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4/1/2011 - Website Changes
The NZPBA Website has Undergone a change in Administration. NZPBA Northern Zone Ececutive Member Steve Hughes has been appointed the Administrator of the Website.
Contact Steve Hughes, Mobile: 021 556 250, Email: Steve Hughes if you wish to have anything Removed or Added to the Website or you can contact the Temporary Webmaster Phillip Hoskyn, Email: Webmaster.
The Website may undergo a Revamp but in the mean time will be updated as often and as quickly as possible.

3/1/2011 - NZPBA National Champions
Scott Coker "Fair Warning"

New Zealand Grand Prix 2011

1st Scott Coker "Fair Warning"
2nd Brenden Hall "Armageddon"
3rd Daniel Pollack "Undertaker"

New Zealand Formula One 2011

1st Luke Sharp "Promt Parts"
2nd Philip Stillwell "Kapiti Distributors"
3rd Steve Hughes "Stealth"

Luke Sharp "Promt Parts"
Philip Stilwell "Kapiti Distributors"

New Zealand Formula Two 2011

1st Philip Stillwell "Kapiti Distributors"
2nd Steve Preece "Demon Energy"
3rd Kevin Thorburn "Jafa"

New Zealand Formula Three 2011

1st Hamish Buttimore"Wild Thing"
2nd Peter Swinkles"Strikezone"

Hamish Buttimore "Wild Thing"
Nigel Zander "Helter Skelter"

New Zealand Grand National Hydroplane 2011

1st Nigel Zander"Helter Skelter"
2nd Steve Mathieson "Midnight"
3rd Daniel Pollack "Undertaker"

New Zealand Modified Hydroplane 2011

1st Steve Mathieson "Midnight"
2nd Daniel Pollack "Undertaker"
3rd Rory Anthony "Chimera"

Steve Mathieson "Midnight"
Steve Denham "Venom"

New Zealand Pro Com 2011

1st Steve Denham"Venom"
2nd Mick Wotton "Bowtie Boogie"
3rd Jeff Robinson "Star Trax"

New Zealand Pro Stock 2011

1st Mick Wotton "Bowtie Boogie"
2nd Evan White "Wasted Knights"
3rd Allan Steiner "Misty Blue"

Mick Wotton "Bowtie Boogie"
Allan Stiener "Misty Blue"

New Zealand Series 3000 2011

1st Allan Stiener "Misty Blue"
2nd Bruce Packer "Brooster"
3rd Mike Robinson "Brayka"

3/1/11 - 2011 NZ Nationals Unofficial Results

  Series 3000/F3 - Race 1 Heat 1 - 1st Misty Blue, 2nd Brooster, 3rd Brayka

Modified Hydroplane - Race 2 Heat 1 - 1st Midnight, 2nd Undertaker, 3rd Chimera

Formula 2 - Race 3 Heat 1 - 1st Kapiti Distrubtors, 2nd Demon Energy, 3rd The Situation

Prostock - Race 4 Heat 1 - 1st Bowtie Boogie, 2nd Star Trax, 3rd Wasted Nights

GN Hydroplane - Race 5 Heat 1 - 1st Helter Skelter, 2nd Undertaker

Formula 1 - Race 6 Heat 1 - 1st Promt Parts, 2nd Kapiti Distrubtors, 3rd Stealth

Procom - Race 7 Heat 1 - 1st Venom, 2nd Bowtie Boogie, 3rdStar Trax

GP Hydroplane - Race 8 Heat 1 - 1st Fair Warning, 2nd Armageddon, 3rd Undertaker

Prostock - Race 9 Heat 2 - 1st Bowtie Boogie, 2nd Lucky Break, 3rd Wasted Nights

Formula 2 - Race 10 Heat 2 - 1st Kapiti Distrubtors, 2nd Demon Energy, 3rd Jaffa

Modified Hydroplane - Race 11 Heat 2 - 1st Midnight, 2nd Undertaker

Formula 1 - Race 12 Heat 2 - 1st Promt Parts, 2nd Stealth, 3rd Kapiti Distrubtors

GN Hydroplane - Race 13 Heat 2 - 1st Midnight, 2nd Helter Skelter

Procom - Race 14 Heat 2 - 1st Bowtie Boogie, 2nd Venom, 3rd Star Trax

GP Hydroplane - Race 15 Heat 2 - 1st Fair Warning, 2nd Midnight, 3rd Armageddon

Series 3000/F3 - Race 16 Heat 2 - 1st Misty Blue, 2nd Brooster, 3rd Brayka

30/12/10 - Lake Hood - 15th January 2011 

Just an update on Lake Hood, everything is in place and looking really good, Mike ,Craig and Delwyn have put in a huge effort in paperwork and gaining good sponsors for this meeting.
Our Major sponsor is: Tinwald Tavern Complex
Other sponsors are:
Master chill Daikin - MMM & 2nd ten fastest
Midland Seeds - Outboards /Tunnels
Ashburton Marine - Pro-stock/ King of the lake
Spring Creek Service Centre - Jet boat Invitation
GJ Gardener Homes Ashburton
Classic Hits Ashburton
Now just to give you an idea of the program for the day, we hope to have the water open for half an hour at 9.30am then time trials .
We have ten entries in the Sth Island Pro Stock title.
We have cancelled the 3000 IBRR as only two entries. 
We have fifteen entries in the MMM  hence we will run hot laps to get the ten fastest ,this will be run after time trials.
Race 1     Sth Island Pro Stock Heat one
Race 2     Mixed field of hydros /tunnels /mod VP
Race 3     Jet boats and non qualifiers of the MMM
Race 4     The Matt Morrison - Heat one
Race 5     Mixed field (handicap race )
Race 6     Outboard handicap Master Chill
Race 7     Second heat of Pro stock title final
Race 8    Jet boats and mmm non qualifiers (scratch race)
Race 9    Mixed scratch race
Race 10  Second heat of the Matt Morrison FINAL
Race 11  Second Ten Fastest
Race 12  King of the Lake
This is subject to change on the day
A very happy new year to you all from the Committee of the NBPBC
and we look forward to seeing you all at Lake Hood on the 15th January 2011. 

12/12/10 - Wanganui Regatta Results

Jeff Robinson won the North Island Prostock and Procom Championships yesterday

North Island Prostock

1st Jeff Robinson - Star Trax

2nd Alan Steiner - Misty Blue

3rd Dean Probyn - Lucky Break

North Island Procom

1st Jeff Robinson - Star Trax

2nd Terry McKinstrey - First Offence

3rd Alan Steiner - Mitsy Blue

29/11/10 - Warwick Lupton - 2010 UIM World GP Hydroplane Champion

Congratulations to Warwick Lupton and the whole Annihilator Racing Team on the win at the 2010 UIM World GP Hydroplane Champs in Yarrawonga, Australia.

29/11/10 - John Cross

Our condolences go out to John Cross' family and friends at this sad time. From everyone here at the NZPBA our thoughts are with you all.

29/11/10 - 2011 NZ Nationals

Hello all fellow Power Boat Racers,
Attention all Competitors Clubs and Officials...
Attached you will find some details of this years Nationals to be held January 2nd and 3rd
At Lake Maraetai Mangakino
This is fantastic lake in a beautiful area of NZ and the hospitality is as good as we
always receive in the South Island. In fact you would almost think you could be back
at Kaniere or Rotoiti except here may be a bit warmer at night. Now,These Nationals are all set to go.
The Lakeland Club on behalf of your sport has done a wonderful job in putting this together. Everything is organised from the funds needed right down to A new launching ramp.
This is just one HUGE Problem and this, only YOU can fix……………
Entries have been very slow, at the last count with not much more than a week to run...
Only 17 have been received. There isn’t a single full field as yet!!!
Now Entries Close... December 6th (4 weeks prior to the event)
Please get yours in ASAP. Late entries are a pain and will cost you double. $200
Reason, how can anyone plan a good programme without all the details?
So come on everyone, you have the forms; get your entry off immediately.
The sport needs your co operation to make this a success.

21/11/10 - 2011 Matt Morrison Memorial

The 2011 Matt Morrison Memorial is to be held at Lake Hood on January 15th 2012, this event is being run by the New Brighton Powerboat Club

Entries to date:
These are the official entries so far .
We only have two entries in the sth island 3000 RR, we would like more, who would like to enter?
We will be having a get together on Friday night about 7.30 pm at the Lake House Tavern at Lake Hood ,
Starting time will be early Saturday so be there early.
The prize giving will be at the TIN WALD TAVERN, this is the same venue as last year.

21/11/10 - 2010 UIM World Grand Prix Hydroplane Champs

The NZPBA would like to send there support to the 4 NZ GP Hydroplane Teams for this weekends UIM World Grand Prix Hydroplane Champs to be held in Yarrawonga, Australia.

NZ Teams competing in the World Champs are:

Annihilator 3 - Ken Lupton

Warlord - Graeme Weller

Annihilator 2 - David Alexander

Annihilator Race Boats - Warwick Lupton

21/11/10 - G-Force - Unofficial UIM World GP Hydroplane Water Speed Record Holder

Graeme Weller and the G-Force GP Hydroplane team unofficially set a UIM World GP Hydroplane Water Speed record on friday, with a speed of 172.257mph. Graeme also set a new NZ GP Hydroplane Water Speed Record.

17/11/10 - Manukau/Auckland Club Day

The Manukau Auckland Speedboat Club Executive will be hosting a Club day at on the Manukau Harbour Mangere Bridge on the 5th December 2010. Any member wishing to participate please advise Steve Preece at

15/11/10 - NZ Nationals 2010-11

Remember entries for the NZ Nationals to be held at Mangakino need to be in before the 30th November 2010

Entries received to date:

Formula One

Richard Somerville - Outboard Marine

Luke Sharp - Promt Parts

Scott Dennis - Velocity

Mod H

Tony Arthur - Fast Forward


Mike Wotton - Bowtie Boogie

Warren Sherman - Naviga

Evan White - Wasted Nights

21/10/10 - Alan Lewis' Funeral

Alan Lewis' Funeral is to be held this Saturday 23 October 2010, 11am at the St Andrew's Anglican Church on the Corner of Hamilton Rd and Victoria St, Cambridge.

20/10/10 - RIP Alan Lewis

It is with great sadness that we inform you of Alan's passing today 20 October 2010, he has run his last race, he will now join his Father and Mother where we are sure the spirit of Little Cracker will live on.

20/10/10 - Central Zone Dunk Testing Sunday 31st October 2010

Central Zone Dunk Testing Sunday 31st 2010

At the Raumati Heated Pool, Garden Street, Raumati

From 1pm till 4pm. Bring your overalls and helmet.

Cost $30.00 per person, and this includes the pool charge.

Diver will be James Donald from the Wellington Club.

Please email Andrea Robinson or Tony Hall if you would like to attend.

17/10/10 - 2010 Wanganui Regatta

Attached is the Entry Form for the upcoming regatta in Wanganui on 11th and 12th December 2010. Feature events include, the North Island Prostock and North Island Procom, the River City 3000 and the King of the River.

2010 Wanganui Regatta Entry Form

07/10/10 - Photos from Lake Dunstan, Cromwell

Click on the Shot360 Photography logo for images from the Town and Country Club Cromwell Regatta held on the weekend.

04/10/10 - 2011 NZ Nationals Entry Form

Attached is the Entry Form for the NZ Nationals to be held in Mangakino on January 2nd and 3rd 2011. please note that entries need to be in by 30th November 2010


04/10/10 - Town and Country Club Cromwell Regatta Results

Saturday, 2nd October 2010

Race 1: 1-The Vatican(F1), 2-Promt Parts(F1), 3-Bad Obsession(F1)

Race 2: 1-Hells Bells(Prostock), 2-Thunderstruck(Procom),

Race 3: 1-Uncomfortably Numb(FV), 2-Buggame(ModH), 3-Don't Know(ModH)

Race 4: 1-Promt Parts(F1), 2-The Vatican(F1), 3-Bad Obsession(F1)

Race 5: 1-Aquanaut(GN), 2-Eagle Rock(GN), 3-Buggame(ModH)

Race 6: 1-Stryker(ModVP), 2-Uncomfortably Numb(FV), 3-Hot 'n' Sticky(FV)

Race 7: 1-Aquanaut(GN), 2-Promt Parts(F1), 3-The Vatican(F1)

Race 8: 1-Velocity(ModVP), 2-Stryker(ModVP), 3-Uncomfortably Numb(FV)

Race 9: 1-Buggame(ModH), 2-Don't Know(ModH), 3-Thunderstruck(Procom)

Race 10 Sponsors Race

Race 11 King of the Lake, Heat One: 1-Promt Parts(F1), 2-The Vatican(F1), Aquanaut(GN)

Sunday, 3rd October 2010

Race 1: 1-Aquanaut(GN), 2-Bad Obsession(F1), 3-Don't Know(ModH)

Race 2: 1-Whatever(Procom), 2-Velocity(ModVP), 3-Stryker(ModVP)

Race 3: 1-Annihilator 2(GP), 2-Annihilator Race Boats(GP)

Race 4: 1-Bad Obsession(F1), 2-Eagle Rock(GN), 3-Buggame(ModH)

Race 5: 1-Velocity(ModVP), 2-Stryker(ModVP), 3-Whatever(Procom)

Race 6: 1-Promt Parts(F1), 2-Annihilator 2(GP), 3-Aquanaut(GN)

Race 7: Sponsors Race

Race 8: 1-Bad Obsession(F1), 2-Eagle Rock(GN), 3-Buggame(ModH)

Race 9: King of the Lake, Heat Two: 1-Promt Parts(F1), 2-Bad Obsession(F1), Velocity(ModVP)

Overall Results:

King of the Lake: Luke Sharp-Promt Parts

GP: David Alexander-Annihilator 2

GN: Mike Harvey-Aquanaut

F1: Matthew Pope-Bad Obsession

ModH: Cliff Jordan-Buggame

ModVP: Brent Dawson-Stryker

Formula V: Peter Crowle-Uncomfortably Numb

Procom: Carl Ryan-Whatever

Prostock: Graham Burgess-Hells Bells

20/09/10 - Cromwell Regatta Update

Cromwell Reggatta 2010 Entry Form

Accommodation is available at: 

 Pisa Range Lake Resort, Pisa Moorings, Cromwell Ph:  03 445-3417

email  -  or visit

 Cromwell Motel, Cnr. Gair & Barry Avenue, Cromwell, Ph 03 445-0373 Reservations Freephone 0508-445-0373 or email  or visit

 Cromwell Top 10 Holiday Park, 1 Alpha Street, Cromwell.  (Tent sites through to Motel Units)

Ph: 03 445-0164 email  or visit

Race Weekend Schedule

Friday Night:

Get together at Cromwell Town & Country Club, Melmore Terrace, Cromwell.

Boats may be scrutineered in the car park between 6 – 8 p.m.

Courtesy Coach available  to and from Cromwell Town & Country Club


8.00 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.  Scrutineering

9.15 a.m.  Briefing

9.30 a.m. Water Open for Testing

10.00 a.m. Race Start

Approx 4.00 p.m. Last Race

Prize giving at Cromwell Town & Country Club, Melmore Terrace, Cromwell at 6.00 p.m.

Meals will be available all day until approx 9 p.m.

Band 7 p.m. – 1.00 a.m.

Courtesy Coach available to and from Cromwell Town & Country Club


8.00 am – 9.00 a.m.  Scrutineering

9.15 a.m.  Briefing

9.30 a.m .Water Open for Testing

10.00 a.m. Race Start

Approx 3.00 pm Last Race

Prize giving at Cromwell Town & Country Club 4.30 p.m. Sharp

Meals will be available. 

18/09/10 - Wellington Power Boat Club

AT 5.00 PM


1. Roll Call, 2. Apologies, 3. Minutes & Matters Arising, 4. Commodore’s Report, 5. Correspondence, 6. Treasurer’s Report & Matters Arising, 7. Secretary & Treasurer’s Honourium, 8. Election of Officers : Patron, Vice Patron, Commodore, Vice Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, Club Captain, Committee, Social Committee, 9. Subscriptions, 10.Bank Signatures, 11.General Business

Followed by Prize Giving, BBQ and bar facilities available


11/09/10 - Happy Birthday Alan Lewis

Happy Birthday Alan, from the team at the NZPBA. May it be a special day for you!

24/08/10 - Download Page has been updated

The download page has been updated with new 2010/2011 NZ Powerboat Drivers Combined Medical Form, 2010/2011 NZPBA Dunk Test Certification Form, 2010/2011 NZPBA Licence & Registration Form and 2010/2011 Licence & Registration Costs Form.

21/08/10 - Manawatu Club Rooms

The Manawatu Power Boat club had their clubrooms burned to the ground Thursday evening. Our thoughts go out to all past and present members of the Club. There will be a Working Bee there Saturday 28th August starting at 10am to clean up etc, so if you are able to help, I'm sure they will appreciate your assistance. Bring your lunch and a drink or two and - please - pass this message on to anyone you think may be able to help.

01/08/10 - NZPBA Inc 63rd Annual Conference Update

Updates from the Conference held this year in Wellington

New Officials:

President - Jamie Knight

Vice President - Malcolm Wotton

Secretary - Raewyn Palmer

Boat Register - Raewyn Palmer

NZ Executives

Southern Zone - John Ryan, Ben Ryan

Central Zone - Mike Wotton, Andrea Robinson

Northern Zone - Steve Hughes, Scott Coker

NZ Powerboat Federation Delegates

Denise Moughan, Ben Ryan


Gold Badges

Steve Preece - Demon Energy

Colin Gapper - Tempo Too

Tracy Gapper - Tempo Too

NZ Glenvale Driver of the Year - Mike Wotton



22/07/10 - NZPBA Inc 63rd Annual Conference

The New Zealand Power Boat Association Inc 63rd Annual Conference will be held at the Comfort & Quality Hotels Wellington 30th & 31st July 2010

Friday 30th July @ 7:30pm

Saturday 31st July @ 9:00am

I extend a warm welcome to all the drivers and affilliated members of the New Zealand Power Boat Association.

Regards Warwick Lupton

NZPBA President

17/07/10 - F1's are Back

2011 is set to be the biggest battle seen on the water in over 10 Years. Maybe the recession is easing with the boats & engines that have been pulled out of the garage & exchanged for cash recently, now sitting in new garages getting prepped for the 2011 Boat racing season. It’s been a long time since we have seen a line up like this — Come the first race - Grid positions won’t be gifted to racers that turn up they will be battled for in Qualifying & Hot Laps.

F1 Preview

Stilwell Racing

Stilwell brothers Racing (2 boat team), Recently purchasing “Red Chilli” from Dave Duthie including a Composite Seebold hull, S3000 Mercury Engine Complete & props — This will be one to watch! This boat won the NZF1 series a few years ago. Likely pilot is older brother Julian. Phillip has moved to Cambridge to get closer to the main events. Team boat builder Peter Stillwell has repaired the damage hull and you can be sure to see it at the first event looking like new again.

Jeff Price Racing

Jeff Price after taking a season off He booked the Inter Islander Ferry to himself to drag back the loot he traded off Tony Latimer. Including a Hoffman hull “patriot” & Brendan Powell Engine & spares to Africa. This boat been very competitive in the Champ Boat Series USA raced by Max Toller.

Hughes Racing Team (HRT)

Hughes Race Team (HRT) Steve campaigned a Seebold hull “Stealth” Previously raced by John Hertzog “Oceanbridge” This boat & driver are not new to taking the chequered flag & with stealth’s last years engines making their way to the HRT Burgess driven by Sam Hughes. Steve will be hunting for the #1 again with new power plant!??

Sharp Racing

The Sharps (2 boat team) Defending F1 Champ Luke Sharp in “Promt Parts” has the fastest parts in New Zealand! The question is can he maintain his position at the top? Brother Richard has joined forces with Geoff Morris multiple NZF3 Champ to share the driving in the only Evinrude powered boat. Can this hull be tamed? It was rolled and tipped more times last season than a commercial concrete truck. Nick named “shake and bake”. The hull is at Onehunga Panel & Paint after some reconstructive surgery & Geoff is busy building a brand new engine to comply to the current F1 Rules.

KRB Racing

KRB Racing's Two Kiwi Race Boats are on their way back to NZ after the F2 racing was cancelled overseas. These beautifully prepared hulls are equipped with the best of everything. Built & Rigged by KRB Racing NZ — NZ’s largest shop for the F1 Tunnel boat. Used by many racers for engine builds, hull’s, boat repairs & High Performance Parts. If you want to go faster start at Malcolm Jamieson & crew will be busy converting the boat back to F1 & you can bank on a very reliable fast rig.
Anthony has been campaigning a KRB race boat he brought new a few years ago, Jamieson Marine has been given the go to build a new F1 Engine. You can expect an aggressive drive from this team!

Steve's Marine Racing

Steve’s Marine (2 boat team), Steve & Mathew shared some driving last year in “Vatican” recently purchasing Hoffman hull “The Advocate” & new SSM 4 gear case—look out for this team to stamp their presence in 2011.

Kelly Racing

AGIP OILS Has been running F2 for the last few seasons. I hear he’s in the market to upgrade his underwater gear & move up to F1—Who has a gearbox they can sell Damien Kelly??

Cain Racing

Richard Cain's new to the sport. Has brought a mid section from Stillwell Bro’s Racing & weighing up options weather to run his boat Previously know as “The Business” raced by Sam Hughes or upgrading the hull aiming to run at the pointy end of the field.


Thomas Racing

Peter & Ian Thomas I thought they retired but they refuses to sell the brand new S3000 Engine in his ga¬rage. He hasn’t ruled out a return to the sport! - Watch this space!

Preece Racing

Demon Energy Team Owner Steve Preece gets faster and faster every time on the water. With a few season’s under his belt he’s one of the more active drivers & has been busy buying up engine parts & preparing his boat for next season. With the promise of Demon Girls This will be a popular tent in the pits.

Cornes Racing

Brendon Cornes has purchased a re¬cently rebuilt hull that was raced by Steve Hughes as “Total” in 2004. I’m sure a few beers have been had in the shed admiring the lines. Brendon has had many years in the sport & has made the move from F3. He’s in the market for an engine — who can help

20/06/10 - Dean Probyn sets water speed record - Keeley's Reserve, Cambridge

Sunday 30th May at Keely's Landing Lake Karapiro saw history made in New Zealand and from what we have been told around the World when a driver who is permanetly in a wheel chair attempted a water speed record in his 21ft flat bottom racing runabout 'Lucky Break'.
Dean Proben in his Hydraulink sponsored 350 chevy Pro- Stock boat just wanted to drive a boat. Dean comes from boat racing family his father raced boats back in the late 60's. 39 year old Dean broke his neck as a passenger in a car 19 years ago . He is a complete tetraplegic, which means he has movement in his right arm and leg but none in his left leg.
Dean loves a challenge and has successfully represented New Zealand in alot of other sports shot put, javelin and discuss which he received World rankings. We are very fortunate to have Dean involved in our sport he is an insparation to us all and proves that if you set your mind to it you can acheive your goals.
Lucky Break had two attempts at a record with his best record 73.948mph. Dean was overwhelmed with his effort and happy to acheive the speed he did. This finishes off what has been a successfull first race season for Dean and his team.
We look forward to seeing Dean around the race tracks next season and Im sure he will attempt another water speed record.

02/06/10 - Gapper Family Records - Keeley's Reserve, Cambridge

Congratulations must go to Colin Gapper for achieving a water speed record of 105.956 in Tempo Too at Keely's Landing Lake karapiro last sunday. It was a special moment to see the look on Colins face when he was told that he had not only done 100 miles per hour but he had also beaten his son Tracy's record of 104.529 which Tracy had done only half an hour before.

 Certainly a family affair which we have seen around the boating circuit for more than 40 years. The Gappers have had a very successfull season also winning the New Zealand Modified Hydroplane Championship, and both father and son achieving 100 mph Gold Badges. Congratulations on an awesome effort on behalf of all the New Zealand boating faternity.

30/05/10 - Speed Kilo Run - Keeley's Reserve, Cambridge

The day started of cold and foggy, but when the fog cleared we were set for some good runs in near perfect conditions. Below are a few results.

Hammertime with a time of 91.389mph

Tempo Too, Tracy Gapper with a time of 104.529mph

Lucky Break, Dean Probyn with a time of 73.948mph

Alan Steiner, Misty Blue with a time of 71.969mph

Undertaker with a time of 97.415mph

Steve Preece, Demon Energy with a time of 113.015mph

Rip It Up with a time of 60.047mph.

All results are unofficial, more results to follow.

21/04/10 - Moult Gold Cup

After being lost for several years the Moult Gold Cup was anonymously returned to the secretary of the Manukau Auckland Club, John Weller.

I as one of the winners during the missing years, I get to hold it for a couple of days before passing it on to the other winners over this time, ( Steve Hughes and Sam Hughes) and in a month or so Scott Coker the current holder will get to look after it until next year 's race.

Peter Thomas

06/04/10 - Manukau-Auckland Speedboat Club

The Manukau Auckland Speedboat Club appreciate the efforts that go into organizing an event and would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thanks Johnny Weller for the many many hours that he has put into running events for this club, we acknowledge Johnny that what you have done is huge for the club and we sincerely thank you.

We would also like to thank our sponsors Manukau City Council, Segedins Auto Spares, Demon Energy & The Trillian Trust who financially allowed us to host this event and give us the opportunity to bring our sport to Auckland.

Steve Preece - Club Vice President

06/04/10 - Dave Bryant USA

Our very deepest condolences to the family and friends of Dave Bryant also a true legend in the USA and known around the world. Our thoughts also go out to the crew, family and friends of She's the Culprit race team. Another shocking terrible tragedy in our sport. Rest in peace.

06/04/10 - Brian McCosker

On behalf of the NZPBA we extend our deepest sympathies to the family and close friends of Brian McCosker who was tragically killed in a powerboat race at Taree (Australia) yesterday afternoon. An awesome driver and a true legend in the sport. Our thoughts and best wishes are also with the Taree Power Boat Club and the Australian Power Boat Association. It is a very sad day for the powerboat faternity.

04/04/10 - Lake Kaniere Results



1ST Rage                               Allan Ballantyne                 Southland

2nd Desert Storm                   Andrew Morris                   Rotoiti

3rd The Vatican                     Steve & Matthew Pope       Lake Dunstan


1ST Boot Camp                  Darren Randle                     Rotoiti

2nd Uncomfortably Numb    Pete Crowle                        Rotoiti

3rd Kermit                           Shane Martin                       New Brighton


1ST Aquanaut                       Mike Harvey                     Southland

2nd The Vatican                    Steve & Matthew Pope      Lake Dunstan

3rd Rage                               Allan Ballantyne                  Southland


1ST Kaos                             Craig Stevenson                  New Brighton

2nd The Gladiator                  Barry Kennett                     New Brighton

3rd Kermit                            Shane Martin                       New Brighton


25/03/10 - Wellington Regatta Review

Racing started in slightly windy conditions
The first heat of the NI Grand National was won by Jamie Knight in The Phantom with Daniel Pollock in The Undertaker second. 
The first heat of the NI UU was run but had to be stopped due to a collision with Outboard Marine losing control in the rough conditions and running into Bowtie Boogie.  Outboard Marine then rolled.  Bowtie Boogie made it back to shore but had severe damage to his boat. The meeting was then postponed until the Sunday.
Sunday's racing got under way, although there were a few boaties that decided not to race and of course those who could not partake due to damage, with the second heat of the NI Grand National.  Once again ther placings were as for the first heat.
NI Grand National final results were:
The Phantom - James Knight 1st
The Undertaker - Daniel Pollock 2nd
Due to the withdrawal of competitors the second round of the NI UU could not take place.
There were four handicap races for those who wanted to continue and then the meeting ended, with no other issues

03/03/10 - Lake Kaniere Entry Form

Attached is the Entry Form for the Lake Kaniere Regatta to be held on the 3rd and 4th of April 2010

2010 Lake Kaniere Regatta Entry Form

03/03/10 -NZ Nationals - Canadain Trophy 2010

Congratulations to the Wellington Powerboat club for winning the 2010 Canadian Trophy.

Here are the Placings and Points for the 2010 Canadian Trophy.

Wellington 1st Points: 7675

Rotoiti 2nd Points: 7544

Manukau-Auckland 3rd Points: 6400

Wanganui 4th Points: 3525

Manawatu 5th Points: 3300

New Brighton 6th Points: 3000

Cambridge-Waikato 7th Points: 400

21/02/10 -NZ Nationals Rd 2 - Nelson Lakes Entry Form

Attached is the Entry Form for the Nelson Regetta to be held on the 27th and 28th of February 2010

2010 Entry Form Nelson Lakes

16/02/10 -Lake Ngakuru Entry Form

Attached is the Entry Form for the Ngakuru Regetta to be held on the 10th and 11th of April 2010


16/02/10 -Wellington Regatta Entry Form

Attached is the Entry Form for the Wellington Regetta to be held on the 20th and 21st of March 2010


14/02/10 -Manawatu Gold Cup

Here is a few results from today racing in the Manawatu, after yesterday's racing was abandoned because of bad weather.

Gold Cup 1st Promt Parts - Luke Sharp, 2nd The Apprentice - Sam Hughes, 3rd Kent Dunlop - Razors Edge 2

Sally Nagel Memorial - Winner Steve Mathieson - Midnight

Ross Knight Memorial - Winner Steve Mathieson - Midnight

Carl Augustin Memorial - Winner Steve Mathieson - Midnight

14/02/10 -Classic Boats

We are having our first meeting for the Classic Powerboat Club on the 7th march at
1pm, Dargaville Rod and Custom Clubrooms, SH14 on road to Whangarei. All
people interested PLEASE come along or if you are too far away, email or phone
with your details so the outcome and information from meeting can be passed on
to new members out there. We also hope to have monthly newsletters with info,
stories, fun with what club has planned and where, stories and pics from past racers.
Have heard from a Ken Ellis from the Kaitaia Club who raced Scorpion.

Julie Gill

10/02/10 -Classic Boats

To All Boaties: Remember when boat racing was relatively simple. Get out
on the water, race at speeds of 50-60mph and sometimes more if you were lucky to have a hydroplane. Costs were minimal and it was a fun family orientated weekend with tall tales of how close the racing was and if the track was a little longer I could have passed you. Not many helmets, life jackets and OSH in those days. Just some of the clubs that were around 40 years ago in Northland, included Kaitaia, Bay of Islands, Otamatea, Whangarei and Horeke. Anyone out  there remember these, we would love to hear from you . A few like minded people are looking to start a Classic Powerboat Club in the Northland area to start with then expand out and down the country. There is interest from as far away as South Island but we plan to organise our own backyard first with a few fun days over the year with a chance to get  your boats out on the water for a spurt. Anyone interested in more information and getting into the race game at ground level we are having a meeting towards the end of February in Dargaville, to discuss our options and making this idea a reality. Time to stop the talking and get doing. All information and ideas welcome. We welcome any boatie interested in the club.
Contact Julie or Steve on 09 439 1559 or 0274 854 788 or email for more details.

10/02/10 -Dean Probyn Article

Here is a link to a article the Waikato Times did on Dean Probyn at the Lake Karapiro Nationals Click Here

2.5 Modified Hydroplane Poll.

Who will win the UIM 2010 World Modified Hydroplane Championship?

View Results
Free poll from Free Web Polls

02/02/10 -UIM World Modified Champs International Profile - John Shewbrooks.

John is a second- generation hydroplane driver and has been racing for over 35 years; his Dad, Jack Shewbrooks, who raced for 35 years, introduced him to the sport.
‘Captain Jack’ was one of the founding fathers of the 2.5 litre Modified Class.
Highlights of John’s racing career include two back-to-back National Championships (1996 & 1997 and 2002 & 2003), a World Championship in 2001, and 6 MACH titles.
John played a leadership role in APBA of the racecourse and was a long time A Class representative and served as Inboard Racing Chairman in 2003. John is always promoting boat racing with racers, sponsors, event organizers, and fans. He has also mentored several drivers in the 2.5 Litre Modified Class including Chris Cordle, Alan Lewis, Tony Black and Tom Newman. A highlight occurred in 1995 when John’s racing career, accomplishments, and contributions to the sport were recognized when Ohio State Senator Cooper Snyder presented John with the Ohio Senators Cup Award. John is a leader in the American Society of Quality, his other interests include building radio-controlled race boat models, cooking and more recently Sprintcars. John will represent the USA  and will drive Wayne Wells boat ‘Summer Wine’ in the  UIM 2.5  Modified Hydroplane World Championship.

John Shewbrooks in his hydroplane that he races in the USA

02/02/10 -Promt Part Downtown Tauranga Review.

30/01/10 -Update from the UIM Modified Hydroplane Champs.

Kevin Ireland is hoping to have Challenger on th water this weekend for a few test runs. Of the two Southland entries The Hook has pulled out and the other Southland boat, the new Zander hull, Rage is now painted and looking to test this weekend also. With 12 Modified Hydroplanes this is set to be one of the biggest assembled in New Zealand.

19/01/10 - NZPBA Nationals.

Event details and race schedule available. Click on NZPBA Nationals Poster to download.

14/01/10 - Matt Morrison Memorial Videos

Thanks to Ben Ryan we have Heat 1 and Heat 2 Matt Morrison Memorial Video Links

13/01/10 - Updating Driver Profiles

I have a few driver profiles to update, and as i would like to update all profiles in one go could all other drivers please check there current profile to see if everything is up to date, or if your profile needs adding let me know, Contact Details I would like to have all profiles updated before 22 Feb 2010

13/01/10 - 2010 Masport Cup Update

Here is the Tauranga Race Program 2010 Masport Cup Regatta

13/01/10 - 2010 Manawatu Power Boat Club Gold Cup Entry Form

Attached is the Gold Entry form Entry form Gold Cup 2010

09/01/10 - 2010 Matt Morrison Memorial Race Update

Paul Burtenshaw winner of the

2010 Matt Morrison Memorial Trophy.

Race 2 Results:

1st Provocative - Paul Burtenshaw

2nd Storm - Andy Morris

3rd Ballistic - Richard Smith

Race 1 Results:

1st Provocative - Paul Burtenshaw

2nd Storm - Andy Morris

3rd Dancing Bear Too - John Ryan

06/01/10 - 2010 Matt Morrison Memorial Entry List

List of entries for 2010 Matt Morrison Memorial Event to be held on Saturday 9th January 2010 at Lake Hood

Boat -  Driver - Club
Dancing Bear Too - John Ryan - New Brighton
Ballistic - Richard Smith - New Brighton
Gladiator - Barry Kennett - New Brighton
Guns & Roses - Ben Ryan - New Brighton
Provocative - Paul Burtenshaw - New Brighton
The Toy - Lyall Davies - New Brighton
Satans Pride - Jeff Hauschild - New Brighton
Kaos -Craig Stevenson - New Brighton
Bowtie Boogie - Mickey Wotton - Wellington
Razors Edge - Kent Dunlop - Manawatu
Bold Move - Steve Rosewarne - Wanganui

01/01/10 - UIM Modified Hydroplane World Championship Event Poster

01/01/10 - NZ Nationals Event Poster

31/12/09 - Mangakino Entry List for 2nd and 3rd January 2010.
Mod VP and Mod H   Prostock and Procom
Nigel Zander Helter Skelter   Peter White Wasted Nights
S Mathieson Midnight(Mod H)   Mike Wotton Bowtie Boogie
C Gapper Tempo Too   W Sherman Naviga
Brendan Hall Armageddon   Den Probyn Lucky Break
Tony Hall Foreno Tapware   Steve Denham Venom
Wayne Wells Summer Wine    B Mercer Aftershock
Alan Wells Endorphin Rush      
B Mathieson Meridian      
D Pollock  Undertaker    
Series 3000   Grand National and GP
Paul Robertson Going Going Gone   Warwick Lupton Annihilator
D Pendergrast Susie IV   Ken Lupton Annihilator 3
A and N Steiner Misty Blue   Scott Coker Fair Warning
H Buttimore Wild Thing   F Pollock Kool Kat
B Packer Brooster   G Weller G Force
                     Formula 1  
Formula 3/Formula 2   S Preece         metal Concepts
Scott Denis Velocity   Luke Sharp Prompt Parts
N Parker Agadoo   R Sommerville Outboard Marine
S Hughes The apprentice   Julian Stilwell Jacal
      Philp Stilwell Quantum
NI Grand Prix   Series 3000
Scott Coker Fair Warning   P Robertson Going going gone
Luke Sharp Prompt Parts   A and N Steiner MistyBlue
R Sommerville Outboard Marine   D Pendergrast Susie IV
J Stilwell Jacal   H Buttimore Wild Thing
P Stillwell Quantum   B Packer Brooster
G Weller G Force                    Formula 1  
Warwick Lupton Annihilator   Luke Sharp Prompt Parts
Ken Lupton Annihilator 3   R Sommerville Outboard Marine
      J Still Well Jacal
      P Stillwell Quantum
Mod H   S Preece  Metal Concepts
Nigel Zander Helter Skelter   S Hughes            The Apprentice
Colin Gapper Tempo Too                 Prostock  
S Mathieson Midnight   A & N Steiner Misty Blue
Brendan Hall Armageddon   Peter White Wasted Nights
Tony Hall Forend Tapware   Mike Wotton Bowtie Boogie
Wayne Wells Summer Wine   W Sheerman Naviga
Alan Wells Endorphin Rush   Dena Probyn Lucky Break
B Mathieson Meridian   P Robertson G G Gone
D Pollock Undertaker      
Des Geddes V 8 Challenge
S Coker Fair Warning N Zander Helter Skelter
Luke Sharp Prompt Parts S mathieson Midnight
R Sommerville Outboard Marine A and N Steiner Misty Blue
J Stillwell Jacal Peter White Wasted Nights
P Stillwell Quantum Mike Wotton Bowtie Boogie
Peter White Wasted Nights Steve Denham Venom
B Mercer Aftershock B Mathieson Meridian
S Hughes The apprentice D Pollock Undertaker
B Mercer Aftershock

31/12/09 - NZ Nationals Series Update.

We will be proceeding with our two round National Series as planned. We will open it up to allow one-round entrants to pay half fee $200 and gain points for their championship. If you dont wish to pay this then you can pay regatta entry fee anyway and may be able to race with your class or in mixed fields subject to numbers (No championship points). We have a sponsor who will pay $200.00 travel money returned to interisland-traveling championship entrants. We are still holding entries open as they are still trickling in. Bottom line is we have enough numbers to contest most fields and classes and we will be going racing at Lake Karapiro and Lake Rotoiti

All the best for the New Year

National Series Committee

01/12/09 - Entry Form E.C. Griffith Cup 5th - 7th February 2010

E.C.Griffith Cup 2010 Lake Karapiro

06/12/09 - Entry Form Masport Cup 23rd - 24th January 2010

Masport Cup 2010 Downtown Tauranga

01/12/09 - Entry Form RACEWEEK Wanganui Dec 27th - 28th 2009

Raceweek Wanganui 27th - 28th Dec 2009

01/12/09 - Entry Form Matt Morrison Memorial Jan 9th 2010 Lake Hood, Ashburton

Matt Morrison Regatta entry.rtf

01/12/09 - Entry Form Mangakino Jan 2nd - 3rd 2010

Lake Maraetai Mangakino 09-10

08/09/09 - Licence and Registration and Medical Forms
2009/2010 New Zealand Powerboat Association Licence and Registration and Medical Forms:
All the above Information if Applicable to your needs along with your Receipt of Membership to your Local Powerboat Club for the coming Season must be sent to the Following Address at Least 14 Days prior to your first Regatta. Please remember it takes time to allow for processing and Postage of you Documentation.
NZPBA Registrar
        Raewyn Palmer
        P.O.Box 30-833
        Lower Hutt 5040
        Phone (04) 586 0919
        Fax (04) 293 7034
        Mobile 027 416 5070
        Email: Raewyn Palmer

27/08/09 - Wellington Powerboat Club AGM

22/08/09 - Dennis Taylor
Dennis Taylor Passed away on Friday Morning 21/08/09

"Dennis was a Life member and Patron of the Northern Zone. He was the President of the Northern Zone for many a year. As a member of the old Manukau club he was a Life Member and a President for many years was the president when the two clubs joined together. As a member of Manukau Auckland he was a Life Member and the Vice Patron. I have personally know Dennis for over 30 years and all he lived for was powerboating didn't matter what was required Dennis would give it a go always at the workings bee's usually the first there and the last to leave.
He will be a hard man to replace."
From Peter Mcloud

Dennis Taylor's funeral will be on Tuesday Afternoon

Funeral Details:
Tuesday 12.30pm

22/08/09 - Manukau Auckland Speedboat Club AGM
The annual AGM and prize giving will be held at the
7 Layard Street
Saturday 26th. September 2009. Starting time for AGM will be 3PM followed by Prize Giving and dinner starting at 6PM
John Weller SECRETARY.

20/08/09 - Modified Hydroplane AGM
The 2009 AGM of The New Zealand Modified Hydroplane Drivers Club Inc will be held at the Board room.
Suncourt Motor Lodge
Saturday August 29th starting at 1 PM. All interested parties welcome.

18/08/09 - Formula One AGM
The 2009 AGM of The New Zealand Formula One Drivers Club Inc will be held at the Board room.
CRC Industries
10 Highbrook Drive
East Tamaki
Saturday September 12th starting at 1 PM. All interested parties welcome.

11/08/09 - Nationals Entry Form
2009/20010 New Zealand Powerboat Association Nationals Entry Form and Information.
National Championship Round dates:
6-7th February 2010 Lake Karapiro, Cambridge, Waikato.
27-28th February 2010 Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes National Park.

Series Committee: Andrea Robinson, Denise Moughan & Ben Ryan. Committee can be contacted on the following Email Link:
Entries to be sent:
NZPBA Secretary
        Raewyn Palmer
        P.O.Box 30-833
        Lower Hutt 5040
        Phone (04) 586 0919
        Fax (04) 293 7034
        Mobile 027 416 5070
        Email: Raewyn Palmer

09/08/09 - Combined Medical Form
2009/20010 New Zealand Powerboat Drivers Combined Medical Form is available for Download.

2009/2010 NZ Powerboat Drivers Combined Medical Form - 09/08/09 You Must fill out and send in all sections in this 7 Page Document to get a Licence Along with the Licence Form on Downloads section and a copy of your Club Fees Receipt for the year ending 2010.

04/08/09 - Sunday 9th August Powerbuilt Sports TV1
2009 UIM Masport World Grand Prix Hydroplane Championship will be on TV1 program Powerbuilt Motor Sport this Sunday 9th August program starts at 3pm. Footage from Tauranga and Karapiro in a 24 minute Segment

03/08/09 - NZPBA AGM News

Not a lot of Information forthcoming at the Moment from the weekends AGM. At guess all the top jobs are still the Same??

Congratulations to Scott Coker on being named Glenvale Driver of the Year.

Gold Badges (100mph) awarded to Chelsey Mathieson, Mike Wotton and Daniel Pollack.

Nationals Dates are Confirmed as being at Lake Karapiro, Cambridge on February 6th & 7th 2010 and at Lake Rotoiti, Nelson on February 27th 28th 2010. Entry Forms and other Information is expected to follow soon.

Easter Regattas are confirmed at Auckland/Manukau and at Lake Kaniere, Hokitika.
Lakeland are Trying to run at Mangakino on January 1st & 2nd in which case Manawatu may Move to February 13th & 14th.
Wellington and Wanganui Clubs apparently are looking for new Race Dates.
Dates will be added to the Calendar when confirmed.

17/06/09 - Modified Hydroplane World Championships

The 2010 2.5 Modified Hydroplane Championship will be held at Lake Karapiro on February 6th - 7th 2010.
Already American John Shewbrooks is confirmed as an entrant along with New Zealand's top Drivers and There is Interest in securing Australian participation as well.

The EC Griffith Cup will also be Held at Lake Karapiro on February 6th - 7th. Strong interest is shown by a couple of Australian Bad Boats in Attending this Event along with Warlord's Brett Niddrie and possibly Grant harrison in GP101. Negotiations are underway with shipping company's to bring in a USA GP Boat and Dave Hurrell From The Boss is keen to bring back J. Michael Kelly to run the Black Boat again.

The Masport Cup and Marsh Motorsport Trophy will be held at Tauranga on January 23rd - 24th 2010.

The Matt Morrison Trophy is being held at Lake Hood on the 9th of January and wouldn't it be good if a series with the Aussie Bad Boats could be arranged to compete at this meeting and the Karapiro Meeting?

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