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NZPBA News March - April 2013 Page
If you have any news updates please contact the Secretary , Jason Buttimore or Someone from the NZPBA on the Contacts Page.
To view larger pictures of any maps either save the image to your computer or "right click on map" and select "open image in new tab"


28th April 2013 - EC Griffith Cup
Graeme Weller driving Ron Burton's Warlord was the Winner of this years EC Griffith Cup.
Don't know any other results yet. The racing was cancelled on Saturday due to wind apparently. Will post a link to a youtube clip when its posted.

21st April 2013 - Marj Watson Final

Marg Watson Final
1st - Bad Influence, Darryl Quinn
2nd - In Excess, Jeff Stunnel
3rd - Tuff E Nuff, David Clark
4th - Image, Craig Lewis
5th - Totally X-Static
DNF Proformance, Dean Borg

2013 Marg Watson Final

20th April 2013 - 2013 EC Griffith Cup

2013 EC Griffith Cup
26th, 27th & 28th April

Pykes Reservoir
Bacchus Marsh

Check the GP Hydroplane Australia Website for regular updates and information.

Bacchus Marsh is an urban centre and suburban locality in Victoria, Australia located approximately 50 kilometres (30 mi) west of Melbourne and 14 kilometres (9 mi) west of Melton.

By Car 48 minutes west of Melbourne on the Western Highway.
If taking the the Train its 38 minutes on the Ballarat Line

Live video link for the Racing
Hopefully this will be Online during the Racing fast internet connection is essential. This is a free broadcast. If the live stream stops there wont be anything they can do at the event to fix it.
Buy the DVD of the event, it will also have on board Camera action.

Subscribe to Scott Lambert's You Tube Channel as there will be plenty of highlights from the racing added to his Channel in the days following the Event.

Scott Lambert's You Tube Channel

Approximate Aussie times
Fridays Hot Laps may start around 2pmish
Saturday from 11amish expect at least 3 or 4 Qualifying Heats. Then the Fastest timed boats from those races will go into the EC Griffith Cup Final which starts 45 minutes after the last Heat's boats have been placed onto the trailers. The Final may be run from about 3pmish aussie time

Pole Draws for Friday 26th April Hot Laps.
1 Pro Formance BAD, Dean Borg
2 Tattoo KT, Matt Ferris
3 Villian, Mick Walls
4 Cheetah GP, Ken Lupton
5 Nova, ?
6 GP1, Grant Harrison
7 Inexcess, Jeff Stunnel
8 Tuff E Nuff BAD, David Clark
9 Loose in the Dark KT, Wayne Smith
10 Oxygen Thief, Chris Pugsley
11 Image Craig Lewis
12 Agent Orange BAD, Trevor Stanley
13 Decision, Brent Lewis
14 Warlord GP, Graham Weller
15 Bad Influence BAD, Darryl Quinn
16 Outlaw BAD, Chris Palmer
17 Mysitc Miss G-force GP, Paul Cunningham
18 Dragula GP Tom Heffernan
19 Sucker Punch Hi-tech Oils Mathew Stone
20 Tattoo GP Matt Ferris
21 The Chase Matt Mcoll

As a number of these boats are racing this weekend in the Marj Watson Trophy its possible some may not be still running for the the EC Griffith Cup

19th April 2013 - South Island Power Boat Association AGM

South Island Power Boat Association Incorporated

Formal notice is hereby given of the Annual Conference of the South Island Power Boat Association Incorporated to be held at the West Melton Tavern, 1147 West Coast Road, RD, Christchurch on Saturday 25th May 2013.

The meeting commences at 10.30am. A registration fee of $20.00 will be payable by all officials, delegates and observers. Lunch at 12 noon.

P O Box 9
Hokitika 7842
Colin Stevenson
PH (03) 755 6351
Mobile 027 656 9409
Email: colin.s@xtra.co.nz

18th April 2013 - Central Zone AGM

Central Zone AGM
Sunday 2nd June 2013
At Wanganui Motor Boat Club Rooms
Meeting will start at 1pm.

152 Pembroke St
New Plymouth
Angela Buttimore
Ph 06 7530181
Mobile 027 2374565
Email: j_abuttimore@xtra.co.nz

16th April 2013 - Northern Zone AGM

Northern Zone AGM
Saturday 25 May at the Masonic Hotel, Duke St Cambridge at 2pm.

Reminder Remits must be in by Sat April 27th.

Committee nominations accepted up
to AGM and take precedence from over the floor.

147 Rangatira Drive,
Mangakino 3421
Julie Gill
Ph (07) 882 8733
Mobile 0274 854 788
Email: northernzone@slingshot.co.nz

14th April 2013 - Manukau-Auckland Speedboat Club

Zac Weller Dominated the North Island Junior Title winning both Heats with ease over Brothers Codi and Karl

Brief Update from Auckland.
Tremendous weather and flat water at Mangere today saw plenty of great racing from the small field that showed up. Racing was moved to just the Saturday due to a couple of Ships coming in to the Harbour on the Sunday would cause time delays and a small field. All races were run on the Saturday about 13 races in the short 4 hour Tide time. only two classes racing though a mixed class and Clubmans

NZPBA North Island Junior Title

1st Zac Weller Rat Attack 003
2nd Karl Weller Rat Attack 001
3rd Codi Weller Rat Attack 002

Raced on a short Triangle course the Junior Title was dominated by Zac Weller who won both heats by half a lap. Cody and Karl had a battle over the first Laps in each heat before Cody pulled away.

Trillian Trophy
1st Andrew Macbeth AB Marine
2nd Zac Weller Rat Attack 003
3rd Ross Leger Dire Straits

Great race with Zac and Andrew very close, a mistake on the last turn cost Zac a chance at an upset win.

Mike Urquhart in New Zealand Home Loans did double Duty as Start Boat and racing

TV 3 were filming a News item on the Weller's you can see the clip here

NZPBA North Formula Three Title
1st Andrew Macbeth AB Marine
2nd Ross Leger Dire Straits
3rd Zac Weller Rat Attack 003

10 boats started the race. Race was on for second place between all the Clubmans boats as Scott Coker in How's That was expected to walk away with the title in his 100mph F3 Hydroplane. Sadly for Scott he broke down on Lap one and tried a few times to get the boat going during the day but Failed. Andrew Macbeth held on to win both heats with Ross Leger and Zac Weller battling for 2nd and 3rd places. Karl Weller drove well to pip Pincoya on the line in the first Heat. In Heat 2 Pincoya tried to stay close to Karl as the Rat Attack had a camera on the boat but he was too fast and pulled away.

Sam Hughes and Brendon Cornes shared the drives in Total Chaos and won the Moult Gold Cup and King of the Harbour Trophy's.

Images from the testing and Morning races in a Gallery


3rd April 2013 - Manukau-Auckland Speedboat Club

All go for the Manukau Regatta in just under 2 weeks and the long term forecast isn't too bad either.

42 Davies Road
Wellsford 0900
Yvonne Thorburn
Ph (09) 423 7781
Mobile 027 355 2410
Email: yvonnemullins@xtra.co.nz

2nd April 2013 - Town & Country NZPBA Nationals

Heat 1 of the 2013 NZPBA F1 Title

There should be more Videos uploaded to Julian Stilwell's Youtube Page over the next few days.

31st March 2013 - Town & Country NZPBA Nationals

Congratulations to the Anthony Robinson and Design Windows Team for winning the 2012/2013 NZF1 Power Boat Tour

Anthony drove well was pushed hard by Promt Parts in all 3 races.
Design Windows took a 1st, 2nd, 1st and Pole to win both the Round and overall championship.
Promt Parts took a 2nd, 1st, 2nd for second in the Round and 3rd Overall.
Scott Construction took 3rd in the round and came second overall.
Acceleration on Water came 4th in the round and 4th overall.
KS Builders came 5th in the round and finished 6th overall

Bit Overcast today and it is a Clubday regatta numbers are down by about half on yesterday.

Heat one of the NZF1 Powerboat Tour was just won by Anthony Robinson in Design Windows. He also won the hot Laps so collected another 50pts for that as well. Second was Luke Sharp in Promt Parts , Julian Stilwell in Scott Construction who got in trouble on turn one with KS Builders and rounding out the field was Acceleration on Water. Still at least one more heat to go in that series.

The Class racing is proving a lot of fun. 3 GP's still here running Annihilator lost an engine yesterday and is not competing.

Internet was pretty terrible all day kept coming and going ,mostly going.

Clubmans made up there own Handicapping to try and make things Interesting for the Class and it was good racing.

King of the River
1st Ken Lupton Cheetah
2nd Raymond Hart The Boss
3rd Warwick Lupton ARB
4th Richard Sommerville KS Builders
5th Chris Henderson Ballz Out
6th Mike Harvey Aquanaut.

Pictures from Sundays Clubday added to the Gallery

30th March 2013 - Town & Country NZPBA Nationals

The Andrew Conner Outrageous and Quentin Keene Just Add Water Boats came from Southland and had fun.

Results Just In from the Officials but some points are still wrong but the Top 3 places will be in order.


1st Andrew Macbeth Ab Marine 800pts
2nd Andrew Morris The Judge 600pts
3rd Andrew Railton Mad Dog 500pts
4th Phillip Hoskyn Pincoya 296pts
5th Wayne Wells Sonic the Hedgehog 240pts
6th Quentin Keene Just Add Water 190pts
7th Georgia Crowle Pocket Rocket 127pts
8th Andrew Conner Outrageous 106pts
9th Brian Nichol White Lightning 80 pts
10th Melissa Railton Venom 30pts

Formula V

1st Peter Crowle 800pts
2nd Andrew Morris The Judge 600pts
3rd Quentin Keene 450pts

Formula One

1st Julian Stilwell Scott Construction 700pts
2nd Luke Sharp Promt Parts 700pts
3rd Philip Stilwell Acceleration on Water 384pts
4th Anthony Robinson 225pts
5th Richard Sommerville 127pts
Julian won by a time of 9 seconds

Modified Hydroplane

1st Allan Ballantyne Rage 800pts
2nd Brody Mathieson RJS 600pts
3rd Wayne Wells Bugga 450pts
4th Cliff Jordan Summer wine 338pts
5th Brent Frampton Fast FWD 254pts
6th Ricky Mitchell Burnt Offerings 95pts

King of the Nationals

1st Ken Lupton Cheetah
2nd Raymond Hart The Boss
3rd Richard Sommerville KS Builders

Canadian Trophy
1st New Brighton Power Boat Club 2325pts.
2nd Lake Dunstan Power Boat Club 1725pts.
3rd Southland Powerboat Club 1700pts.
4th Rotoiti Power Boat Club 1225pts
5th Manukau/Auckland Speedboat Club 1000pts.
6th Wanganui Motor Boat Club 700pts.
7th Manawatu Power Boat Club 600pts.
8th Lake Kaniere Yacht & Powerboat Club 450pts.
They didn't Mention the Manawatu Power Boat Club at Prizegiving but we belong in at least 7th place!


Series 3000

1st Richard Kennett Interceptor 700pts
2nd Nathan Marshall Growler 625pts
3rd Clark Powell Madaz 394 pts
4th Robbie Stewart Shogun 300pts

Pro Stock

1st Paul Burtenshaw Provocative 800pts
2nd Nathan Marshall Growler 300pts
3rd Clark Powell Madaz 225pts

Pro Com

1st Paul Burtenshaw Provocative 800pts
2nd Carl Ryan Whatever 525pts
3rd John Ryan Dancing Bear Too 384pts
4th Ben Ryan Dancing Bear 300pts
5th Craig Stevenson 254pts
6th Richard Smith Balistic 169pts

Mod VP

1st Mark Dawson Velocity 800pts
2nd Chris Henderson Ballz Out 600pts
3rd Peter Crowle Uncomfortably Numb 450pts

Formula Three.

1st Georgia Crowle Bad Daughter 800pts
2nd Andrew Macbeth AB Marine 600pts
3rd Andrew Railton Mad Dog 394pts

Grand National Hydroplane

1st Mike Harvey Aquanaut 800pts
2nd Brody Mathieson RJS 600pts
3rd Alistair Gorrie Thunderstruck 394pts

points round?
1st Ken Lupton Cheetah 800pts
2nd Raymond Hart The Boss 525pts
3rd David Alexander Annihilator 169pts

Last weeks GP won by David Alexander all I know about that result.


30th March 2013 - Town & Country NZPBA Nationals
Nice morning with no wind should be a good day. Will just add some info as we go through the day to here.

Testing going on at the moment then its F1 hot laps. then they kick on into the programme. Clubmans first race up. F1 Power Boat tour is running there two tour races in the morning session then in the afternoon they will run the two heats of the National Title. Might be able to do updates when the GP Support races are on as they will take up a lot of time launching and getting going.

Programme's changed a bit already .Will get a spreadsheet update from the Ryan's later in the day they will also put this on there Facebook Page.

Unofficial results
Clubmans Heat One
1st AB Marine
2nd The Judge
3rd Mad Dog
4th Pincoya
5th Pocket Rocket
Unsure of the rest

Series 3000 1

1st Interceptor
2nd Shogun
3rd Growla
4th Madaz

Pro Stock 1
1st Provocative
2nd The Toy
Bavarian dns

Mod H 1
1st Rage
2nd RJS/Meridian
3rd Bugga
4th Summer Wine
5th Fast Fwd
6th Burnt Offerings
Foreno Tapware DNF

Formula 3 1
1st Bad Daughter
2nd AB Marine
3rd Mad Dog
4th Pincoya
5th Sonic the Hedgehog
unsure on the rest

Formula One Changed programme this is heat one of the Nationals
1st Scott Construction
2nd Promt Parts
3rd Design Windows
4th KS Builders
5th Acceleration on Water

Pro Com 1
1st Provocative
2nd Whatever
3rd Dancing Bear Too
4th Balistic
5th Kaos
Dancing Bear DNF

FV 1
1st Uncomfortably Numb
2nd The Judge
3rd Just Add Water
4th White Heat

1st Aquanaut
2nd Rage?
3rd RJS/Meridian
4th Thunderstruck
5th Bugga
6th Fast Fwd

Mod VP 1
1st Velocity
2nd Ballz Out
3rd Uncomfortably Numb

Lunch 12.50pm
GP's did a demo race with Warwick Lupton Breaking down Ken Lupton in 1st, David Alexander 2nd and Raymond Hart 3rd.

Some good racing in most classes in Clubmans its pretty close between most bats but AB Marine has a good setup and is humming. Andrew Morris in the brand new boat The Judge is next best. Mad Dog has passed Pincoya on the outside twice on the last lap. cant say much about the others as i don't have mirrors.

They have said we are only allowed to run in two classes so the clubmans split into two groups to make sure the F3 and FV can run there Championship. Rage though got to run in GP Nationals and today in ModH and GNH go figure?

Formula One have yet to have there second heat.

Pro Stock are down to two boats after Bavarian broke an il Pump going out to the start line.

Pro Com will be a battle for second place with Provocative being unbeatable

Mod H is all Rage and GNH is all Aquanaut.

Should be back into it shortly. 1.05pm.


Long delay to much on sorry.

Clubmans 2
1st AB Marine
2nd The Judge
3rd Mad Dog
4th Sonic the Hedgehog
5th Pincoya
Rest unsure off

Series 3000
1st Interceptor
2nd Growla
3rd Madaz
Shogun DNF

GP Support race 1st cheetah,2nd boss, 3rd ARB, 4th Annihilator

Prostock 2
1st Provocative
2nd Growla
3rd Madaz

F1 2
1st Promt Parts
2nd Scott Construction
3rd Acceleration on Water
KS Buildings crashed into Design Windows while lining up for the beach start putting both boats out of the race.

Mod H 2
1st Rage
2nd RJS/Meridian
3rd Bugga
4th Summer Wine
5th Fast FWD

Formula 3 2
1st Bad Daughter
2nd AB Marine
4th Mad Dog
5th Sonic the Hedgehog
6th Buzz
7th Outrageous
8th Pincoya

Pro Com
1st Provocative
2nd Dancing Bear
3rd Whatever
4th Dancing Bear Too
5th Kaos

1st Aquanaut
2nd Rage
3rd RJS/Meridian
4th Thunderstruck
5th Bugga
6th Fast Fwd

FV 2
1st Uncomfortably Numb
2nd The Judge
3rd Just Add Water
4th White Heat

Mod VP
1st Velocity
2nd Ballz Out
3rd Uncomfortably Numb

King of the River
1st Cheetah
2nd The Boss
3rd KS Builders
4th Dancing Bear
5th Velocity
6th Ballz Out

4.30pm Racing Over
will try to get some results wont do the points as there are some protests that i know about and maybe some DQ's coming. Will do some more info shortly might try a picture or two but wont have a good internet until i make it back to my tent in the campground.

29th March 2013 - Town & Country NZPBA Nationals

Renegade was humming the boat had been off the water for awhile and had an LS1 Motor put into it, but sadly it ripped the rudder out of the transom and ended up drifting onto the bank where it was later picked up by a crane.

Testing and scrutineering took place today about half the boats took the time to go out on the water. Wind was a bit too much for some but should be better tomorrow. Receptions a bit slow at the lake, hopefully they will let the results go up before prizegiving otherwise you may have to wait until Sunday for results.

27th March 2013 - Town & Country NZPBA Nationals

The Boss on Display in front of the mall complex at Cromwell

Things are starting to fall together for the race organizers and the small group of club members whom are making the regatta possible. Saturday will be a pretty busy day for all involved. Racers will be asked to park in Class groups to ensure easy communication over race grids and start times. It will also enable the starter a better view to see all the entries are n the water and generally help the day run quickly and smoothly

If anyone is stuck for Accommodation please contact:
Race Convener
Peter Crowle
Email: pl.rlcrowle@vodafone.co.nz
03 4453134
0274 905786
328 Cairnmuir Road

There is a meet the Sponsors event at the Pisa Range Complex on Thursday night. Any and all Boaties are welcome to attend to help promote the sport to the sponsors on behalf of the Lake Dunstan Club. Without these Sponsors we wouldn't be having a regatta to race at.

Pisa Range is just out of town on the road to Wanaka about 5 minutes or so up the road fronting the lake.


25th March 2013 - Town & Country NZPBA Nationals

Weathers not too bad for the weekend, they keep promising rain but it never seems to come down here. Full Entry List is now on the Lake Dunstan Page. 46 Boats Have entered the Regatta with a number also entering in other classes as well.

Be in and around Cromwell all week might see some displays by boats somewhere. Pretty full on weekend in this area for motorsports with Speedway, Circuit Racing and Jet Sprints all on the calendar.

If anyone is stuck for Accommodation please contact:
Race Convener
Peter Crowle
Email: pl.rlcrowle@vodafone.co.nz
03 4453134
0274 905786
328 Cairnmuir Road

Internet speed at the lake is pretty slow well try to do some updates during the day of racing. My boats just here to make up the numbers looking at the field cant see me doing better than second last. Hopefully there's handicap racing on Sunday to make the trip worth it.


24th March 2013 - NZPBA GP Queenstown

Lap two The Boss takes Annihilator for second on the Inside.

Heat one of the NZPBA National GP Title. (no Official results in these reports)
Raymond Hart in The Boss started on the outside had had to wait till lap two before taking David Alexander on the Inside and immediately started to haul in Ken Lupton but spun out on the top turn. He re fired but limped back to the Pits fr a DNF.

Alan Ballantyne in Rage ran about half a lap back in last place found it a bit bouncy by the looks.
Warwick Lupton in Annihilator Race Boats kept The Boss at bay on the outside for a lap and just drove around in 3rd didn't seem to push it at all.
David Alexander in Annihilator had a huge flying run from the behind the start boat and turned into the first turn first but Cheetah went by and came out of turn two in first.
Ken Lupton in Cheetah lead from the second turn and the only challenger was going to be The Boss whom Spun out on Lap 3 might have been a close finish otherwise.

The Support race was the F3 Whiplash who was 3rd, Meridian in second almost half a lap back from the Turbine Jetboat U777 who lapped the little F3. The Jet Boats fast in a straight line but the tunnel hull doesn't turn very well.

Second Support Race saw the Jetboat trying to pass Meridian on the Outside for the whole race right up until the last lap when it looked like Brody gave him a hosing down and the jetboat slowed to a stop, but had time to restart and finish ahead of Whiplash.

Totally Hot has just been doing test laps all day to fill in time by the looks.

May be another support race then Heat two later on. Crowds are sparse may have been put off by the lack of action yesterday. Only a couple of lite showers Today although it looks pretty grim further down.

Heat two of the NZPBA GP National Title.

The Boss led all the way with ease after getting the inside running from the first corner

David Alexander way ahead of the flag caused the starter to bring them around again. for a second try.
Ken Lupton on the outside had to try and get around David he eventually switched to the inside and got passed on Lap 2 but immediately broke down.
Rage ran in last place the whole race a good 3/4 lap back
David Alexander was third the boat runs too wide to be competitive lucky others break down.
Warwick Lupton came in Second after passing David on the inside.
Raymond Hart wasn't troubled at the front but if Cheetah had not broken down it could have been a good finish.

Unofficial Results 2013 NZPBA GP Title
1st = David Alexander "Annihilator" 625pts..
1st = Warwick Lupton "Annihilator Race Boats" 625pts.
3rd = Raymond Hart "The Boss" 400pts.
3rd = Ken Lupton "Cheetah" 400pts
5th Alan Ballantyne "Rage" 338pts.
1st & 3rd place would have to be decided on race times may hear the result later in the week.

23rd March 2013 - Queenstown

Pretty quiet day for Racing with just one demonstration race for 3 GP's Annihilator, Annihilator Race Boats, The Boss and the Design Windows Tunnel. The Tunnel broke down in race 1 and the GP boats just cruised around side by side. They also did some test laps. Cheetah only got out late in the day.

Last race they had all 4 GP's plus Rage and the Jet Boat. the Jet boat got dusted on the start probably looking for somewhere to hide to stop the spray from the rooster tails going into the Turbine. Rage started and stopped and then started again got Lapped. Cheetah stormed out to the front Annihilator Pulled out. Annihilator Race Boats was second but The Boss easily passed him on the inside of the top turn and started to reel in Cheetah but ran out of laps.

Two Support Races with Rage winning both of them ahead of the U777 Turbine Jet Boat, with Meridian 3rd and the F3 Whiplash 4th, Totally Hot started the second race and got 4th ahead of Whiplash in 5th.

Locals think the weather may be dicey for tomorrow

13th March 2013 - NZPBA Nationals

The Nationals are just over two weeks away and so far 37 Boats have entered the Regatta. 6 Boats are making the trip from the North Island.

Hopefully more entries are expected soon and some of the classes will fill out a bit more.

Entries to date have been added to the Lake Dunstan Club Page

Race Convener
Peter Crowle
Email: pl.rlcrowle@vodafone.co.nz
03 4453134
0274 905786
328 Cairnmuir Road

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

11th March 2013 - Auckland/Manukau Speed Boat Club

13th & 14th

Manukau-Auckland Speedboat Club Regatta 13th & 14th April 2013
At the Mangere Bridge Course.
Featured Events:
North Island F3
North Island Juniors

Moult Gold Cup.
Trillion Cup.

42 Davies Road
Wellsford 0900
Yvonne Thorburn
Ph (09) 423 7781
Mobile 027 355 2410
Email: yvonnemullins@xtra.co.nz

Auckland/Manukau Entry Form

11th March 2013 - Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club

Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club Clubdays.
Another 30 images have been added to the Gallery page Thanks to Rochelle Dennis for supplying these.

Image Gallery

10th March 2013 - Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club

Brendon Cornes and Sam Hughes shared the Trophy's taking King f the River, JP Cup and Griffin Cup.

Saturday 9th March

Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club Clubdays.
Great Day and Venue for Racing. No Internet and very limited Cell phone coverage. Camping area is very good with two roomy clean toilets and running water. Portable Showers were supplied by the club. The Lake where we are racing is T shaped the main part of the lake is plenty big enough for GP racing. On Saturday however this part of the lake turned choppy as the wind started to blow down so the course was moved to the smaller sheltered part of the lake in front of the boat ramp. The same wind caused the rowing on Karapiro just down the river to be cancelled as well.

There was a bit of a delay in shifting the course but we got the first race underway at 1.00pm and went through 9 races in quickly to be finished by 4.15pm.

Plenty of fun races for everyone
and the the 18 boats on Saturday David Alexander ran the Annihilator Race Boat in 3 races against Total Chaos, Helter Skelter, Howzat and Challenger. Sam Hughes and Brendon Cornes were sharing the drive in Total Chaos with sam supplying the motor and Brendon the Boat.

Aftershock, Razzle Dazzle and Misty Blue were in a race group of there own and had some good races.

10 Clubmans AB Marine, Pincoya, Evil Racing, Jaffa, Envy, Outboard Marine, Spider, Anarchy, Addictive and NotAlotofBucks were in group 3. Ironically the start boat was causing a few problems on the start by going to slow, but once underway there was some pretty close racing going on and a lot of the boats have improved vastly over the season to be a lot more even in speed. Next year should see even more boats out on the water.

Challenger came out for a play not seen on the water for a couple of years. It went great on testing but in the first race it overheated and while pulling out of the race and getting out of everyone's way he went way to close to the shore ripped the transom out from the boat.


Envy gets passed by Spider with Pincoya in behind.


David Alexander leads from Nigel Zander and Scott Coker.
Sunday 9th March

Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club Clubdays.

JP Cup Brendon Cornes "Total Chaos"

Griffin Cup Sam Hughes"Total Chaos"

Sullivan Cup Top points in Hydroplane Jack Lupton "Annihilator Race Boats"

Dam to Dam Cup Nigel Zander "Helter Skelter"

Drag Cup Brett Mercer "Aftershock"

Jim Miller Trophy Top points Series 3000 Noeline Steiner"Misty Blue"

Bugga Trophy Mark Probyn "Challenger"

100 Cubic Inch Cup Presented to Top Points in Clubmans Andrew Macbeth"AB Marine"

Lake D Trophy for most Improved Driver Shaun Smith "Envy"

Best Presented Boat "Outboard Marine" Codi Francis.

Racing took place on the Big part of the Lake in Perfect Conditions. A bit of effort to move the course again but thanks to the Rescue Boats and all the Members crewing them they soon had it ready to go and racing was underway by 11am.

Clubmans had two boats out due to Mechanical issues but the two Team 13 Hydroplanes of Brodie and Steve Mathieson were on hand to race today.

Jack Lupton Raced in the Annihilator Race Boat Today in the Hydroplane Class. Steve Mathieson had received his New Prop Shaft and managed to make the racing for Sunday.

The Clubmans were a lot closer today with Many Boats swapping props trying get some of the slower boats up to speed. The Last two races were very tight with 5 boats dicing for the lead and all finishing within meters of each other.

The Flattie's/Tunnel boat Race was a bit spread out. A Local School Auctioned off a Ride in a race Boat and Brett Mercer in Aftershock took the lucky man out in a race

The Club wants to Thank all those who took part both running and racing in the Two days and hope to make a regular Regatta at the Lake

Image Gallery


The Club were able to present a wide assortment of Trophies that have not been presented fr some time.


Brendon Cornes presented with the JP Cup for winning the last Race of the Day. This Trophy was gifted to the club by the Pooley Family whom lost their Son Jordan whom sadly Drowned in the Lake in 2011 after a Boating Mishap.


The New Trophy awarded to Mark Probyn for his unfortunate Damage suffered to his Boat.


NZPBA Boats from the Smallest to the Biggest were on hand to Support Cambridge/Waikato Club.

7th March 2013 - Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club

Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club Clubdays.
March 9th - 10th
Lake Arapuni Landing, (near) Putararu.

The Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club wish to thank those whom have entered with 20 boats confirmed.

Camping allowed $10 per night to cover the cost of toilets and showers.

Weathers going to be awesome.


4th March 2013 - You Tube Videos

Heat 1 of the 2013 Matt Morrison Memorial

Heat 3 NZF1 Power Boat Tour Tauranga

3rd March 2013 - Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club

There have been very few Entries for this Clubs Regatta. Lots of People are saying they will be going but few have actually entered. If you want to race on what is a great lake suitable for all class of Boats and help support this Clubs Event then you Need pick up the Phone now and contact The Club or one of its Members.
P O Box 66
Cambridge 3450
Ingrid Custer
Ph (07) 827 7470
Mobile 021 1373137

Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club Clubdays.
March 9th - 10th
Lake Arapuni Landing, (near) Putararu.

The Cambridge/Waikato Power Boat Club wish to Invite all Boaties to there Clubday at Lake Arapuni on March 9th - 10th. This is the first Racing weekend the Club has held in a number of Years. In Previous years the Club has restricted itself to running Kilo Time Trials.

P O Box 66
Cambridge 3450
Ingrid Custer
Ph (07) 827 7470
Mobile 021 1373137
Email: kiwicuster@hotmail.co.nz

Cambridge/Waikato Entry Form


3rd March 2013 - Wellington Power Boat Club 3.30pm

All over at Wellington
Kent Dunlop won the Peter Palmer Memorial in rough conditions which saw the only the skiffs out racing. Adam Parker was leading until he spun on a corner on lap 3, up until then it was a very good race with Kent Dunlop, Ben Ryan and Adam.
The Clubmans went out in some big swells a couple of boats pulled out and the rest just drove as quiet as they could to finish.

3rd March 2013 - Wellington Power Boat Club 1.50pm

Very brief lunch update.
Only the 3 handicap races run so far today before the wind picked up and blew down the course, they might can it soon or wait for the tide to turn and then run the Peter Palmer Memorial.

3rd March 2013 - Wellington Power Boat Club

Another great day in store for racing high tide around 1.30pm so a late start in store.

Matt Morrison Memorial
1st Kent Dunlop "Razors Edge"
2nd Mike Denham "Inject the Venom"
3rd Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"
4th Ben Ryan "Dancing Bear"
5th Ian Warmington "Razzle Dazzle"
6th Richard Smith "Balistic"
7th Jeff Robinson "Bavarian"
Heat one and Gary Gregory in Broad Minded leapt out to lead but broke down on the top turn and was out for the day. John Ryan was another to lose an engine on lap one also putting him out for the day. Ian Warmington was running very well as he moved up from last after making a meal of the start to finish 4th. Ben Ryan and Mike Denham had good battle all race to finish 2nd and 3rd but neither were a match for Kent Dunlop in Razors Edge. the Race was stopped after Kent crossed the line when Adam Parker had a flame out.

Heat Two and just the 7 boats starting Kent once again dominated the race with the big boat going very quick. Adam Parker held off Mike Denham they were both fighting hard for changing positions the whole race. Richard Smith held off Ian Warmington for 4th place.

9 Boats were on hand for Racing and they got in 4 races in the day and all the boaties enjoyed themselves. Ross Ledger only had the two races before he went back to work and Kieran Buttimore had his throttle fall to bits and missed 3 races but we worked on the boat and its going for Sundays racing. Tony Arthur tipped out of his boat in the third race but they have got that going for sunday races as well. The Course was just the right with the race organiser's consulting the races and setting out the course to suit. Mad Dog Maddi had 2 wins and a 2nd but couldnt restart the rerun 3rd race as his boat took in too much water while sitting out on the track waiting for Buzz to be salvaged. Pincoya was hooking up nicely a different engine and a slightly bigger stock prop making a difference in topline speed, Cornering is a lot more lively too. Lookout was also trying new props and is going faster as well. Spider, Anarchy and Rampage were going well and hope to make some changes to improve performance.
  North Island UU
1st Philip Stilwell "Acceleration on Water"
2nd Ian Warmington "Razzle Dazzle"
3rd Alan Ballantyne "Rage"
4th Rodney Wood "Scorpion"
5th Adam Parker "Heat Seeker"

Heat one Philip had to deal with Alan on lap one and the tunnel was able take the inside advantage and held off the tunnel to win. Rodney was able to finish 4th just behind Alan. Adam beat home Ian for 4th.

Heat Two only three boats started Philip cruised off to win with Adam 2nd and Ian 3rd. Adam was DQ after the race because he came in before the Yellow flag was put out.

North Island GNH
1st Alan Ballantyne "Rage"
2nd Rodney Wood "Scorpion"
3rd Alan James "Dundeel"
4th Brent Frampton "Fast FWD"
5th Brenden Hall "Foreno Tapware"

Heat one Rage was holding off Scorpion and won the race. Dundeel was in a race of his own in 3rd place. Foreno Tapware held off Fast Fwd to come 4th

Heat Two and Rage lost turbo boost and had no option but to roll to a stop and wait for the pressure to rebuild he then drove well to pull in and pass the field but had no answer for Scorpion who won by half a lap. Dundeel was once again in a race by himself in third and Fast Fwd managed to beat home Foreno Tapware. Just one second separated Rage and Scorpion in the decision for the title.

added from Saturdays Racing

2nd March 2013 - Wellington Power Boat Club

4.00pm and there's a break for a wedding over the Harbour at Aotea Lodge.
unofficially Kent Dunlop won the Matt Morrison Memorial with Mike Denham in 2nd a great result for the Manawatu Club

Philip Stilwell in Acceleration on Water won the NI UU title winning both heats with ease

NI GNH points are equal with Rodney Wood in Scorpion and Allan Ballantyne in Rage will have the full results later this evening.

Tony Arthur in Buzz fell out of his boat in one of the clubmans races it was right in front of me at the time and very slow motion spin then tipped over he's fine and the boat should be going by tomorrow.

They want me to wait until after prizegiving to upload the Results.

2nd March 2013 - Wellington Power Boat Club

Very brief lunch update.
25 Boats have showed up to today's regatta. The Matt Morrison Memorial has just had Heat 1 run with 9 starters Broad Minded stormed out in front before breaking down on lap one. John Ryan went out in on lap one as well. Razors Edge took over the lead and held it to the end ahead of Mike Denham and Adam Parker but the race was stopped as Kent crossed the line for exhaust flames from Adams boat. results are up in the air. Clubmans had a race won by Bayden Sprozen over Buzz and Dire Straits with Pincoya 4th and unsure of the placing's for the other 5 boats behind me.
Will update the rest of the day after racing tonight.

12th February 2013 - NZPBA Nationals

Easter Weekend 30th & 31st March 2013


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