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26/1/2011 - Obituary - Ian Burns
16/8/22 - 9/1/11

Ian Burns passed away peacefully in his sleep on the 9th January after a short illness aged 88 years.
Ian was very actively involved in powerboat racing at all levels for a significant proportion of his 88 years, beginning his quest for speed in 1958 by "hotting up" the Ford E93A fitted to the family runabout named Carissima , which Ian built in his garage. Ian caught the bug and to satisfy his need for speed that Carissima couldn't provide, a grey nurse named Commando was unveiled to begin Ian's long and successful career in powerboat racing under the "Commando" banner. Commando was fitted with a Ford 10 and raced extensively around the local club circuit finally meeting its end with a huge hole in the side of the block. A 1500cc Ford Cortina motor was fitted to Commando and was successfully campaigned wining both National and Island titles as well as winning the prestigious Carl Agustin Trophy in 1964 on the tight Lake Forsyth course against Bill Stokes driving his hydroplane Voodoo.

A flip over in Commando at Lake Waitaki turned Ian's thoughts toward campaigning something that was perhaps a little safer and Commando 2, a Ted Jones design hydroplane was built. Knowing little about hydro's, Ian decided that the little 12 foot hydro just looked too short so added 18'' onto the transom. The trusty Ford was transplanted and so began the hydroplane years. The 1500 Ford was soon upgraded to a new 1600cc "crossflow" Ford and Ian went on to win National and Island titles in the 1650cc Restricted class.
One of Ian's most satisfying National title wins was at Karipiro, against Wayne Richardson driving a new pickle fork design hydro "Dial 999", despite having a badly bent rudder which occurred on the first turn nearly ejecting Ian out over the front and being unable to use full throttle. Once again Ian was spurred on by success and built his own design pickle fork hydro which was named Commando 3. The crossflow Ford soon made way for a 2.5 litre, 4cyl Chevy and Commando 3 was successfully campaigned winning a National and several Island titles. By this time Ian had passed on his passion for boats and speed to son Robbie. Driving duties were shared, but Ian reserved the right to drive in the big ones, although Robbie took the 1980 3litre hydro National title at Lake Kaniere, so beginning a new era in Ian's powerboating career. Soon after this win, Commando 4 was built and fitted with an enhanced Chevy 2, again claiming both National and Island titles. With reliability being an issue, a plan was hatched to fit a 2.4 litre Johnson V6 power head into Commando 4 and the results speak for themselves, with numerous National, Island and feature event wins to the credit of the father and son team.

In 1986 Ian piloted Commando 4 over the measured kilo at a speed of 112.35 mph setting a new E Class 3 litre Hydro Southern Zone record, becoming a member of the 100mph Club and receiving his Gold Badge.
At age 63 Ian decided he should hang up his driving shoes and devote his energy to the role of crew chief and team manager, his drive for the "Commando" name to be at the top of the sport remained as strong as ever and the longer and wider Commando 5 hit the water. It showed its pedigree immediately with a National title in its first season and went on to take a number of National and Island titles, plus feature events. During Ian's career there were 13 National titles and 15 Island titles plus numerous feature event wins to the credit of the Commando series boats.

Ian was also heavily involved in the administration of the sport he had such a passion for, holding senior committee positions in local powerboat clubs and positions on the South Island and New Zealand executive committee's for many years. Ian will be remembered buy those that served with him for his very much "by the book" approach in the administrative arena.
Ian often commented that it was the people he had met and the long standing friendships made throughout New Zealand that made Powerboating such a unique and pleasurable sport.

Ian will be sadly missed by his family and Powerboating comrades. Go ever faster on the never ending lake of eternity.

26/1/2011 - Wanganui Motor Boat Club
With the expected downpours in the upper River Region not being as heavy has expected it looks like Wanganui Motor Boat Club has escaped from a Flooding.
The slipway is chock full of Mud and there are a couple of Big Logs that will need moving. The club is better off than the Union Boat Club which did suffer Flooding in the lower floor but again it was not as bad as they had expected either.

24/1/2011 - Rotoiti Power Boat Club
The Rotoiti Power Boat Club would like to advise that the Planned Regatta for 26th & 27th of February 2011 has been downsized to just a Club Day Event. This is largely due to the economical climate at this time and the Club will be holding a Full Regatta Next Season.

The South Island Titles for Formula 2, Unlimited/Unrestricted and Pro Com have been moved to the Kaniere Power Boat Club Regatta at Lake Kaniere, Hokitika on April 23rd - 24th, this is also Easter Weekend.

24/1/2011 - Central Zone Kilo and Club Day
With Regret the Central Zone Power Boat Association Kilo and Club Day on the Whirikino River April 2nd & 3rd 2011 has been Cancelled. This decision was made with great regret and we hope that next season this will be able to go ahead.

24/1/2011 - Wanganui Motor Boat Club

The Wanganui Motor Boat Club Rooms is under threat of another Flood. It was the mid 1980's when the club rooms suffered from the last 100 year flood at that time the waters up river at Pipiriki got to over the 10m mark. This morning the water level was at 10.5m so tomorrow will be the telling point at High tide. The above Picture was taken this afternoon right on High Tide and Bill and Sue Gaudin are just leaving after we had moved a lot of gear to higher ground. The water inside the stopbanks is all from the drainage pipes which is backing up along the Anzac Parade route. Council workers are putting weights on the manhole covers in a effort to keep them in place. Kowhai Park is Closed with large parts under water, The Octopus and Whale will be right at home.
At the Downtown Jetty it is completely submerged and the 3 ships tied up there are in danger of the tide and the Trees coming downstream. The Rowing Clubs and Riverboat Museum have evacuated all that they can with the Union Boat Club having the water flowing into the bottom floor.
An estimated 140mm of Rain is about to hit Taranaki tonight which will add to the flooding.

23/1/2011 - Masport Cup
With the Tauranga Regatta being cancelled due to the Weather The Masport Cup will now be held at Lake Karapiro on February 5th - 6th 2011.

16/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial

The Ashburton Video News has a clip up on You Tube of the Regatta

15/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial (6.45pm)

Ashburton Marine King of the Lake
Ben Ryan "Dancing Bear"

Ashburton Marine South Island Pro Stock
Mike Wotton "Bowtie Boogie" - Paul Burtenshaw "Provocative" - Cameron Davies "The Toy"

Master Chill Matt Morrison Memorial
Paul Burtenshaw "Provocative" - Mike Wotton "Bowtie Boogie" - Richard Smith "Ballistic"

15/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial (6.10pm)
The Photos are being uploaded to my Gallery

15/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial (4.20pm)
The King of the Lake has been held it was the last race and they only just got it in before the Wind descended on Lake Hood. it was quite a rough race and Ben Ryan was really pushing hard for the win chased by Craig Stevenson whose Flattie was not suited to the rough water. In third was Richard Smith who took out a passenger which made his boat sit a little flatter. Cameron Davies came in 4th with Philip Caldwell in 5th and Colin Chapman in 6th.

Heat two of the Matt Morrison Memorial and it was a little choppy. kaos was running without his canopy and wanted to show the boats speed lead away with Bowtie Boogie, Dancing Bear, Ballistic all giving chase. Dancing Bear leapt out of the water on the back Straight on Lap 2 and came down so hard the kill switch was pulled out dropping Ben Ryan right back to last. Bowtie Boogie was very content to settle for 2nd and just needed to do enough to hold off Provocative in 3rd. Ballistic came along strong in 4th with The Toy next across the line. the points for 3rd place overall between Dancing Bear and Ballistic were tied but Ballistic was declared the 3rd Place Result.
John Ryan in Dancing Bear Too went out in Testing with a seized Motor but in the short time it ran it did go well showing some of the tips and tricks they picked up in Australia are improving the Boat

2nd heat of the South Island Pro Stock and it was another very tight battle with Bowtie Boogie just beating home Provocative give them equal points. It came down to Race times to declare the winner with Paul Burtenshaw having a faster time by just 1 second. Cameron Davies drove brilliantly to come home in 3rd place.

This was an exceptional Regatta run by a great Team from the New Brighton Club. Tonight's Prize giving will be at the Tinwald Tavern a great venue whom have supported the Club.

15/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial (3.20pm)

Cameron Davies The Toy 3rd in South Island Pro Stock.

2nd Paul Burtenshaw Provocative
1st Mike Wotton Bowtie Boogie
3rd Cameron Davies The Toy

2 Races left for the day but the wind is picking up. Will do a write up of the races in hour or so.

15/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial (3.00pm)

1st Mike Wotton Bowtie Boogie
2nd Paul Burtenshaw Provocative
3rd Richard Smith Ballistic

15/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial (1.20pm)

Awesome Racing 1st turn of the Matt Morrison Memorial

1st Heat of the MMM was race 3 on the programme and 9 boats started after Star Trax had to pull out due the Bungs being left out of the Boat.
Kaos was flying down the outside with Bowtie Boogie and Dancing bear pushing hard coming out of the 1st turn. By lap two kaos was still just holding out Bowtie Boogie with Provocative looking to pass Dancing Bear for 3rd. Kaos then slowed dramatically and drifted back through the field to finish a distant 7th, the issue was a loose foot throttle connection and he was unable to get full power. Richard Smith almost managed to catch and pass Dancing Bear but settled for 5th with The Toy coming home 6th ahead of Kaos, Kermit and Helles Belles.
2nd Heat after Lunch.

With only 4 boats left for a 3rd class Race 2 was a handicap with the Formula V Hot n Sticky starting 1st over Kermit, Challenger and Bugga. Kermit passed Hot N Sticky on lap 2 and was never caught with Bugga passing Hot n Sticky on the last Lap for 2nd. Challenger did not finish.

Race 1 was the South Island Pro Stock.
9 starters with Bowtie Boogie starting out wide having to chase Provocative all the way to the Flag on Lap 3 Bowtie Boogie pulled even on the turn but caught the wake and ran very wide coming close to the bank and settled for 2nd place. The Toy was running down Star Trax in 3rd and made his move on Lap 3 as well young Cameron Davies drove very well in this Race. Guns and Roses came home 5th from Gladiator and Helles Bells with Growla in 8th. Intercepter DNF.

15/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial (11.00am)

Jeff Price has lost his Boat Lone Wolf in Testing on the back straight. Jeff is ok but extremely disappointed at breaking the boat. The left hand sponson has major damage. They are just finishing the Time Trials and then will get into Racing, A report will be up after Lunch and a lot of photos up when we get back to the Hotel.

15/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial (10.00am)

Testing is about to Start at the Lake then there will be Timed laps for all boats they will go out in groups of 3 or 4 and do hotlaps. The big Marathon Jet Boats have not shown up sadly but one interesting old boat here is Bel Air NZ 111, It looks very good and has had some nice restoration done to it.

15/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial (7.30am)
Nice Lake very slow Connection Speed so no Picture updates until Tonight.
Will do a report at Lunch Time and keep everyone up to date on the happenings here at the Lake. They have a bunch of heavy machinery digging a new lake in the distance which should enhance the features of Lake Hood, hopefully Powerboating will continue on the Lake in the Future but its becoming a big residential area.

15/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial (7am)

A great day looks to be in the works down here in Ashburton it should be very Hot and sunny with a breeze expected to be coming in in the Afternoon. While I have an excellent Internet connection here at the Hotel I am unsure of the Lake Hood Mobile Connection. I will test that first thing we are out there, So if there's no update by 9am then there wont be until after the regatta and we have returned to the Hotel.

13/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial
One of the More Interesting Entry's in the New Brighton Regatta would be that of Duncan Storriers "Midland Seeds" Gas Turbine Boat. These Turbines produce around 1500Hp and have a pretty good life span which some say more than justify's the extra cost of the Engine. Gas Turbines in Jet Boats are fast becoming the Engine to have and John Derry's "Monster Energy" win in the recent New Zealand Jetboat Marathon proves just how successful these boats can be.

10 Boats are Entered into the South Island Pro Stock Title And there are currently 23 Boats overall entered for the Regatta. For a full and Updated Entry List see the New Brighton Link

12/1/2011 - Wellington Regatta

19th & 20th FEBRUARY 2011

Every driver that has sent their entry form in by 5th February 2011
will go into a draw to received $100 cash - drawn on Saturday night!

A full Race Programme will be available after closing date.
High tides are mid day so racing will commence approx 11:00am.

KING OF THE HARBOUR ($500 on this race)
Scratch & Handicap racing for all classes

11/1/2011 - Matt Morrison Memorial

North Island Boats "Star Trax" and "Bowtie Boogie" Going South to Contest the Matt Morrison Memorial

There are 15 Boats entered into the Matt Morrison Memorial Races this Season making it the largest contested Race Series in New Zealand Power Boats. With the Race restricted to 10 Starters there will be Hot laps After testing to decide who starts and where. It could be a big disappointment for some if they encounter a gremlin on the hotlaps and find themselves eliminated.

Leading Contender would have to be New Brighton's John Ryan in his Big Blown Cell Boat "Dancing Bear Too" Fresh from his World Championship Campaign in Australia last October, John's sure to have picked up quite a few tips to improve the Big Boat. Last Years Champion Paul Burtenshaw will be sure to drive hard and retain his Trophy.

10 Boats are Entered into the South Island Pro Stock Title And there are currently 23 Boats overall entered for the Regatta. For a full Entry List see the New Brighton Link

The Weather is said to be very good for the Saturday with Good Racing Conditions Lake Hood is surely the place to be on January 15th

6/1/2011 - NZ Nationals You Tube Videos

There are quite few Videos from the Nationals on Angela & Jason Buttimore's You Tube Page.
All the Classes are catered for and there is some good racing to see. Click on the You Tube Video to go to the Page. Become a friend as new Videos are loaded shortly after every event that they attend.

5/1/2011 - Canadian Cup

Just some of the Lakeland Club Members whom helped make the Nationals a great Weekend.

The Canadian cup is presented to the Club with the most Points scored at the Nationals. This is the first time that the Lakeland Club has won this prestigious Trophy
1st lakeland Power boat Club 2200 pts
2nd Manawatu Power boat Club 1400 pts
3rd = Wellington Power Boat Club 1125 pts

3rd = Manukau/Auckland Power Boat Club 1225 pts
5th Cambridge/Waikato 1025 pts
6th Rotoiti Power Boat Club 625 pts
7th Wanganui Motor Boat Club 400 pts

5/1/2011 - Des Geddes

Des Geddes Memorial Beach Start.

The Des Geddes Memorial is a Beach start race featuring the fastest Boats of the Day. The starts suit the nimble Tunnel Boats and it was Promt Parts who got away to an early lead over Kapiti Distributors and OutBoard Marine, in 4th came Kevin Thorburn in Jafa and Garin Keane in Too Keane Too with Steve Mathieson in Midnight and Craig Henwood in Evil Racing.

1st Luke Sharp "Prompt Parts"
2nd Philip Stilwell "Kapiti Distributors"
3rd Geoff Morrish "Outboard Marine"

4/1/2011 - King of the Nationals

The Start boat was Rare Eagle.
The king of the Nationals was just a 5 boat affair with the Tunnel Boats Prompt Parts, Stealth, Outboard Marine, Kapiti Distributors and The Vdrive Venom. At the start Philip Stilwell got the jump over Steve Hughes with Prompt Parts and Outboard Marine and Venom giving chase. Outboard Marine had to run wide on Turn one putting him into last. Steve Hughes in Stealth was flying with a small lead out of turn one but that evaporated with a damaged engine before the next turn. Kapiti Distributors took over at the front and Philip was chased down and passed by Luke Sharp in Promt Parts. Venom was holding off Outboard Marine with a comfortable lead which disappeared as quickly as the fuel in the boat did.

1st Luke Sharp "Prompt Parts"
2nd Philip Stilwell "Kapiti Distributors"
3rd Geoff Morrish "Outboard Marine"

Their are some more pictures from the Nationals here:

Gallery Page

4/1/2011 - Website Changes
The NZPBA Website has Undergone a change in Administration. NZPBA Northern Zone Executive Member Steve Hughes has been appointed the Administrator of the Website.
Contact Steve Hughes, Mobile: 021 556 250, Email: Steve Hughes if you wish to have anything Removed or Added to the Website or you can contact the Temporary Webmaster Phillip Hoskyn, Email: Webmaster.
The Website may undergo a Revamp but in the mean time will be updated as often and as quickly as possible.

3/1/2011 - NZPBA National Champions
Scott Coker "Fair Warning"

New Zealand Grand Prix 2011

1st Scott Coker "Fair Warning"
2nd Brenden Hall "Armageddon"
3rd Daniel Pollack "Undertaker"

New Zealand Formula One 2011

1st Luke Sharp "Promt Parts"
2nd Steve Hughes "Stealth"
3rd Philip Stilwell "Kapiti Distributors"

Luke Sharp "Promt Parts"
Philip Stilwell "Kapiti Distributors"

New Zealand Formula Two 2011

1st Philip Stilwell "Kapiti Distributors"
2nd Steve Preece "Demon Energy"
3rd Kevin Thorburn "Jafa"

New Zealand Formula Three 2011

1st Hamish Buttimore"Wild Thing"
2nd Peter Swinkles"Strikezone"

Hamish Buttimore "Wild Thing"
Nigel Zander "Helter Skelter"

New Zealand Grand National Hydroplane 2011

1st Nigel Zander"Helter Skelter"
2nd Steve Mathieson "Midnight"
3rd Daniel Pollack "Undertaker"

New Zealand Modified Hydroplane 2011

1st Steve Mathieson "Midnight"
2nd Daniel Pollack "Undertaker"
3rd Rory Anthony "Chimera"

Steve Mathieson "Midnight"
Steve Denham "Venom"

New Zealand Pro Com 2011

1st Steve Denham"Venom"
2nd Mick Wotton "Bowtie Boogie"
3rd Jeff Robinson "Star Trax"

New Zealand Pro Stock 2011

1st Mick Wotton "Bowtie Boogie"
2nd Evan White "Wasted Knights"
3rd Allan Steiner "Misty Blue"

Mick Wotton "Bowtie Boogie"
Allan Stiener "Misty Blue"

New Zealand Series 3000 2011

1st Allan Stiener "Misty Blue"
2nd Bruce Packer "Brooster"
3rd Mike Robinson "Brayka"

3/1/11 - 2011 NZ Nationals Unofficial Results

  Series 3000/F3 - Race 1 Heat 1 - 1st Misty Blue, 2nd Brooster, 3rd Brayka

Modified Hydroplane - Race 2 Heat 1 - 1st Midnight, 2nd Undertaker, 3rd Chimera

Formula 2 - Race 3 Heat 1 - 1st Kapiti Distrubtors, 2nd Demon Energy, 3rd The Situation

Prostock - Race 4 Heat 1 - 1st Bowtie Boogie, 2nd Star Trax, 3rd Wasted Nights

GN Hydroplane - Race 5 Heat 1 - 1st Helter Skelter, 2nd Undertaker

Formula 1 - Race 6 Heat 1 - 1st Promt Parts, 2nd Kapiti Distrubtors, 3rd Stealth

Procom - Race 7 Heat 1 - 1st Venom, 2nd Bowtie Boogie, 3rdStar Trax

GP Hydroplane - Race 8 Heat 1 - 1st Fair Warning, 2nd Armageddon, 3rd Undertaker

Prostock - Race 9 Heat 2 - 1st Bowtie Boogie, 2nd Lucky Break, 3rd Wasted Nights

Formula 2 - Race 10 Heat 2 - 1st Kapiti Distrubtors, 2nd Demon Energy, 3rd Jafa

Modified Hydroplane - Race 11 Heat 2 - 1st Midnight, 2nd Undertaker

Formula 1 - Race 12 Heat 2 - 1st Promt Parts, 2nd Stealth, 3rd Kapiti Distrubtors

GN Hydroplane - Race 13 Heat 2 - 1st Midnight, 2nd Helter Skelter

Procom - Race 14 Heat 2 - 1st Bowtie Boogie, 2nd Venom, 3rd Star Trax

GP Hydroplane - Race 15 Heat 2 - 1st Fair Warning, 2nd Midnight, 3rd Armageddon

Series 3000/F3 - Race 16 Heat 2 - 1st Misty Blue, 2nd Brooster, 3rd Brayka

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