesting with a 6 on 6 Teams Race. Clubmans had a lot of different starts on the weekend Start Boats, Clock Starts, Beach Starts and Handicap starts, made for a great watch and quite a few of the crowd came up afterwards to find out more about it. The Commentator loved it and was very good at letting the crowd know what was going on throughout the Day.


Formula One Tour.
Most of the racing was top notch and very clean. Julian Stilwell seemed to come out on top overall for the weekend picking up a few wins Malcolm Jamieson ran into Luke Sharp in Race 2 on Saturday resulting some damage to his boat and a DNF. Luke finished a lap or two down in that race. The Tour may send in the results if not they will be on there facebook page.

1st March 2015 - Rotoiti Regatta 2.00pm

AE Baker.
1st Jack Lupton "GP57"
2nd Ken Lupton "Lucas Oils"
3rd Raymond Hart "The Boss"

Only the 3 boats contested the title and they finished in the same order in both heats. Ken tried very hard to pass Jack in the last two laps of Heat one but broke a blower belt coming into the final turn. Heat two was just follow the leader.

Still a few races to get through and ill try and do an update on the ferry tonight with the results.

Great day for it down here and another bumper crowd watching.

28th February 2015 - Rotoiti Regatta 6.00pm

Miss Aberdeen was flying in the hydroplane races.

Mike Ryan was in Provocative and had a close battle in with Richard Smith in the Pro Stock Title with both picking up wins. Ben Ryan was driving Guns n Roses and had the Front Deck blow off on the back strait, the boat was driven back in to the trailer.

Jeff Price took out first heat of the Arthur McCaa Title.

The GP's just did test runs all day only 3 GP's as David Alexander has a back injury and didn't come down and ARB is still being repaired. there titles are run tomorrow when Ken Lupton will be here to race. Sam Hughes did some damage to his boat in testing when the bottom of the left Sponson cane away and he sunk. Quite a few broken boats some like Pincoya have been patched up and should be going again tomorrow. Unfinished Business and Guns n Roses are out.

Weather was perfect all day and a really big crowd out to watch and enjoy the close racing.

Formula One ran two heats today race one was lead by Derek Mcadam until a last lap pass by Malcolm Jamieson pushed him back to second. race two Julian Stilwell look the win leading all the way over Derek Mcadam points should be quite close in the SI Title.

28th February 2015 - Rotoiti Regatta 8.30am

Plenty of Race boats here today and its going to be a nice day by the looks of things.
Looking forward to seeing a good field of Inboard V8's on the water.
4 GP's for the weekend and 9 F1's. 12 Clubmans at the moment still a few to come.

25th February 2015 - Lake Kaniere Yacht & Power Boat Club Regatta Entry

Regatta Easter 4th & 5th April 2015
Lake Kaniere, Hokitika.
Featured Events:
South Island UU
South Island Pro Com
South Island Mod VP
South Island FV
South Island GNH
South Island Series 3000
NZF1 Powerboat Tour Round 4

Kaniere Electric Cup
Top Notch Joinery Trophy

Colin Stevenson
PH (03) 755 6351
Mobile 027 656 9409
Email: lakekaniere@xtra.co.nz

Kaniere Entry Form

24th February 2015 - Rotoiti Regatta

Weather forecast for the weekend.
Up in the lakes you tend to get four seasons in one day so its bound to be good sometime during racing. Plenty of racing on throughout both days.
Race Program is on the Rotoiti Power Boat Club Page.

22nd February 2015 - Manukau/Auckland Regatta .

Moult Gold Cup
1st Steve Preece "TNT"
2nd Shaun Smith "Ragged Edge"
3rd Mike Urquhart "NZ Home Loans"

Trillion Trust Trophy
1st Zac Weller "Addicted"
2nd Bayden Sprozen "Mad Dog Maddi"
3rd Jamie Diggelman "AB Marine"

North Island Juniors
1st Mason Dunlop "Jenny"
2nd Karl Weller "Rat Attack 001"
3rd Alix Macbeth "AB Marine"

North Island F3
1st Christine Hanning "Bring It On"
2nd Shaun Smith "Ragged Edge"
3rd Luke Sharp "Jealous Much"

Today's racing the weather was great no wind a bit cloudy but the water was good racing was pretty close in most events. Steve Preece had won both heats in the Moult Gold Cup. Mike Urquhart in his NZ Home Loans boat went well in the races having a tight battle with the F3 boats
The Rat Attack Boats just got faster all day as they improved the boats. The Clubmans all had close racing trying a freight train style start with the slowest Boat Pincoya Leading the way to the start line.

Good event overall put on by the Manukau/Auckland Speedboat Club.

22nd February 2015 - Wellington Regatta Entry Form

The Wellington Power Boat Club Regatta is going ahead in two weeks time on the 7th & 8th March.

Regatta 7th & 8th March 2015
Featured Events:
Peter Palmer Memorial
North Island U/U.
North Island GNH.
North Island Pro Stock
North Island FV
North Island Mod VP
King of the Harbour

Wellington Entry Form

Raewyn Palmer
P.O.Box 30-833
Lower Hutt 5040
Phone (04) 586 0919
Fax (04) 293 7034
Mobile 027 416 5070
Email: raewynpalmer@xtra.co.nz

21st February 2015 - Manukau/Auckland Regatta 4.00pm.
The Junior North Island Title was very close. Mason Dunlop took both wins but it was all plain sailing with all the drivers pushing hard and making mistakes along the way. Alix MacBeth probably did enough to earn second Outright with Cody Greenling 3rd all unofficial at this stage.

Christine Hanning in "Bring it On" drove brilliantly to take out both Heats of the North Island F3 title beating Shawn Smith home in second place. Luke Sharp, Bayden Sprozen, Ross Leger and Andrew MacBeth will all be fighting for the third spot with the points and placing's between these boats very even.

All the Racing was very close all day with the water and weather pretty good although a bit overcast at times. The club got through the whole programme quite quickly.

The Bathtub Brigade had a good time doing there own thing on the water 7 tubs showed up and only the one spillage on the water.

21st February 2015 - Manukau/Auckland Regatta 10.45am.

Looks like a great day at Manukau/Auckland Speedboat Club. Racing underway about 11am hopefully. I will post some news after the racing.

The Weller's are ready to race with all the Juniors being weighed during scrutineering most boats were in the over 200kg class and nobody was underweight at all. There are 5 boats running for the Junior Title should be some close racing.

Luke Sharp "Jealous Much" is registered to race in Formula Three, First turn should be good with no Sponsons to help him out

19th February 2015 - Manukau/Auckland Regatta

Should be a good weekend at Mangere Bridge Venue this weekend. The weathers looking good for the racing which probably kicks off after 11am sometime.
North Island Juniors and North Island F3 Championships on Saturday.
Trillion Trust and Moult Gold Cup on Sunday
Security onsite Saturday Night.
Race Program added to the Manukau/Auckland Power Boat Club Page.

17th February 2015 - Wellington Regatta Entry Form

The Wellington Power Boat Club would like to remind you that Entries close on Friday 21st February

Regatta 7th & 8th March 2015
Featured Events:
Peter Palmer Memorial
North Island U/U.
North Island GNH.
North Island Pro Stock
North Island FV
North Island Mod VP
King of the Harbour

Wellington Entry Form

Raewyn Palmer
P.O.Box 30-833
Lower Hutt 5040
Phone (04) 586 0919
Fax (04) 293 7034
Mobile 027 416 5070
Email: raewynpalmer@xtra.co.nz

15th February 2015 - New Brighton Power Boat Club Extra Clubday's
New Brighton will be running extra clubday's on the following dates.

15th March 2015

12th April 2015

8th February 2015 - 44th MTF Kapiti Goldcup.

The Manawatu Power Boat Club is once more pleased to be Associated with MTF Kapiti as its major Sponsor for the 44th MTF Kapiti Goldcup Regatta

MTF Kapiti finances cars, light trucks, motorbikes, farm bikes trailer boats and jet skis.
Whether you are buying privately, online or through a dealer, MTF can give you cash to negotiate. If you have a vehicle as security, we can also finance your holiday or home renovation.

MTF offers a range of vehicle finance options that make the loan application process quick and easy.

Locally owned and operated by Mark and Joy Diggelmann, the MTF Kapiti office is located at 117 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu.

Phone 04 298 8957 or visit mtf.co.nz/kapiti.

Terms & conditions apply.

1st February 2015 - Rotoiti Powerboat Club Southern Clubman Series.

We are again running a series for Clubmans boats covering three regattas. These are
28 Feb-1 Mar at Lake Rotoiti
Easter at Lake Kaniere
Cromwell at Anzac Weekend.

It will be run as a points series with points awarded similar to Formula One Motor Racing. If all three regattas are attended , bonus points will be awarded. Races will be a mixture of scratch and handicap racing with a beach start or two for good measure. We aim to have a different winner for each race so reserve the right to handicap individual boats . We have some excellent prizes already which will be awarded at the last Regatta. To qualify for the big prizes you must attend all three weekends and the biggest prizes will be a lucky draw. As with last season the aim is to have some close racing with a lot of different winners and promote our sport.

The cost for series is $50 per boat payable to the Rotoiti PBC.

For entries and any further information contact:
Peter Crowle
Ph: 0274 905786
Email: plcrowle@gmail.com

28th January 2015 - Masport Cup Regatta Karapiro.

The weather map may be a bit damp but should still be a good weekend.

Best of Luck to the Clubs whom have entries in the Masport Cup

2nd round of the NZF1 tour takes place this weekend heroes a reminder of the points and the poles for race 1 on Saturday

27th January 2015 - Rotoiti Regatta Entry Form

Rotoiti Regatta 28th February & 1st March 2015
Featured Events -
South Island F1
South Island GP
South Island Prostock
South Island Mod H
AE Baker Trophy

NZF1 Powerboat Tour Round 3
Pelorus Jack Cup
Arthur McCaa Trophy

45B Haycock Rd
Nelson 7081
Julian Stilwell
Ph (03) 541 0421
Mobile 021 943 481
Email: jstilwell@jacal.co.nz

Rotoiti Entry Form
Entries close February 15th

The Event Organizer
PO Box 13-812
Auckland 1643
Denise : 0272503504
Email: denise@accelerationonwater.co.nz

22nd January 2015 - Goldcup Regatta Entry Form


44th Goldcup Regatta 21st & 22nd March 2015
Manawatu River, Foxton.
Featured Events:
44th Goldcup
Matt Morrison Memorial
62nd Carl Augustin
Sally Nagel Cup
Bob Dunlop Memorial
Ross Knight Memorial
North Island

North Island Series 3000

Phillip Hoskyn
805 Rapanui Road
Wanganui 4500

Goldcup Entry Form

21st January 2015 - Wellington Regatta Entry Form

Regatta 7th & 8th March 2015
Featured Events:
Peter Palmer Memorial
North Island U/U.
North Island GNH.
North Island Pro Stock
North Island FV
North Island Mod VP
King of the Harbour

Wellington Entry Form

Raewyn Palmer
P.O.Box 30-833
Lower Hutt 5040
Phone (04) 586 0919
Fax (04) 293 7034
Mobile 027 416 5070
Email: raewynpalmer@xtra.co.nz

21st January 2015 - NZGP Regatta Programme & Entry Form

Regatta January 31st & February 1st 2015
Lake Karapiro
Featured Events:
Masport Cup
North Island Pro Com
NZF1 Powerboat Tour Round 2
Dennis Taylor King of the Lake
Joe Robinson Trophy
Marsh Motorsport Trophy
NZ Offshore Round 1

NZGP Entry Form

NZGP Hydroplane Drivers Club
PO Box 1076
Email : alexanderfarms@xtra.co.nz

Click to enlarge

19th January 2015 - Bruce Bourquin Book.

Terry Wicks has just recently released a book on her late Husband the Life Story of Bruce Bourquin, Bruce was the designer and builder of the Grand Prix tunnel boats for over 35 years.

Some of these Boats were raced in New Zealand with great success.

There is a link to Amazon if you click on the picture


18th January 2015 - Lakeland Update. 6.45pm
The club just finished the prize giving at the Local RSA Hall. Some great spot prizes on offer for the Boaties.

Master of Mangakino
1st Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"
2nd Evan White "Wasted Nights"
3rd Ian Warmington "Razzle Dazzle"

V8 Challenge
1st Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"
2nd Evan White "Wasted Nights"
3rd Daniel Hall "Foreno Tapware"

Snorkel Trophy for upending his boat for the second time this season went to Bayden Sprozen "Mad Dog Maddi"

Hand Grenade Trophy went to Alan Wells "Endorphin Rush"

Dawn Memorial Trophy went to Brent Frampton "Flatout"

VG Stiener Trophy for top Lakeland Boat went to Alan Steiner "Misty Blue"

Racing today was great when it was on some good racing in all the classes whom raced. Some pictures will go up late tonight.

17th January 2015 - Lakeland Update 5.00pm.

North Island Formula One Heat Two
1st Sam Hughes "Unfinished Business"
2nd Philip Stilwell "Total Lubricants"
3rd Nick Coles "Public Enemy"
Derek McAdam "The Chase" DQ hitting a buoy
Luke Sharp "Promt Parts" DNF
Another great start by Derek leading Luke after Lap one but then Luke broke down. derek was then in a great position to win the race and the title but a lapse in concentration saw him nudge a buoy and was reported by the officials and DQ. Sam then picked up the win from Philip and Nick came third.

Overall NI F1 Title
1st Sam Hughes "Unfinished Business"
2nd Philip Stilwell"Total Lubricants"
3rd Derek McAdam "The Chase"
4th Nick Coles "Public Enemy"
5th Luke Sharp "Promt Parts"

Two small fires breaking out on Scorpion and one of the Lucas Oils GP boat were the only dramas to the day along with 4 modh h boats breaking down in one of there heats which caused a delay while they retrieved them.

Good close racing in all the Junior and Clubmans classes.

Will do photos and more info when i get home.

13th January 2015 - Lakeland Update.

The Regatta at Mangakino is this weekend and the weather looks pretty good at this stage.
If all the boats whom have entered show up we could see 50 plus boats.
Entries listed on the Lakeland Power Boat Club Page

7th January 2015 - North Island Title Venue Changes
With the Cancellation of the Wanganui Motor Boat Club Regatta the following North Island Titles will be held at the following Venues.

North Island FV & Mod VP to be raced at Wellington Power Boat Regatta March 7th - 8th 2015

North Island Series 3000 to be raced at Manawatu Goldcup Regatta

6th January 2015 - Lakeland Update.
The Regatta at Mangakino is on in just under two weeks time and 42 boats have entered in the Regatta.
The Club has struggled with Sponsorship and Fundraising this year and while the feature Races and the North Island title will have prize money the Supporting Races will unfortunately miss out this year.
Entries listed on the Lakeland Power Boat Club Page

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