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NZPBA News Page February 2012
If you have any news updates please contact the Secretary , Jason Buttimore or Someone from the NZPBA on the Contacts Page.
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19/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club
There are quite a few good Photos by Gregory Young on his Website from the Wellington Regatta.

14/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club

There is an Article on The Wellington Power Boat Regatta in the Kapi-Mana News Today

14/2/2012 - Southland Power Boat Club

Southland Power Boat Club Regatta 24th & 25th March 2012
Oreti River, Invercargill.
Featured Events:
Saturday - , South Island FV, South Island Clubmans, South Island ModH,
South Island Formula 3.

Entries as per Rule Book Posted to:

Rose Willis
PH 03 206 4454
mob: 022 626 4976

Email: powerboat@actrix.co.nz

More Information

Race Programme has been added to the Southland Power Boat Club Page

14/2/2012 - Wellington Regatta Videos

Lots of Video clips from the Wellington Regatta filmed by Kieran Buttimore have been uploaded to their You Tube Page

14/2/2012 - Modified Hydroplane Raffle

This weekend at Karapiro the Modified Hydroplane Drivers Club ran there $100 Note Raffle. The Club would like to Thank Heather Gapper who sold most of the Tickets and Paulette who managed to sell the rest. The winning Ticket went to Bruce Start Boat Driver

Previous winners were:

Karapiro - Ivan O...
Mangakino - Kevin Probyn.
Manawatu - Val Dunlop.

Thank you to all those who support the Clubs Raffles.

13/2/2012 - NZ Formula One Powerboat Tour
Thanks to all that attended the NZF1 Powerboat Tour Meeting on the 3rd Feb. The first round proved to be the best F1 event seen in many years! The NZF1 Powerboat Tour would like to call another short meeting to discuss any suggested improvements for the 2nd Round of the NZF1 Tour.
Date: 2nd March 2012
Time: 4pm 4.30pm
Top Room of the Tower at Karapiro

Invite open to all F1 Drivers & All Tunnel Boat Drivers and any interested parties.

12/2/2012 - NZ Formula One Powerboat Tour
Youtube clip of the F1 action from Round 1 of the NZ Formula One Powerboat Tour

12/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club 2.45pm

Steve Hughes completed a barrel roll during the Peter Palmer Memorial Race while in the lead. Steve was ok and the boat came through ok. Until then the Hughes boys had been having a great battle during the race and on the last lap Steve had just slipped up the inside of Sam and was pushing hard when he came up onto Steve Denham and just tripped over the wake.
1st place went to Sam Hughes on a count back to Lap 3 with Ben Ryan 2nd and Steve Denham 3rd.

North Island Formula One

Jeff Price, Sam & Steve Hughes were the only Boats to contest this years North Island Formula One. In race one Sam Hughes managed to hold Steve Hughes throughout the race with Jeff Price coming home 3rd
In Race 2 Jeff Price was a non starter but Steve Hughes this time blitzed Sam to win, with both boats tied on points it came down to the fastest race time which went to Steve Hughes by 6 Seconds.

1st Steve Hughes "Stealth" 700pts
2nd Sam Hughes "The Situation" 700pts
3rd Jeff Price "Lone Wolf Racing" 225pts

King of the Harbour

1st Steve Hughes "The Situation"
2nd Allan Ballantyne "Rage"
3rd Steve Denham "Inject the Venom"

The Water and Weather was perfect all day today but there were quite a few Boats that had damage and chose to go home early.

Pictures up from Sunday added to the Gallery click on the Photo Above

12/2/2012 - Manukau/Auckland Speed Boat Club
Manukau-Auckland Speedboat Club Regatta
March 24th & 25th Mangere Bridge Course.
Featured Events:
Saturday - Masport Cup, North Island Grand National Hydroplane.
Sunday - Moult Gold Cup

2012 Manukau/Auckland Speed Boat Club Regatta Entry Form

Yvonne Mullins
Ph (09) 423 7781
Mobile 027 355 2410
Email: yvonnemullins@xtra.co.nz

More Information

12/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club
Looks like today will be a fantastic day weather wise in Porirua, its dead calm and the suns shining brightly. Racing starts at 11.30 programme is going to be made up on the day.
Today's update wont be until the end of the Day.

11/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club

Gallery of Pictures up from Today click on the Photo Above
  One Youtube video of my Clubmans Race 2

11/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club 4.45pm
Matt Morrison Memorial Final Points

1st Mike Wotton "Bowtie Boogie" 700pts
2nd Richard Smith "Ballistic" 625pts
3rd Ben Ryan "Dancing Bear" 525pts
4th Steve Denham "Inject the Venom" 394pts
5th Dean Probyn "Lucky Break" 296pts

North Island Modified Hydroplane

1st Alan Ballantyne "Rage" 800pts
2nd Tracy Gapper "Tempo Too" 600pts
3rd Tony Arthur "Fast FWD" 450pts

North Island Pro Stock

1st Jeff Robinson "Bavarian" 625pts
Dean Probyn "Lucky Break" 427pts
3rd Mike Wotton "Bowtie Boogie" 400pts
4th Alan Steiner"Misty Blue" 394pts
5th Evan White "Firewatch Racing" 300pts

Of the 31 boats here today John Ryan(engine) and Craig Stevenson(gearbox) wont be racing tomorrow. There may be a few more tunnels here as well.

11/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club 1.25pm

The Finish of Heat 2 of the North Island Pro Stock. Deano just got piped going over the line by Jeff Robertson which proved to be the deciding Factor in the Championship Battle. Mick Wotton's boat failed to fire and he missed the Race.

The 2nd heat of the MMM was a cracker of race despite only 5 boats starting. Richard Smith in Ballistic took and early advantage with the inside line and Ben Ryan was just on his outside with Mick Wotton driving very hard just to keep up on their outside. Ballistic would stretch out a lead but would lose it on the outside of turn 2. Mick Wotton eventually managed to see off Ben Ryan on the very last turn of the race and punched the air in delight as he knew he had the points to win the title. Steve Denham finished the race 4th followed by Dean Probyn. We will have the Points for the races up when they become Available.

The Modified Hydroplane Title was won with ease by Alan Ballantyne in Rage from Tracy Gapper in Tempo Too and Tony Arthur Fast Forward. Armageddon, Foreno Tapware both failed to start the races.

The Clubmans had two Scratch races today, both won by Pincoya who had the pole boat start both times and was never challenged for the lead. Ross in Dire Straits came in 2nd both times and i am unsure of the other placing's at this time. The water was pretty rough which made it very fun indeed .Sunday will see handicap racing.

There's a break at the moment as a Wedding takes place across the River after which there may be a couple more races.

11/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club 3.25pm

Start of the MMM and the Dancing Bears held the advantage into turn one.

There have been a few delays here at the moment with some f the boats not getting to start the races on time.

It was a great race for the 9 starters in the MMM pulling out due to engine trouble were The Interceptor and Bavarian added was Bold Move who broke down on the start procedure. Kaos pulled out at the end of lap 1. Bowtie Boogie passed both Dancing Bears around the outside of Turn One and managed to slowly pull away from them the two Bears were battling for second going into the last lap when Evan White fell out of his Boat in 4th position after getting one of John Ryan's Wakes all wrong. He's Ok but the Race was stopped. They have Announced they will go back to Lap 3 as Bowtie Bogie had not crossed the line when the reds came out.
Provisional Result:
1st Bowtie Boogie
2nd Dancing Bear Too
3rd Dancing Bear
4th Firewatch Racing
5th Ballistic
6th Inject the Venom
7th Lucky Break
The Mod H Heat one wasn't run and the First Clubmans Race is now in a few Minutes.

11/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club 12.00am
Times for MMM:
Bowtie Boogie 37.00
Inject The Venom 37.7
The Interceptor 37.9
Dancing Bear Too 38.00
Ballistic 38.7
Firewatch Racing 39.6
Dancing Bear 39.6
Kaos 42.6
Bavarian 46.5
10th boat unknown

Bold Move didn't get to run he had to go ito town to try and get a fitting for the bat and did not make it back in time.

11/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club 10.45am
A change to the Programme with the North Island F1 having been moved to tomorrow. Practice is Starting now then the MMM Qualifying Times the Field has been reduced to just 13 Boats with Kent Dunlop out. Kent was unable to get the Engine running right and has withdrawn.

11/2/2012 - Wellington Regatta 9.30am

Adam Parker "The Interceptor" Adam's done just 15 laps of testing after finishing off the Boat this week. While he has yet to give it a full on run he is very pleased with the way the boat went.

Over 30 entries so far with Alan Ballantyne in "Rage" all the way from Invercargill.
The Programme:
11.30 First Race NI Pro Stock
NI Mod H
Series 3000, F3
MMM Heat 1
Series 3000, F3, Non Qualifying MMM Boats
NI Pro Stock
NI Mod H
MMM Final Heat
Series 3000, F3, Non Qualifying MMM Boats
Mod H & GNH
F1 & F2
4.00pmProcom, UU IBRR & GNH

Steve Rosewarne "Bold Move" is hoping the conditions stay as they are now absolutely perfect for the Flattie's.

Hope to do an update during the lunch break about 1.00pm but mostly after the the racing tonight.

9/2/2012 - Kaniere and Nationals Regatta Entry Form

NZPBA Nationals Regatta 7th & 8th April 2012
Lake Kaniere, Hokitika.
Featured Events:
2012 New Zealand Power Boat Nationals.
South Island Grand Prix Hydroplane
South Island Series 3000
South Island Pro Com
South Island Grand National Hydroplane
South Island Formula One.

2012 Nationals Power Boat Regatta Entry Form

Colin Stevenson
PH (03) 755 6351
Mobile 027 656 9409
Email: lakekaniere@xtra.co.nz

More Information

Entries received without payment will not be accepted

6/2/2012 - Modified Hydroplane

Marsh Motorsport Trophy Race
1st Kevin Ireland "Challenger"
2nd Daniel Hall "Foreno Tapware"
3rd Elizabeth Wolfe (USA) "Midnight"

This weekend at Karapiro the Modified Hydroplane Drivers Club ran there $100 Note Raffle. The winning Ticket No "84a Yellow" was purchased by Ivan O.....This Prize has not been Claimed. The winner can Contact the Secretary details below to claim there prize.
Modified Hydroplane Drivers Club Secretary:
Terry Mathieson
5 Guildford Place
Tauranga 3110
07 5799288
021 1468639
Email: mathieson2@xtra.co.nz

Previous winners were:
Mangakino - Kevin Probyn.
Manawatu - Val Dunlop.

Thank you to all those who support the Clubs Raffles

5/2/2012 - NZ Formula One Powerboat Tour Round 1 Results

Boat Hot Lap Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Points
Lone Wolf 30.54, 7th 7th, 71pts 7th, 71pts 8th, 53pts 7th, 195pts
Bad Obsession 30.94, 8th 6th, 95pts 6th, 95pts 6th, 95pts 6th, 285pts
The Situation 29.35, 6th 5th, 127pts 4th, 169pts 5th, 127pts 5th, 423pts
Stealth 27.59, 3rd 4th, 169pts DSQ DNS 8th, 169pts
Scott Construction 28.65, 5th 3rd, 225pts 3rd, 225pts 3rd, 225pts 3rd, 675pts
The Vatican 28.26, 4th 2nd, 300pts 5th, 127pts 4th, 169pts 4th, 596pts
KRB 26.78, 1st, 50pts 1st, 400pts 1st, 400pts 2nd, 300pts 1st, 1150pts
Instigator 33.12, 9th DNF 8th, 53pts 7th, 71pts 9th, 124pts
Promt Parts 27.45, 2nd DNF 2nd, 300pts 1st, 400pts 2nd, 700pts

5/2/2012 - 2012 World GP Champion

Congratulations to Grant Harrison of Australia for winning the 2012 World GP Championship

1st Grant Harrison "GP1"
2nd Marty Wolfe "Renegade"
3rd Scott Coker "Fair Warning"

5/2/2012 - Wellington Power Boat Club

A week out from Wellington and there has been a lot of work going on at the clubrooms with the Boat Ramp having been made wide to accommodate more Boats and all the old wrecks have been removed to make more room in the pit area.
A field of about 30 boats is expected with quite a few from the South Island making the Trip up to support the Racing.

5/2/2012 - Karapiro Regatta

There is supposed to be a Live feed from Karapiro only try to watch if your on Broadband though at this link.
Live Feed

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