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30/5/2011 - Kilo's at Keely's Landing
Thanks to Kiwi V Drive Forum the NZPBA Site has some Information on the Kilos at Keely's landing Yesterday.

Alan & Noeline Steiner in Misty Blue struggled to find top speed after losing their good prop last weekend testing. Alan managed a 71mph and Noeline came up with a 69mph
Ian Warmington with Razzle Dazzle posted a speed of around the 92mph mark before losing oil pressure at the end of his run.
Steve Hughes in Stealth had a great run at 133mph
Kevin Ireland in Challenger managed 136mph which may be a new Australasian record
Graeme Weller in the GP G-Force Broke the engine before starting the Course.
Craig Henwood in Evil Racing ran at 82mph.
Drive of the day would have to go to Steve Mathieson in Midnight, 138mph!! Yes you read it correctly, amazing effort from the little 2lt SR20 Hydro!! setting an Australasian 2750cc record. Steve also sets new NZ and CZ records.
Congratulations to the Steve and the Midnight Team I'm Sure Little Al was riding along with you.

29/5/2011 - Southern Zone AGM
At the Southern Zone AGM held yesterday the South Island Clubs Voted to Support the Lake Kaniere Yacht & Powerboat Club with a Bid to Host the 2012 NZPBA Nationals over Easter Weekend 7th - 8th April.

Elected Officers
Patron - Jack Ryan
President - Mike Ryan
Vice President - Craig Stevenson
Secretary/Treasurer - Colin Stevenson

Southern Zone Executive Members:
Peter Jones, Mark Kelly, Colin Owen, Ben Ryan, John Ryan.

Southern Zone Executive Members to the NZPBA:

Ben Ryan, Craig Stevenson

29/5/2011 - Northern Zone AGM
At the Northern Zone AGM held yesterday the clubs discussed a number of remits to take before conference. The Northern Clubs will be running a number of Club Days and regattas with the Events starting in November and leading up to Easter featuring events in each Month during that time.

Elected Officers
Patron - Ivan Pizzini
President - Peter White
Vice President - Noeline Stiener
Secretary/Treasurer - Julie Gill

Northern Zone Executive Members to the NZPBA:

Steve Hughes, Scott Coker

Fred White Trophy - Alan Steiner "Misty Blue"
Keith Saunders Trophy- Daniel Pollock "Undertaker"
Fred Manning Trophy - Evan White "Wasted Nights"

23/5/2011 - Kilo's at Keely's Landing
On Sunday 29th May the Cambridge Waikato Club are holding the Kilos.
Steve Mathieson has been working on Midnight and he hopes to Beat the 2750cc Australasian Hydroplane Record.
The Stiener's and "Misty Blue" are hoping to tackle the Series 3000 Speed Record with the Boat undergoing repairs and new Slip Coat to the Bottom of the Hull.
I'm sure there are other Boats also Attending just no Information has been made available.

22/5/2011 - Star Trax Reduced by $1800

Complete boat less engine only
Argo gearbox with cluch
All new instuments etc
Menken prop
Trailer refurbished this season
Boat will suit a 3lt engine.

New Price $4000 Must Sell as new Boat has been Purchased

Contact JEFF ROBINSON WELLINGTON Phone 04 232 4585
Email -

Jeff is very keen to see the Boat out racing next season and has made a huge reduction in the Price in an Effort to see someone get into the sport. The Boat does not come with an Engine but was very successful with a V8 and in the smaller 3lt series.

There are plenty of other Boats also for sale in the Classifieds page

22/5/2011 - Central Zone Meeting

Central Zone Driver of the Year
Mike Wotton "Bowtie Boogie" was awarded the Central Zone Driver of the Year Trophy.

Mike ran in just two regattas this season but was quite successful taking home a National Title and making the Trip to the South Island to bring Home the Matt Morrison Memorial Trophy
Elected Officers
Patron - Judith Nagel
President - Jamie Knight
Vice President - Mike Wotton
Secretary/Treasurer - Rachel Gapper

Central Zone Executive Members to the NZPBA:

Mike Wotton, Tony Hall

The Meeting went well with only two remits to be submitted to the NZPBA for further discussion. Colin Gapper retired from the Presidents Job and was thanked for his Efforts over the past years for doing a difficult Job.

Raffle - This year it was voted to once again run a Raffle to fund the fees of the Zone. With the Central Zone Kilos and Club Day Regatta being Cancelled this season the Funds that would have contributed towards it were passed back to the Clubs.
Race Dates:
The Nationals will not be held in Cromwell next Season and Clubs have been asked to submit a proposal to run the Nationals. No Club in the Central Zone will be submitting a proposal as Wellington and Manawatu are well along the way to hosting Regatta's with International Drivers whom are hoping to compete in the Matt Morrison Memorial and Gold Cup Races over two weekends of Racing. Wanganui will be again hosting a Regatta at the Clubrooms Course. North Island Titles have yet to be allocated. Hopefully after next weekends Southern and Northern Zone Meetings a Better idea of prospective race dates will be available.

6/5/2011 - Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show

The Hutchwilco new Zealand Boat show is on next week held at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland
The Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show is New Zealandís longest running and most popular boating expo. First run over 55 years ago, the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show still features New Zealandís widest range of boats, engines, electronics and marine accessories. There is also more to see and do, more attractions, fun competitions and prizes to be won.
The Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show is a show for the whole family.

Thursday 12th May 10.00am to 6.00pm
Friday 13th May 10.00am to 9.00pm
Saturday 14th May 10.00am to 6.00pm
Sunday 15th May 10.00am to 6.00pm
Tickets are $18 with Kids under 13 Free.

2/5/2011 - Southland Power Boat Club
Club Racing Results at Southland Power Boat Club held Yesterday.
Just the 4 races during the day, but all the boats enjoyed themselves and did what race boats are meant to do and get out and race on a regular basis. The Clubs Closing day for the Season is on May 15th starting at 10.30am.
Race 1 Inboard Hydro
1st Don't Know Russell Ballantyne
2nd Ricky Mitchell Burnt Offerings DNF
Race 2 Clubmans
1st Brian Railton Mad Dog
2nd Quinten Keen Outrageous
3rd Royce Baxter Pure Venom
4th Andrew Railton Hells Paradigm
Race 3 Sealed Handicap
1st Brian Railton Mad Dog
2nd Royce Baxter Pure Venom
3rd Andrew Railton Hell's Paradigm
4th Quentin Keen Outrageous
Race 4
1st Brian Railton Mad Dog
2nd Quentin Keen Outrageous
3rd Royce Baxter Pure Venom
DNF Andrew Railton Hell's Paradigm

2/5/2011 - Southern Zone AGM
Southern Zone AGM
Saturday 28th May at 10.00am
West Melton Tavern
1147 West Coast Road
Any Queries Contact Colin Stevenson PH (03) 755 6351 Email: Colin Stevenson

29/4/2011 - American Power Boat Association Propeller Magazine

In the May issue of the APBA Propeller Magazine is an article on this years Manawatu Goldcup Regatta. Clicking on the Image above will take you to a PDF online Version of the Magazine its quite a large file so may take some time to download for those with a slower connection.
The article and Images were supplied by Paul Russell a Canadian who made the trip over to see the Goldcup Regatta and catch up with friends. Paul purchased the "Miss Riff Raff" Modified Hydroplane from New Zealand a couple of years ago and races it back in Canada.

28/4/2011 - Series 3000 AGM
Series 3000 AGM
To be held on the Saturday 27th August 2011
Cook's Bar & Cafe
301 Broadway
Marton 4710
(06) 327 8222
Meeting will start at 3.00pm sharp.
Drinks and meals from 5.30pm for those whom wish to stay on an enjoy a sociable time.

Contact Noeline Steiner Mobile 027 869 644 or Email: Noeline Steiner

28/4/2011 - Northern Zone AGM
Northern Zone AGM
Saturday 28th May 2011 at 2pm
Masonic Hotel
68-72 Duke St
Any queries contact: Julie 07 882 8733 or Email Julie Gill

28/4/2011 - Guy Barczy

I have been involved with hydroplane racing in the American Power Boat Association on and off since 1981. My experience has been with boats from the 2.5 liter Stock Class up through and including the National Modified Class (modified 5 liter and slightly modified 6 liter engines). My expertise has been in engine building and boat tuning.
I am 52 years old, never married and no children. I am looking for some new challenges in the world of hydroplane racing and I have a very extensive bank of knowledge regarding hydroplane racing and I'm willing to share my knowledge with someone that is struggling or striving to put their boat at the front of the pack.
Within your connections of people in boat racing, either there in New Zealand or in Australia, do you know of any people that may need help with their racing program, or that could use the information that I've learned over these many years?
At this point in time, Guy is willing to open up any dialog with Driver or Team that would be interested in his help.
Sincerely yours,
Guy Barczy (last name pronounced bar - see)
Email Guy Barczy

27/4/2011 - Central Zone AGM
Central Zone AGM
To be held on the Sunday 22nd May 2011
At Wellington Powerboat Clubrooms, Porrirua
Meeting will start at 10.30 sharp.

Contact Rachel Gapper Ph (06) 367 8315 or Email: Rachel Gapper

27/4/2011 - Southland Power Boat Club

Andrew Railton with Hell's Paradigm explaining to Debbie Ruwhiu the controls prior to her taking her first drive of a motor boat. (She did very well,wants to try again). Debbie is the secretary of Te Aihe Rangatiri Waka Ama, this group has joined with the SPBC and will be domiciled at the club's HQ. One of their Waka can be seen in the photo.

You Tube Video clip of one of the Clubmans races

Results from April 3rd Southland Championships
Low turn out of boats meant only two class champs were run, however the crowd was not disappointed to see the efforts of those competing. The two Inboard Hydroplanes, Don't Know and Thunderstruck put on a really good show all day with no quarter asked and none given. The Clubmans class had a reasonable number in attendance, Hell's Paradigm and Pure Venom slugged it out in every race and Outrageous kept Mad Dog honest. All in all a good day for those competing and those who had the privilege of watching.
Race 1
1st Don't Know Russell Ballantyne
2nd Thunderstruck Alistair Gorrie
Race 2
1st Mad Dog Brian Railton
2nd Outrageous Quentin Keen
3rd Hells Paradigm Andrew Railton
4th Pure Venom Royce Baxter
Race 3
1st Don't Know Russell Ballantyne
2nd Thunderstruck Alistair Gorrie
Race 4
1st Mad Dog Brian Railton
2nd Outrageous Quentin Keen
3rd Pure Venom Royce Baxter
4th Hell's Paradigm Andrew Railton
Race 5
1st Thunderstruck Alistair Gorrie
2nd Don't Know Russell Ballantyne
Race 6
1st Mad Dog Brian Railton
2nd Outrageous Quentin Keen
3rd Pure Venom Royce Baxter
4th Hell's Paradigm Andrew Railton
Southland Inboard Hydroplane Championship
1st Don't Know Russell Ballantyne
2nd Thunderstruck Alistair Gorrie
Southland Clubman Championship
1st Mad Dog Brian Railton
2nd Outrageous Quentin Keen
3rd Hell's Paradigm Andrew Railton
4th Pure Venom Royce Baxter

The photos were taken at the northern ramp, facing north which is also facing upstream, The Club HQ has two ramps placed either side of our clubrooms, there is also an accommodation facility able to sleep up to 18ppl. There is also a 15mx8m shed where we keep our two rescue boats and some club race boats

25/4/2011 - Lake Kaniere Yacht & Power Boat Club
Some of the Results from the weekend at Lake Kaniere. By all accounts a an interesting weekend with a few showers causing delays on the Saturday. Big winner of the day was Paul Burtenshaw in Provocative who won SI Pro Com and SI UU this gave him enough points to be equal with Sam Hughes for the Glenvale Driver of the Year Title.
Craig Stevenson in Kaos barrell rolled his boat in while leading a Pro Com heat doing damage to the boat and engine, his cell held together and Craig was ok with just a few bumps and bruises.
South Island Procom
1st Provocative Paul Burtenshaw
2nd Dancing Bear Ben Ryan
3rd Kermit Shane Martin
South Island Grand National
1st Eagle Rock Shane Harvey
2nd Obsession Peter Jones Jnr
3rd Thunderstruck Alastair Gorrie
South Island U/U
1st Provocative Paul Burtenshaw
2nd Dancing Bear Ben Ryan
3rd Eagle Rock Shane Harvey
Kaniere Electric Cup
1st Dancing Bear Ben Ryan
2nd Eagle Rock Shane Harvey
3rd Kermit Shane Martin
Top Notch Trophy
1st Hidrid John Hibbs
2nd Interceptor Richard Kennett
3rd Hot N Sticky Greg Symmers
Obsession Peter Jones Jnr 88.01mph
Provocative Paul Burtenshaw 87.04 mph(SI Record)
Interceptor Richard Kennett 70.34 mph (SI Record)

22/4/2011 - Lake Kaniere Yacht & Power Boat Club

Lake Kaniere Easter Regatta
23rd & 24th April 2011

The Last Regatta of the Season is about to get underway this weekend at lake Kaniere, Hokitika. A reasonable turnout of Boats is expected and there should be plenty of good racing on Saturday with Kilo Time trials held on the Sunday.

Click Image to Go to lake Kaniere Yacht & Power Boat Club Page for more Information.

3/4/2011 - Lakeland Power Boat Club
The Lake Ngakuru Closing Day scheduled in two weeks time on 16th & 17th of April has been Cancelled.
The Lakeland Club gave all the Boaties plenty of time and notice to confirm there Entries by April 3rd. The Club were not prepared to go ahead with the event unless a significant number of Boats registered there Entries. As of the 2nd of April only 4 entries were submitted. While there were a few who also made Verbal Intent of Entering this was not acceptable to the Lakeland Club and the decision was made to Cancel the Event.
The Club understands that this will be a disappointment to many, but hopefully next year will see the Event back on the Calendar.

30/3/2011 - Clubmans Video

Click the You Tube image to go to a 1 minute clip of Clubmans Racing from the Southland Power Boat Club. Footage supplied by Royce Baxter and Cue Television.
The Club is holding the South Island Clubmans Championship this Sunday April 3rd for those interested go along to the Clubrooms on the Oreti River.

25/3/2011 - Lake Kaniere Yacht & Power Boat Club

Lake Kaniere Easter Regatta
23rd & 24th April 2011

Saturday 24th April South Island GN, Mod VP, FV, F2, Pro Com and U/U Titles.
Handicap Racing and Scratch Racing including Kaniere Electric Cup for top 10 Fastest Boats and Top Notch Trophy for next 10 Fastest Boats.
Kilos will be held from 9am on Sunday 24th April.

Prizegiving and Barbeque will be held at the conclusion of Racing on Saturday at the Clubrooms please advise the club of numbers so appropriate quantities of Food can be arranged.

Entries close on 9th April 2011, Please send in your Entry as soon as possible, any entry after this date will be charged an extra $20.
P.O. Box 143
Colin Stevenson
PH (03) 755 6351
Mobile 027 656 9409

Click Image to Go to lake Kaniere Yacht & Power Boat Club Page for more Information.

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