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31/05/09 - Central Zone AGM
The Northern Zone AGM was held at Lake Karapiro on Saturday. The election of Officers are:
Patron - Judith Nagel
President - Colin Gapper.
Vice President - Tony Latimer
Secretary/Treasurer - Rachel Gapper
Northern Zone Executive - Andrea Robinson, Mike Wotton

Central Zone 100mph Club New Members
Chelsey Mathieson "Midnight"
Colin Gapper "Midnight"
Mike Wotton "Bowtie Boogie"

There was Plenty of discussion on Race Dates and the National Race Series and while its too early to confirm actual Dates for the Nationals the Following Clubs are looking at running Regattas:
Wanganui are looking at running a Club/Fun Day at Ratapiko on a date to be decided later on, They will also hold a Major Regatta at the Wanganui Clubrooms Course On March 20th & 21st featuring the River City 3000 and the King of the River.

Manawatu are looking at the Goldcup Regatta at New Years January Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd.

Wellington will host Clubdays on November 22nd and December 6th and wish to hold there Major Regatta at Easter April 3rd & 4th.

26/05/09 - Northern Zone AGM
The Northern Zone AGM was held at Lake Karapiro on Saturday. The election of Officers are:
President - Peter White.
Vice President - Noeline Steiner
Secretary/Treasurer - Julie Gill
Northern Zone Executive - Scott Coker, Tom Needham

Northern Zone Trophy Winners:
Fred Manning Trophy - Kevin Thorburn "Jafa"
Keith Saunders Trophy - Daniel Pollack "Undertaker"
Fred White Trophy - Alan Steiner"Misty Blue"

There was Plenty of discussion on Race Dates and the National Race Series and while its too early to confirm actual Dates the Following Clubs are looking at running Regattas:
Cambridge/Waikato are looking at running a Club Day at some point before Xmas on a New Lake, They will also hold the Kilo's at the end of May as usual.

Auckland/Manukau are looking at a Regatta at the same venue as last season with the AE Baker as a Feature possibly at Easter.

Lakeland are wanting to Hold a Major Regatta at Blue Lake and or Mangakino.

NZGP are looking at the Masport Cup for Downtown Tauranga in January and the EC Griffith Cup at Lake Karapiro in February.

15/05/09 - Manawatu Picnic Day Cancelled
The Manawatu Picnic Day that was to be held this Sunday has been Cancelled due to the Weather Forecast not being the Best, it was thought in the best interests to cancel the day.

10/05/09 - Manawatu Picnic/Fun Day Sunday 17th May

Manawatu Power Boat Club are holding a picnic/fun day this coming Sunday the 17th May from 11am to 4pm.
Everyone is invited, it will be run the same as last year, the girls and crew get to have a go in the boats, and have some fun racing.
Just bring something to eat and drink, and have a great relaxing get together, tell your friends and anyone else you think might like to come along.
See you there.
For Further Info Contact
Sharon Noble Ph (06) 364 5562
Email: Sharon Noble

04/05/09 - Central Zone AGM

I hereby advise that the Central Zone Powerboat Association Inc Annual General Meeting will be held on:
Sunday 31st May 2009
At the Manawatu Powerboat Club

10.00 morning tea provided
10.30am Meeting will start

1. Roll call
2. Apologies
3. Minutes arising from the last AGM
4. Correspondence - Inward and Outward
5. Presidents Report
6. Financial Report
7. Election of Officers and Executive Members
8. Club Subscriptions
9. Reports and sub committees
10. Remits and Recommendations
11. Zone Racing Officials - Zone stewards, Official Starters, RWOF Inspectors
12. Proposed regatta dates
13. Central Zone Raffle
14. Central Zone Series
15. General Business
16. Next AGM

We have received Nominations for:
Rachel Gapper - CZ Secretary
Colin Gapper for CZ President
Tony Latimer for Vice President
Mike Wotton - CZ Executive
Andre Robinson - CZ Executive

Thank you

      7 Norrie Street
      Rachel Gapper
      Ph (06) 367 8315
      Mobile 021 298 5597
      Email: Rachel Gapper

30/04/09 - Kilos

Kelleyís Landing Cambridge.
Off Main State Highway one Lake Karapiro Cambridge
7am: Scrutineering.
First run 7.30
$50 for 1st run then $10 for every other run.
BBQ Breakfast / Lunch, hot soup, tea coffee. Bar & Refreshments also available.
Please register your interest by return email or for further information contact: Email Liz McDonald Or phone 0274782412

22/04/09 - Northern Zone AGM
The Northern Zone AGM will be held at Lake Karapiro Camp Kitchen at 2.00pm on the 23rd of May 2009.
All are welcome to Attend.
Email Northern Zone Secretary for more Information.

On Sunday May 24th the Kilo's will be run at Keely's Landing start very early. Email Cambridge / Waikato Club For Details and please let them know if you plan on entering. Open to all Classes of Power Boats

31/03/09 - Wellington Power Boat Club Closing Day

Wellington Power Boat Club will be holding a closing / club day on Sunday 26th April.
Scrutineering to start at 9am. We will be running the Winter Cup (10 fastest).


      PO BOX 13856
      Andrea Robinson
      Ph (04) 232 4585
      Fax (04) 232 4587
      Mobile 027 269 1223
      Email: Andrea Robinson

18/03/09 - Wellington Power Boat Club Regatta Cancelled

Wellington Power Boat Club Regatta scheduled for the 28th and 29th of March has been Cancelled due to a lack of Entries.


      PO BOX 13856
      Andrea Robinson
      Ph (04) 232 4585
      Fax (04) 232 4587
      Mobile 027 269 1223
      Email: Andrea Robinson

17/03/09 - Mangere Bridge Regatta
First Race Starts 9.30 am Saturday & 10 am Sunday
All boats requiring Crane Launching will need to be on site Friday night or prior to 8am Saturday The pit area will be fenced off and large amounts of fuel will be stowed in a designated area. Pit area and surround will have security guards patrolling starting Friday 10th Pit area will be closed to public with no admittance without a pit pass, however at various times public will be allowed in for close viewing of boats and maybe a chat to drivers. Please make sure you have your pit passes as the guards will be checking these on entry.
Please donít be offended if you are refused entry, if you donít have your pass and you have a genuine reason I am sure the guard will assist. Due to the area restraints and safety there will be a limit of one vehicle per boat within this area. It is important to note that no alcohol is permitted away from designated licenced area. This includes the PITS and surrounding area. This is a Council requirement and any breach could involve the Motor Boat Club losing their licence.
A function will be held in the TRILLION TRUST MARQUEE on Saturday evening a band will be playing until 10PM and the Bar will be operated by the Mangere Motor Boat club very reasonable prices. Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners will be available in club house at reasonable prices.

Because of construction of new bridge we have moved pits and race course to western side of bridge. Pits are at launching ramp of Mangere Motor Boat Club car park. Come towards old bridge turn left into Kiwi Esplanade and travel about 1.5 Kilometers.
Mangere Bridge Regatta Entry and Information Form

      7 Cleland Cres
      Blockhouse Bay
      John Weller
      Ph & Fax (09) 626 6279
      Mobile 021 781 110
      Email: John Weller

27/02/09 - Rotoiti Power Boat Club Regatta's Entry Form Update 12/03/09

Rotoiti Power Boat Club Sunday 22nd March Regatta Entry Form and Information is now available for Download. The Final round of the Nationals will be held on Saturday 21st March.

Race Programme has been added to the Nationals Page.
All Boaties are reminded that Boats will have to be sprayed and cleaned for Didimo before entering the Pit Area a designated area is set aside for this along with a Sprayer and Hose.
PDF 2009 Rotoiti Regatta Entry and Information Form

       P O Box 3510
       Richmond 7050
       Paul Morris
       Ph (03) 544 4884
       Fax (03) 544 4347
       Mobile 027 4421 328
       Email: Paul Morris

11/03/09 - Wanganui Regatta Weekend Entry Form
The Wanganui Power Boat Club invite you to enter there Regatta Weekend on April 4th & 5th 2009
PDF Wanganui 2009 Regatta Information & Entry Form

      Regatta Secretary: Denise Moughan
      PO Box 1076
      Ph / Fax 078237444
      Mobile 027 2503504
      Email: Denise Moughan

04/03/09 - Lakeland, Ngakuru Closing Weekend Entry Form
The Lakeland Power Boat Club invite you to enter there Ngakuru Closing Weekend on April 18th & 19th 2009
PDF Lakeland Ngakuru Closing Weekend Entry Form

      P O Box 830, Rotorua
      Noeline Steiner
      PH (07) 886 8968
      Fax (07) 886 9968
      Mobile 027 869 644
      Email: Noeline Steiner

23/02/09 - Wellington Power Boat Club Regatta's Entry Form

Wellington Power Boat Club Regatta Entry Form and Information is now available for Download
PDF 2009 Wellington Regatta Entry and Information Form


      PO BOX 13856
      Andrea Robinson
      Ph (04) 232 4585
      Fax (04) 232 4587
      Mobile 027 269 1223
      Email: Andrea Robinson

17/02/09 - Nationals Points
Just started to load the Points charts to the NZPBA Nationals Page have put up Series 3000, Pro Com, Pro Stock at the moment will do the rest tomorrow night.

Email NZPBA National Committee with any queries over points.

26/01/09 - Manawatu Power Boat Club 38th Gold Cup Regatta's Entry Form
Dear Boaties, Please find below your entry form for the 38th running of the Manawatu Power Boat Club Gold Cup Regatta.
This season our club is introducing some new features to make your weekend with us more entertaining and enjoyable.
All feature races are free entry except for the Gold Cup Trailer Money - rather than have prize money on each race, all monies except that for the Gold Cup feature race will be pooled and divided amongst the competitors and paid in cash at Sundays prize giving.
Boats traveling from out of Central Zone will be paid extra.
Mystery pick of the table Saturday night Ė each boat goes into the draw with prizes for everyone.
Saturday evening Dinner is only $5.00 per head. Please book in advance so our ladies can plan ahead.
Entertainment Ė Throughout the weekend Ė big screen TV with past and present boat racing videos and DVDís along with music. Lucky spot prizes awarded throughout the weekend in the pits area.
Camping available as usual for $10.00 per site, to help cover the cost of the shower hire.
We have endeavored to keep the entry cost to a minimum and look forward to your support. Should you not be competing or donít own a boat we would still like to see you at our regatta for a FUN weekend.
James Knight
PDF 38th Gold Cup Regatta Entry and Information Form


      22 Health Camp Road
      Otaki Beach
      Sharon Noble
      Ph (06) 364 5562
      Email: Sharon Noble

23/12/08 - Wanganui
Wanganui Power Boat Club are holding there AGM on Sunday 28th December at 2.00pm. All welcome.

23/12/08 - Lakeland, Lake Rotoiti Regatta's Entry Form
The Lakeland Power Boat Club invite you to enter there regatta on Sunday February 1st 2009
PDF Lakeland Lake Rotoiti Entry Form

      P O Box 830, Rotorua
      Noeline Steiner
      PH (07) 886 8968
      Fax (07) 886 9968
      Mobile 027 869 644
      Email: Noeline Steiner

14/12/08 - NZGP Tauranga and Karapiro Regatta's Entry Form

The New Zealand Grand Prix Drivers Club have the Entry Form and Event Information for the Tauranga & Karapiro Regattas.
Tauranga is open to all classes of racing and we hope that as many of you as possible will come along and support this new race site. Perfect opportunity to show case our sport right in Town at Tauranga.

PDF Karapiro & Tauranga Combined Entry Form & Regatta Information

      Regard Denise Moughan
      P O Box 1076
      Cambridge 3450
      Denise Moughan
      Ph & Fax (07) 823 7444
      Mobile 0272 503 504
      Email: Denise Moughan

14/12/08 - Central Zone Raffle Results
The Central Zone Raffle was drawn and the winners are listed below. It was drawn at 2.30pm at Porirua Police Station by an obliging constable!
1st ticket no 2185 C. Picard
2nd ticket no. 2710 L. Shailer
3rd ticket no. 1721 K. Young
4th ticket no. 2294 W. Lupton
5th ticket no. 2532 K. Tocker
6th ticket no. 2064 D. Alexander
7th ticket no. 2174 C. Picard
8th ticket no. 1532 A. Littlefield
Winners are welcome to contact me on the numbers below to redeem their tickets!
Regards Tony Latimer
Ph/Fax: 04 237 0005
Mob: 021 583 578
Email: Tony Latimer


The First Regatta of the the Lake Dunstan Yacht & Power Boat Club was held on the weekend of the 22nd - 23rd of November.
The Regatta had a good field of Entries and some good Racing and Crowd attendance ensured for a successful Weekend.
Click here to see more Images from the Regatta

03/12/08 - Wairarapa
Wairarapa club has a Meeting 10/12/2008 at the Tin hut commencing 7.00pm.

The NZ Powerboat Federation in association with the UIM has arranged for Bob Wartinger to visit New Zealand in the New Year to present seminars on powerboat racing safety and medical issues.
For those of you who donít know who Bob is. He is the President of the UIM Safety and Medical Commission since 1990 and Chairman of the American Powerboat Association Safety Committee since 1996. He constantly studies safety as related to powerboat racing. He takes a systematic approach and examines the variables involved from the time a person decides to race through to an incident and rescue.
He explores the possibilities of preventing potential incidents by making changes further up the safety chain. In addition to the safety considerations that will be discussed, there will be a number of ideas on how to improve a race teamís performance because many of the safety related ideas are directly related to improved driver performance on the race course.
Bob is a contributing member of the International Congress of Motorsport's Science. Members include Formula 1, Nascar and most motorsport's associations. He is arguably the most qualified person in the World on safety and medical issues relating to powerboat racing.
He has been interviewed by the BBC, Discovery Channel, CNN, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, NBC affiliates, NY Times, Aviation Week and a number of other periodicals. Apart from all that, Bob is a current extremely active powerboat racer himself. He has won three World Championships, 24 US National Championships and set 122 World Speed records including the current Outboard World Speed Record of 284 kph (176.5 mph). We have organised two seminars.

first will be at the:
Auckland Coastguard
Mechanics Bay
Monday 2nd February at 5.30pm

and the second at:
on 6th February at 9.30 am At the Riverside of Cambridge Motor Lodge and Conference Centre
7 Williamson St

Each seminar will run for 3 Ĺ hours.
Entry will be by ticket sale and the cost per person will be $20 to cover the cost of the rooms, equipment hire and refreshments that will be provided. Numbers will be limited to 120 people. It is strongly recommended that all race drivers, crew, race boat builders, rescue personnel and anyone else who has an interest in the sport attend. Further information can be found on Bob at:

To obtain a tick please visit the following page link at

11/11/08 - Hamilton Dunk Test
Dunk Test session being held in Hamilton this Saturday 15th November at 2.00pm for the NZPBA competitors.

Email Calvin Hicks For Details
or Phone 0274206337

09/11/08 - Manukau/Auckland Club Day
Manukau-Auckland have cancelled their Club Day at Lake D on Sunday 16th November 2008 due to circumstances beyond their control.

22/10/08 - Lakeland Mangakino Regatta.

Entry Forms are now online for the Mangakino Regatta on December 6th - 7th at Lake Maraetai, Mangakino.

Word Entry Form
PDF Entry Form

For More Information See the Mangakino Regatta Page

13/10/08 - Rotorua 1st Round of the Nationals.
The first round of the Nationals is held at Lake Rotoiti some 20km out of town there are a number of Batches for rent in the area some of which are right opposite the course to browse these options on the Internet click on this Accommodation Link

29/09/08 - Manukau/Auckland Powerboat Club AGM.
On Saturday the Manukau Auckland held its AGM and Prize Giving at the Avondale RSA.
There was a good number of keen members whom made the effort to attend the AGM traveling from as far as Whangarei in the North and Rotorua in the South and the numbers of members and guests for the Prize Giving growing.
The following were elected:
Patron - Dennis Taylor
Vice Patron - Roy Thoms
President - Tom Needham
Vice President - Steve Preece
Secretary - John Weller Snr
Treasurer - John Weller Jnr
Publicity Officer - Peter McLeod
Trophy Officer - Rob Vette
Trustees - Roy Thoms, Warwick Jones, Peter Thomas, Keith McGregor and Mike Costello

At the prize giving the trophies seem to be spread amongst most of the active racing members.
The most important Trophy being the President Cup which is awarded to the person whom the President (Steve Preece) believes has done the most during the past year to assist run the club and this year's lucky winner was John Weller Snr which was a worthy call agreed by all in attendance.

The club is running a club day at Lake D on the Sunday 19th October with some members being there on the 18th for some pre racing practice.

21/09/08 - Wellington Powerboat Club AGM.

03/08/08 - Series 3000 AGM.

The Bryan Denham Memorial Trophy for Sportsmanship was awarded to Jeff Noble from "Ambush"

Patron - Selwyn Coker
President - John Hallet
Vice President - Jason Buttimore
Secretary - Andrea Robinson

09/09/08 - Trade-A-Boat.

Trade-A-Boat have a special offer for subscription at the moment with a Saving of 40% on a 12 month subscription. Click below to get the bottom half of the above image to print out and send away for a Subscription.

Trade-A-Boat Subs Form PDF File

06/09/08 - 2008 - 2009 NZPBA Boat Registration, Licence & Medical Forms.
Below are the Updated Boat and Licence and Medical Forms for the coming 2008 - 2009 Season.

2008-2009 Boat Registration Form - 06/09/08
2008-2009 Boat Registration & Licence Form - 06/09/08

2008-2009 Medical Form - 06/09/08

3/09/08 - Series 3000 AGM (updated with new address)
Saturday 6th September at 1pm
Taihape Workingmen's Club
Hautapu Kuku St

Workingmen's Club has moved from Hautapu St to Kuku St, opposite the Fire Station.

Coming south...head south and turn left at the BP petrol station...heading north, turn right at the BP.

Series 3000 Contact:
Mrs A Robinson
30 Franklyn Road
Ph (04) 232 4585
Fax (04) 232 4587
Mobile 027 269 1223
Email: Andrea Robinson

29/08/08 - Modified Hydroplane AGM

From the Recent AGM of the Modified Hydroplane Drivers Club
The Club are Planning on doing another Calendar more on that when its Printed.
Terry Mathieson President
Colin Gapper Vice President
Steve Mathieson Central Zone Rep.
Wayne Wells Southern Zone Rep.
The other positions stayed the same.

Firewatch Top Gun Series Winners
Open Handicap Series Winner = "Tempo Too", Colin Gapper.
2 Litre Scratch Series Winner = "Meridian", Chelsea Mathieson.
3 Litre Scratch Series Winner = "Helter Skelter", Nigel Zander.
Most Scratch Wins (6 races & 5 different Winners). "I.S.S", Kevin Ireland.

27/08/08 - Series 3000 AGM
Saturday 6th September at 1pm
Taihape Workingmen's Club
Hautapu St
Coming from the North, turn left at the main intersection (by the Hotel).
From the South, go straight ahead through Taihape instead of turning towards Waiouru.

Series 3000 Contact:
Mrs A Robinson
30 Franklyn Road
Ph (04) 232 4585
Fax (04) 232 4587
Mobile 027 269 1223
Email: Andrea Robinson

27/08/08 - NZPBA Nationals
If anyone has Queries on the 2009 NZPBA Nationals you can now Email the NZPBA Nationals Committee at the Email address below.
The NZPBA Committee are:
Tony Latimer - Ben Ryan - Andrea Robinson - Denise Moughan
Email NZPBA National Committee

13/08/08 - Manukau/Auckland Club Day
Manukau-Auckland have cancelled their Club Day at Lake D on Sunday 17th August 2008 due to circumstances beyond their control.

13/08/08 - 2009 NZPBA Nationals.
As a result of the 2009 NZPBA Annual Conference we have made a few changes to the 2009 National Series.
Below are Links to the National Series entry information and the entry form. The changes are marked in red.
We now ask those of you who have not entered but are intending too you now have until the 31st of August to do so.
Please include an email address if you have one, as we will endeavor to give you updates on the series on a monthly basis.
Thanks & Regards
Denise Moughan, Andrea Robinson, Ben Ryan & Tony Latimer
2009 National Series Committee

There is important information in the Download Files below regarding the PROPOSED 2009 Nationals. Please Download the Files individually as Microsoft Word Documents and/or Download the Combined PDF File featuring all 3 Documents.
Email NZPBA National Committee

NZPBA Nationals 2009 Entry Form
NZPBA Nationals 2009 Conditions
NZPBA Nationals 2009 Competitor Letter
NZPBA Nationals 2009 Combined Entry Form, Rules & Letter

03/08/08 - 2008 AGM Information.

Andrew Morris is the New Zealand Power Boat Association Glenvale Driver of the Year.

Malcolm Wotton and Jack Ryan have been made Life Members of the New Zealand Power Boat Association.

02/08/08 - 2008 Formula One AGM Information.

The 2008 AGM of The New Zealand Formula One Drivers Club will be held at the Latimer Lodge, Latimer Square, Christchurch, on Saturday, September 6th at 1 PM. All Welcome.

There will also be Restraint Cockpit training/testing on the saturday morning using the Rotoiti Clubs F1 test cell. All enquires Email: Steve Pope

27/07/08 - 2008 AGM Information.

There were no changes at the Head of the National Body with all the Executive retaining there current Jobs.

The Season Calendar will be updated as soon as it is Emailed to me. Clubs can have info on their Regattas added to the Calendar and Webpage simply by emailing the Information Through.

15/07/08 - 2008 AGM Information.
The National Power Boat AGM is held on the weekend of 25th - 27th July in Auckland.
AT this AGM all the race Dates for the coming Season will be Set.

Hydroplane conference's will take place at the Suncourt Motel, Taupo on Saturday the 23rd of August.
10.00 - 11.45: Grand National conference.
12 00 - 2 pm: NZ. G.P. Conference.
2pm - 4pm: NZ Modified Hydroplane Driver's Club Conference.
4pm: Bar open.
Motel rooms are available, please book your own.

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