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NZPBA News April - May 2012 Page
If you have any news updates please contact the Secretary , Jason Buttimore or Someone from the NZPBA on the Contacts Page.
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1/6/2012 - Northern Zone

Northern Zone Officers elected at Northern Zone AGM on 26th May 2012 are:
Patron: Ivan Pizzini.
President: Noeline Steiner.
Vice President: Peter White.
Secretary-Treasurer: Julie Gill.
New Zealand Executive from Northern Zone: Ian Warmington, Scott Coker.

29/5/2012 - South Island Power Boat Association

Southern Zone Officers elected at Southern Zone AGM on 26th May 2012 are:
Patron: Jack Ryan.
President: Mike Ryan.
Vice President: Craig Stevenson.
Secretary-Treasurer: Colin Stevenson.
Executive Members: Peter Jones, Ben Ryan, John Ryan, Mark Kelly, Colin Owen, Peter Crowle.
New Zealand Executive from Southern Zone: Ben Ryan, Craig Stevenson.

27/5/2012 - Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club Kilo's 12.30pm

Luke Sharp just had the last run of the day with an unlimited set up on Promt Parts and set a new record speed of 144.132mph. Luke set an F1 record first thing in the morning at 130.96mph then they weighed the boat and started to make changes for the unlimited run later in the day.

Will add some Photos to a gallery later on. Very quiet day really and the water was great, no fog very little wind and a nice ripple on the surface.

Run 1 Run 2 Run 3

Promt Parts















Espresso Engineer







Endorphin Rush


Razzle Dazzle


Misty Blue


Cambridge/Waikato 2012 Gallery Link

You Tube Video Link

27/5/2012 - Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club Kilo's 9.00am

Just a handfull of boats here at the kilos and they are just doing drivers briefing.

Endorphin Rush, Promt Parts, Predator and Misty Blue, Razzle Dazzle plus a couple of ski boats and an Offshore Bat Boat. Will try to get some speeds up at lunch time.

24/5/2012 - Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club Kilo's

Sunday 27th May at Keely's Landing.
Scrutineering for the kilos is at 7.30am with runs to follow as soon as possible.

22 /5/2012 - Central Zone AGM

Central Zone AGM
Sunday 3rd June 2012
Start Time 2.30pm
Levin Club
262 Oxford St

The Levin Club is opposite the McDonalds Levin, down the alleyway beside the AMI Building.

15 William Street
Levin 5510
Rachel Gapper
Ph (06) 367 8315
Mobile 021 298 5597
Email: rachelgapper@kol.co.nz

19/5/2012 - Kaniere Kilo's

Kaniere Yacht & Power Boat Club Kilo's
Sunday 3rd June 2012
Lake Kaniere, Hokitika.
Featured Events:

Kilos begin at 9.00am.
Social Evening and Meal available in the Clubrooms from 4.30pm

Colin Stevenson
PH (03) 755 6351
Mobile 027 656 9409
Email: lakekaniere@xtra.co.nz

More Information

13/5/2012 - Clubmans Fun Run

Clubmans Fun Run
Manawatu River
Foxton Beach to Opiki Bridge and Return.

This is not a race but a fun event.

Approximately 30miles (1 hour) each way.
Competitors need to take enough fuel for both legs on board their Boats.

Start at the Manawatu Marine Boat Club at Hartley street , Foxton Beach. At 10am Saturday 21st July. Run to Opiki Bridge and have a Picnic Lunch. Then Return to Foxton Beach. Safety Boat will follow the last boat and a $10 entry fee will pay for his costs.

Roast Meals, Showers are available at the Club and camping nearby at the Camp Ground.

All Boats are Welcome to Partake

Contact for more details:
Ross Ledger
Phone 0274 424 850

8/5/2012 - South Island Power Boat Association AGM

South Island Power Boat Association AGM
West Melton Tavern
1147 West Coast Road
Saturday 26th May 2012.

The meeting commences at 10.30am. A registration fee of $20.00 will be payable by all officials, delegates and observers. Tea/coffee at 10.00am. Lunch at 12 noon.

P O Box 9
Hokitika 7842
Colin Stevenson
PH (03) 755 6351
Mobile 027 656 9409
Email: colin.s@xtra.co.nz

8/5/2012 - Northern Zone AGM

Northern Zone AGM
Saturday 26 May 2012
Start Time 2pm
Masonic Hotel
70 Duke St

147 Rangatira Drive,
Mangakino 3421
Julie Gill
Ph (07) 882 8733
Mobile 0274 854 788
Email: northernzone@slingshot.co.nz

1/4/2012 - VALE

Today we learned of the tragic loss of Matthew Pope from Cromwell.
Matthew raced in Formula One and was one of the sports up an coming people. I am sure you join all of us in wishing condolences to Steve and Linda, and their family for their loss. Matthew was 24 years of age.

Mathew's Service will be:
10.30am Friday May 4th
Catholic Church
15 Ardwick Street

This Season Matthew was Driving in the NZF1 Power Boat Tour Series and was performing at times above expectations. Beating some of the best drivers in the country in some of the races the youngster was taking in everything in the hopes of improving both himself as a driver and the Boat.

29/4/2012 - Series 3000

Bruce Packer "Brooster" Winner of the Series 3000 Drivers Club Championship.

Despite the early season promise of more boats and better Racing it was sad to see just 3 Boats had entered this years Series. Worse was to come with the weather and water conditions playing a big factor in having a number of the Races cancelled. Reliability was the Key to Brooster's win this year finishing more races than the other drivers and proved to be very strong winning two of the Handicap Races.

The Club would like to thank the Host Clubs Lakeland, Wanganui, Manawatu & Wanganui .whom provided shorter courses and Handicap Racing that are suited to the Class and its Boats

Final Points:
1st Bruce Packer "Brooster" 2400pts
2nd Alan & Noeline Steiner"Misty Blue" 2325pts
3rd Paul & Michael Robertson "Going Going Gone" 1800pts

This years AGM will take place in August and details will be announced closer to the Date

26/4/2012 - Ngakuru Photos/Videos Gallery

Click on the Picture to go to some Pictures of the Boats racing on Saturday and now Sundays Photos have been added to the same Gallery as well.
Onboard "The Interceptor at Ngakuru in the first Scratch Race

Skiffracer 3000 Channel has 4 new Vides up from Ngakuru as well.

Mike Smith has Finals Races of the Marj Watson and Dorwin Cup raced at the weekend in Adelaide that may interest some of you.

23/4/2012 - Nationals and Southland Club Video Clips

Clubmans Race from the Nationals 2012 Regatta at Lake Kaniere. Very Interesting racing styles on display including "Just Add Water" Ryan Birch spinning out and flipping.

Click on the Image on the Right to visit Andrew Railton's Video Page where there are many more Video clips of the Racing in NZ

23/4/2012 - Ngakuru Photo Gallery

Click on the Picture to go to some Pictures of the Boats racing on Saturday at Ngakuru. Video
from onboard "The Interceptor" will go up tomorrow night.

22/4/2012 - Ngakuru 4.30pm

Another Great day of fun Racing. The Club got through quite a few races today even though numbers were down on yesterday's 38 boats. All the Hydroplanes were out with either breakages or other commitments. All 3 Weller Boys gt to race today along with Jamie Diggelmann in her fathers "Lil Mischief" Clubmans Boat.

Photos and Video should be up tomorrow as well as links to any other race shots video we get.

Karl Weller presented with a trophy as a result of his spill yesterday.

All 3 Weller Boys got a pick of the Table along with all the Drivers present at prizegiving Today. There were some impressive items to choose from as well a credit to the Lakeland Club

King of the Lake
1st Steve Hughes "Stealth"
2nd Adam Parker "The Interceptor"
3rd Mike Denham "Inject the Venom"
There were just 5 starters for this Race and Steve Hughes had his boat flying after giving the field a bit of a head start when he was late for the drop of the flag. Adam Parker in "The Interceptor was rapped with his boats performance and hopefully the onboard footage will be on youtube on Monday night. Mike Denham was running with a crew member as a passenger as they did all weekend so they were not pushing too hard but all the passengers were still pretty stoked about getting the opportunity to run. bringing up 4th place was Brendon Cornes in Total Kaos" just ahead of Garin Keane in "Too Keane Too"

A Great Venue and Good Club run Weekend which was enjoyed by all here.

22/4/2012 - Ngakuru 9.30am

Will be another great day Today with plenty of racing just let the Fog clear and we will be into it with plenty of handicap racing to even things out.

Update after racing today

21/4/2012 - Ngakuru 6.00pm

Only got through 12 races today mostly due to the difficulties associated with the Low Water Levels making launching the Big Boats a real issue. No one minds too much though as everyone is here for a good time.

A couple of Spills today with Dale Pendergast tipping over in Suzie IV Hurt Pride the only issue with the driver but the boat has same damage to it.

Karl Weller's Junior Boat tipped over on the tight triangle turn as he was making a pass for the lead of one of the Races, he was ok and good to go again after the Weller Family sorted out the Boat.

The North Island GNH Title was won by Nigel Zander. His Boat Helter Skelter ran with out incidents but the rest of the Field had some Breakages. Tempo Too out with bent prop,shafts and skegg. Undertaker broke a prop shaft. Phantom has Fuel and Oil leaks and shut down. Challenger lost the water pick up but shut down in time to save any damage.

The V8 Flattie's were impressive there will be some onboard Video from "The Interceptor" during the week.

The Tunnel boys all had a good run and a looking at going out again tomorrow.

The Clubmans /Junior Boats of which there are 12 boats and 14 drivers were quick to launch and start the races as they could all line up on the beach. May be able to have some more races tomorrow while they look at launching the big boats. Some Youngsters are getting to test the boats now and next year will be quite a few Juniors racing. Most Clubmans Owners will be prepared to let a Junior drive there boat next season to try and promote the Junior Ranks.

Steve Denham had his Friend out in the Passenger seat he came in looking pretty White

Another New Driver having a go in the Brayka Boat

Steve Hughes had a blast testing a new 5 Blade Prop with Garin Keane in the background

Ingrid Custer in Lil Evil Racing leading Vicki Marshall in Pincoya

Nigel Zander in Helter Skelter heading home Daniel Pollack in Undertaker

21/4/2012 - Ngakuru 9.30am

The Weller's are here with the 3 Junior Boats, and will be joined in the racing by at least one other Junior Today

Good field of 6 ModH Boats and the GNH "The Phantom" for the NI GNH Title

The Day dawned Foggy but the suns just coming out and it will be a scorcher day out at Ngakuru. So far we have 35 Boats here already and it will be a good day with plenty of racing promised.

Will do an update later on if Internet Service is available.

19/4/2012 - Video Clip

Clubmans Race from the Southland Regatta on the Oreti River

16/4/2012 - Ngakuru

Weather for this weekend is looking brilliant, Although warm clothes for the chilly nights is a must.

Over 25 Boats have entered for Ngakuru with boats from all classes represented. Their will be some Juniors testing the Clubmans Boats with the view to racing next season. The weekend is a very relaxed affair with plenty of Handicap and Scratch racing for all classes.
The Lakeland Club will have a Bar operating on Friday and Saturday Nights.

15/4/2012 - Nationals Gallery

Photos by Gavin Pope
Click image to go to the Gallery
Day 1 2012 NZPBA Power Boat Nationals

Photos by Gavin Pope
Click image to go to the Gallery
Day 2 2012 NZPBA Power Boat Nationals

15/4/2012 - Video Clip

A clip showing why cellboat Drivers need to stay in the cell until racing is over.

9/4/2012 - Nationals Gallery

Images are in a Gallery from the NZPBA 2012 Nationals.

We hope to get a link to Photos from others soon with Clubmans Boats.

Clubman's long course only one Lap

Clubman's Handicap Racing from Kaniere

8 /4/2012 - NZ F1 Powerboat Tour

NZF1 Powerboat Tour
1st Malcolm Jamieson "KRB"
2nd Luke Sharp "Promt Parts"
3rd Anthony Robinson "Design Windows"

8 /4/2012 - Nationals 5.45pm

Raymond Hart and Peter Knight presented the Kaniere Electric Cup

Canadian Trophy
1st Lake Dunstan Yacht & Power Boat Club
2nd Rotoiti Power Boat Club
3rd Southland Power Boat Club

Mike Harvey with the NZPBA GP Trophy

Haven't heard who won the NZF1 Powerboat Tour yet although they had some close racing throughout the weekend running 4 triangle course beach starts

8 /4/2012 - Nationals 4.40pm(internet crashed sorry)

1st Anthony Robinson "Design Windows"
2nd Malcolm Jamieson "KRB"
3rd Luke Sharp "Promt Parts"
4th Sam Hughes "The Situation"
1st & 2nd were tied as were 3rd & 4th so they were decided on time.

1st Mike Harvey "Aquanaut"
2nd Jeff Price "Lone Wolf"
3rd Allan Ballantyne "Rage"

SI Pro Com
1st Carl Ryan "Whateva"
2nd Craig Stevenson "Kaos"
3rd Richard Smith "Balistic"

1st Allan Ballantyne "Rage"
2nd Mike Harvey "Aquanaut"
3rd Shane Harvey "Eagle Rock"

Kaniere Electric Cup
1st Raymond Hart "The Boss"
2nd Sam Hughes "The Situation"
3rd Jeff Price "Lone Wolf"

Prize Giving is shortly Great days racing. No major incidents Today.

8 /4/2012 - Nationals 2.20pm

King of the Nationals edited official
1st Malcolm Jamieson "KRB"
2nd Raymond Hart "The Boss"
3rd Allan Ballantyne "Rage"

The Boss has been having a trouble free run finishing all races it starts and running strongly the team is learning a great deal.
There have been some good races between the classes racing today. Clubmans had too handicap Races over 3 laps and they were a lot of fun.

Breaking for lunch at the moment. There is still some heats in the South Island Championships to run as well as the Kaniere Electric Cup.

8 /4/2012 - Nationals 11.00pm

Official result for the GP Nationals
1st Mike Harvey "Aquanaut" 800pts
2nd Jeff Price "Lone Wolf"
3rd John Ryan "Dancing Bear Too"
Race was decided by the Officials with out the Need to rerun the 2nd Heat.

There's only about 5 boats that will run in the King of the Nationals which starts in about 10 minutes.

8 /4/2012 - Nationals 10.30am

Bit of bad luck for the "Glory B" rescue craft which sunk over night at the end of the Jetty.

The start of the Second GP heat and Rage on the left of Aquanaut they both ran well all day.

Drivers briefing soon. Then straight into the Rerun of the GP Heat a couple of handicaps for the other classes and then the King of the Nationals. Its another perfect day for Racing.

7/4/2012 - Nationals 8.00pm

Formula One
1st Luke Sharp "Promt Parts" 700pts(by just 1 second on corrected time.
2nd Anthony Robinson "Design Windows" 700pts
3rd Malcolm Jamieson "KRB" 394pts

Modified Hydroplane
1st Allan Ballantyne "Rage" 800pts.
2nd Brenden Hall "Foreno Tapware " 600pts
3rd Alan Wells "Endorphin Rush" 450pts

Grand National Hydroplane
1st Mike Harvey "Aquanaut" 800pts.
2nd Allan Ballantyne "Rage" 600pts
3rd Shane Harvey "Eagle Rock" 450pts

Formula Three
1st Andy Morris "Road Runner" 800pts.
2nd Brian Railton "Mad Dog" 569pts.
3rd Wayne Wells "Sonic the Hedgehog" 450pts

1st Brian Railton "Mad Dog" 700pts, Missed the overall time difference.
2nd Andy Morris "Road Runner" 700pts.
3rd Wayne Wells "Sonic the Hedgehog" 450pts

Formula V
Peter Crowle "Uncomfortably Numb" 800pts.
2nd Andy Morris "Desert Storm" 600pts
3rd Colin Chapman "Hot N Sticky" 450pts

Mod VP
Steve Burns "Burn Out" 800pts.
Peter Crowle "Uncomfortably Numb" 600pts.
Cadman Irvine "Screamin-C-Man" 450pts.

Pro Com
Richard Smith "Balistic" 800pts.
Craig Stevenson "Kaos" 525pts.
Shane Martin "Kermit" 394pts

Canadian Cup is Presented Tomorrow

The King of the Nations will be run tomorrow

The GP Title is under Protest and will be sorted out Tomorrow.

No mobile broadband in town so i will do the Gallery on Monday in Picton before jumping on the Bluebridge.

7/4/2012 - Nationals 5.05pm

Brief update as i go quick paragraph at a time.
We are still Racing at Kaniere after a few hold ups but only two more races to go.

GP Race one won by The Boss who drove very well after starting on the outside having to catch up to and pass everyone. Aquanaut was very fast and quite flighty on the front straight. In Race two there is confusion over Red lights with Rage stopping then his crew radioed him to get going again. Race is still to be decided but across the line it was the Boss, Aquanaut and Lone wolf who had a great battle with Dancing Bear Two.

F1 2nd race and Mathew Pope got a good start but on Lap 3 360 rolled on the hairpin turn the Canopy was damaged but he was ok. Scott Construction had engine dramas and couldnt rebuild them in time. Promt Parts won from Design Windows, KRB, The Situation,Vatican and Lone Wolf.

Clubmans Heat Pincoya was DQ for jumping the clock start n the second attempt after Just Add Water tipped over in the first turn Driver was ok and they got the boat running in time for the last Race . Road runner was first over Mad Dog and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Clubmans and F3 combined there two races as the same boats were left in each race to speed things up. Some very close racing between two groups of boats. Not sure who won sorry. Hells Paradigm and Pincoya were only feet apart at the finish.

Pro Com was won by Balistic, Richard Smith drove very well to beat Whateva and Kaos in the 2nd Heat. Dancing Bear was out with a Broken Block.

Aquanaut has claimed the GNH Title no disputing he has the Speed over the Other Boats.

ModVP saw Uncomfortably Numb winning from Screamin C Man.

I will upload the Official Results later in Town when i get access to them as well as pictures.

Due to the Low Sun the Drivers asked the King of the Nationals be Postponed until tomorrow. The sun makes it hard to see.

7/4/2012 - Nationals 1.05pm

Brief update.
still on the first round of racing with the F1 race just about to start. There has been some god racing so far.

In Pro Com Dancing bear is out for the Day and Ballistic won from Kaos who was a bit loose at times.

Formula three was 8 Clubmans Boats and 4 of them Just add Water, Road Runner, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mad Dog were all very close and very fast much faster than anything in the North Island. Pincoya came in 5th.

ModH Rage blitzed the field Dtech broke down just 100m from the line in while 2nd.

ModVP saw Uncomfortably Numb win from Screamin C Man

F1 Race just finished great show by the Boats. Scott Construction was leading but broke down on lap 3. Design Windows took over just ahead of Prompt Parts, The Vatican and KRB who were very close. The Situation was next with Lone Wolf and Bad Obsession bring up the rear. About half a Lap Separated the field.

7/4/2012 - Nationals 9.30am

Great to see "The Boss" out here at the Lake

The Peter Jones "Obsession" powered by a Lexus V8 will be raced by Tony Hall and was running ok during some testing in the eastern part of the Lake.

The Day dawned Foggy but that started to clear up pretty quickly and everyone is busy getting organized. Should be a Great Day A couple of withdrawals with Series 3000 boat "Shogun" and Pro Stock Boat "Gladiator" both not having there Engines ready. Series 3000 Boat "Growla" Struggling to get his boat running yesterday will see an end to the NZ Pro Sock and Series 3000 Championships.

Internet only available every couple of hours out at the lake so all results after tea tonight sorry.

6/4/2012 - Nationals

Stunning day at the Lake Today and everyone says its like this the next 3 days. Club Members are working on setting up the regatta and an Alteration to the clubrooms.

Internet is sporadic out here at the lake but with 6 races on my card and photos etc, a busy day is planned will hopefully do something during lunch break if possible.

Luke Sharp has been out testing as well as the Well's boys in there ModH boats, although Wayne has gremlins in "Ride On" and Tony Hall is looking sharp in "Obsession" the Celled GNH Hydro

3/4/2012 - Nationals

Weather for this Easter Weekend Has Improved. Looks really Good for a great Weekends Racing.

42 Drivers in 44 Boats have entered now with Luke Sharp in "Promt Parts making the trip from Auckland and the Wells Brothers bringing 3 Boats to the Nationals.
Clubmans Boats are in for a busy day with some of the Boats entered in 3 Championships It should be a real battle and a pretty even field.
8 Formula One Boats will be fighting for National Honors, The South Island Title and to wrap up the Formula One Powerboat Tour Championship.
Grand National Hydroplane has 11 Boats entered, but some of the ModH boats may pull out as only 10 can start in the Championship.
The GP Championship has nine Entries and is very open with some good Boats entered.
Modified Hydroplane has 6 Entries while Allan Ballantyne's"Rage" is in exceptionally fast form don't count out the other boats all of whom will be fighting hard.
ModVP has 5 entries They should all be very close to each other speed wise.
FV Has some Clubmans Boats Entered they wont be on the pace but any breakdowns from the 3 FV Boats and a Clubman could be on the Podium
Series 3000 has just the 3 Boats but they are very even and the title is wide open.
Only One Pro Stock Boat is joined by the 3 Series 3000 boats again this Title is wide open.
Pro Com has a top Entry list and all from New Brighton expect them to be very close in their Title Fight.

1/4/2012 - Nationals

Long Range weather for this Easter Weekend isn't too bad at the moment, no wind mostly sunny with a spot of rain on Sunday. 40 Entries received and all Titles with the exception of Formula Two and Juniors will be contested on Saturday, with the day concluding with the King of the Nationals Race.
Sunday is a busy day with 5 South Island Titles and the Kaniere Electric Cup up for grabs.

1/4/2012 - Video Clip

Rotoiti round 3 of the F1 Powerboat Tour Video Clip.

1 /4/2012 - Lakeland Power Boat Club Reminder

Lakeland Power Boat Club Closing Weekend April 21st - 22nd 2012
Lake Ohakuri, Ngakuru.
Please Enter by 6th of April so the Event can be Confirmed

Lakeland will be holding there Closing Weekend at Ngakuru this year at the request of the Boaties whom pledged there commitment to attend during a poll at the Wanganui Regatta. Good numbers are expected.
Featured Events:
Handicap and Scratch Racing
. Camping is most welcome, there are Flushing Toilets and a Gas Barbecue but no power supply. Can get a bit Nippy at night

2012 Ngakuru Entry Form

Noeline Steiner
PH (07) 886 8968
Fax (07) 886 9968
Mobile 0276 869 644
Email: noeline.s@xtra.co.nz

More Information on the Lakeland Club Page

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