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30/3/2011 - Clubmans Video

Click the You Tube image to go to a 1 minute clip of Clubmans Racing from the Southland Power Boat Club. Footage supplied by Royce Baxter and Cue Television.
The Club is holding the South Island Clubmans Championship this Sunday April 3rd for those interested go along to the Clubrooms on the Oreti River.

25/3/2011 - Lake Kaniere Yacht & Power Boat Club

Lake Kaniere Easter Regatta
23rd & 24th April 2011

Saturday 24th April South Island GN, Mod VP, FV, F2, Pro Com and U/U Titles.
Handicap Racing and Scratch Racing including Kaniere Electric Cup for top 10 Fastest Boats and Top Notch Trophy for next 10 Fastest Boats.
Kilos will be held from 9am on Sunday 24th April.

Prizegiving and Barbeque will be held at the conclusion of Racing on Saturday at the Clubrooms please advise the club of numbers so appropriate quantities of Food can be arranged.

Entries close on 9th April 2011, Please send in your Entry as soon as possible, any entry after this date will be charged an extra $20.
P.O. Box 143
Colin Stevenson
PH (03) 755 6351
Mobile 027 656 9409

Click Image to Go to lake Kaniere Yacht & Power Boat Club Page for more Information.

24/3/2011 - Lakeland Power Boat Club
Lake Ngakuru Closing Day
16th & 17th April 2011

The Lakeland Club would like to remind everyone that The Club would appreciate all entries in by April 2nd so that they can confirm there will be enough Boats to Hold the Weekend.
Camping is of course available at the the lake for a small donation. The campground has Toilets and a Gas Barbeque.
Secretary Noeline Steiner
PH (07) 886 8968
Fax (07) 886 9968
Mobile 027 869 644
Email: Noeline Steiner

23/3/2011 - Video 2011 Bob Dunlop Memorial

Click the You Tube image to go to the Kiwi V Drive Video clips Page. So far the Bob Dunlop Memorial has been uploaded and in the days to come more Video will be added.

21/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta

Click on the Image to see a few Photos from Yesterday of the Gold Cup regatta.
Unfortunately the Onboard Camera for videos is at the bottom of the River so no Videos from there but as soon as we can we hope to get some Video links up from those there whom post on Youtube.

20/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 6.00pm

Left - Right Gold Cup Winner Steve Hughes, Bob Dunlop Winner Steve Denham & Carl Augustine Winner Steve Mathieson.

20/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 4.50pm

The Finish of the 40th Manawatu Gold Cup Steve Hughes leading home Sam Hughes with Steve Denham in the Background

The Club today ran 13 races in great weather and one of the largest crowds the club has seen for a number of years. The Club couldn't have done it with out the help of its Sponsors and it sincerely thanks all those Sponsors that are listed on the Regatta Page. We will put up some images on the Gallery later Tonight or Tomorrow some time.

20/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 4.15pm
Just a quick update.

Heat 1 of the Goldcup qualifying and Stealth won the race from Instigator and Razzle Dazzle with Lucky Break coming home 4th. Unfortunately Razors Edge again came to a stop on Lap 2.

Heat Two of the Goldcup Qualifying The Situation lead home Venom and The Phantom and Dancing Bear were very close in the 3rd place battle and while they were very close Dancing Bear was unlucky to miss out on being the fastest 6 boats. Final Justice came in 5th and Evil Racing was 6th.

40th Gold Cup Race 3 laps on the long course and Instigator could not get his boat to fire and so only 5 Race starters in the Gold Cup. Steve Hughes in Stealth drew the lucky Pole Position giving him an advantage starting 2nd was Ian Warmington in Razzle Dazzle in 3rd was supposed to be Jamie Hargreaves in Instigator, in 4th was Steve Denham in Venom, 5th was Sam Hughes in The Situation and starting on the outside was Jamie Knight in The Phantom.

Steve Hughes lead to the first turn with his son Sam on the outside of him. Steve Denham claimed himself 3rd spot ahead of Jamie Knight and Ian Warmington. Sam Hughes was pushing very hard in an effort to keep up with Steve Hughes and the racing was quite good between these two over the 3 laps. Steve in Stealth though showed that having the pole line was of an advantage and took the win over Sam Hughes with Steve Denham half a straight back in 3rd, In 4th place was the Phantom with Razzle Dazzle coming home in 5th.

Racing for the Day has just Finished and Prizegiving is due at 5.00pm so we will chip in and pull down the race site then get into prizegiving.

20/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 2.50pm
Just a quick update.
Bob Dunlop Memorial was won by Steve Denham in Venom the first two laps Richard Smith was flying in Balistic for the first two laps with a good lead until something let go in the Engine in a battle for 2nd it came down to Dancing bear and Razzle dazzle with razzle Dazzle just holding off Dancing Bear in 4th Place was Jason Buttimore in Lucky Break and Star Trax coming home 5th.

Ross Knight Memorial a good race between Scorpion and the Phantom with the Phantom having better turning he beat Scorpion whom delighted in making the crowd on the bank very wet. In third was Midnight followed by Tempo Too.

20/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 1.00pm

Sally Nagel Memorial Winner Paul Robertson in Going Going Gone.
There were 7 starters in the race but Favourite Midnight got into bother on the Start after he nose dived of the top of someone's wake and flooded his Engine. Armageddon failed to fire for the 3rd time today so he missed the start. Going Going Gone and Tempo Too were battling for the lead up to Lap 3 when Tempo Too broke down and stopped. Fast Fwd driven by Soren Hall couldn't get on the plane and came home last. Noeline Stiener driving in back to back races was delighted to come in 2nd with Brooster coming home a distant 4th.
The Bob Dunlop was split into two 4 boat heats to find the fastest 6 for the Final which will be after lunch.
Kent Dunlop went out in Heat one after two laps the boat just isn't sounding good. and Wasted Nights has had to pull out so the 6 Boats left are all in the Final
The Finalists in the Bob Dunlop due to start soon are in Pole order:
Dancing Bear
Star Trax
Lucky Break
Razzle Dazzle

20/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 9.30am

Kent Dunlop has Razors Edge ready to go, they fired up the engine last night after spending the last two weeks sourcing New Parts. Weather it runs well today though is a bit of a mystery. Rodney Wood is here in Scorpion and the 3 Tunnels Instigator, Stealth and The Situation are also here.

The weather is absolutely perfect with a Fog burning off, no wind at all and the sun coming out should be an awesome day for all. Misty Blue is going out for a Test and Noeline will be it Racing Today.
Update at Lunch time about 1.00pm and again after the Racing is finished.

19/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 6.45pm

Click on the Image to see a few Photos from Today we will have to work on some video as well hopefully the onboard camera footage isn't too bad.

19/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 3.45pm

Steve Mathieson won the Carl Augustine Challenge Trophy from Tony Arthur in Fast Forward. Tracy Gapper in Tempo Too failed to get going when the Starter Motor failed. and Hamish Buttimore in Wild Thing broke down while under the Start Boat a long tow from the other side of the Bridge.

Allan Stiener in Misty Blue took a tumble on the Final turn of the Second Heat in the North Island Series 3000. Allan has a knock to the knee and was taken to hospital for an X-ray. The Boats just been fired up and it may be that Noeline gets to race tomorrow. The 2nd Heat of the Series 3000 was declared and with Bruce Packer taking another 2nd placing he is the North Island Champ from hamish Buttimore in Wildthing. in 3rd = on points were Misty Blue and Going Going Gone but the 3rd place goes to Going Going Gone on Race Time.

They had Race 6 which was a handicap and Steve Hughes in Stealth who showed up just after Lunch jumped into this race to give the boat a run, However water conditions proved to be too rough and he just cruised home in 4th place Star Trax showed up as well and despite having a crack in the bore is here to Race. Dean Probyn in Lucky Break pulled out due to the water leaving Dancing Bear to pip Balistic on the post and Evan White came in 3rd.

They had a break for about half an hour and then let the drivers decide if they wanted to continue and with 8 boats putting up there hands they held one more Handicap race. Balistic came home 1st ahead of Final Justice and Brooster who lead up till the final Turn. next in was Midnight and the Phantom and Evil Racing with Soren Hall in Fast Fwd coming home 7th and Star Trax
not finishing due to a misunderstanding about the finish line being on the Back Straight.

Racing is Over for the Day and its back tomorrow for the Gold Cup.

19/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 1.15pm

The South Island Boys Ben Ryan in Dancing Bear and Richard Smith in Balistic went well in there first Handicap race.

Race 1 was a Hydroplane Handicap with Midnight sitting out after a problem in his timed lap. Fast Fwd started on Go and was flying down the first straight but seems to struggle after making the turn to get on the plane again. he was overtaken on the very last corner by Jamie Knight in The Phantom who started on 1.16. Tempo Too then piped him on the Line to come 2nd.

Race 3 North Island Series 3000. Misty Blue and Going Going Gone raced side by side and on lap 1 Misty Blue got very out of shape and let Going Going Gone get a 50 yard lead going into the turn on Lap two Misty Blue was going to cut to the inside of Going Going Gone whom promptly stalled creating a very near miss. Misty Blue went on to win with ease over Brooster and Wild Thing.

Race 3 a great Handicap Race with 7 starters Evil Racing on go, Final Justice on 28, Balistic and Dancing Bear on 40, Lucky Break, razzle Dazzle and Wasted Nights on 48 and Venom on 52. a lot of Boats made the water quite rough and Craig Henwood in the Jet Boat was looking quite spectacular on the Water he was pulled in by Final Justice on the last lap with Venom also catching him. Razzle Dazzle was also looking very fast as he pulled in Dancing Bear and Balistic.

19/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 9.45am

The Clock works fine thanks to Lakeland Club for bringing it down. Baxter's Catering are setting up shop and the river is flat. Unfortunately the wind is blowing not enough to affect racing although it might upset the Tunnels but they wont show up until tomorrow anyway. Its overcast at the moment but the sun is trying to poke through and the wind is supposed to die down.

Plenty of handicap Racing to get through today as well as the Carl Augustine Race. Right now everyone is finishing off the Scrutineering and then Drivers Briefing and into the Racing.

Updates today will be at Lunch Time about 1.00pm and after the Racing. I cant do it during the Racing as I'm also the Flag Man.

18/3/2011 - Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta 1.15pm

The Marquee is up and the Chiller is powered up ready to go. The Race Control is all set up just waiting on the speakers and clock to arrive from the Lakeland Club.
Its a great day for racing today sunny skies and good water absolutely no wind at all at the moment except of course as we put up the marquee it blew a bit. shame we are not on the water today to be fair. Looks like being a great weekend as well with the Hughes Family coming here with both boats making 12 boats competing in the Goldcup so there will be two heats of 6 boats each to decide the Top 6 in the Final. These will be the Fastest Six Race Times so all boats will have to go flat out to the finish line to make sure they qualify.
Check out the 40th Manawatu Gold Cup Regatta Page for a bit more Information.

10/3/2011 - Clubmans Class

The SI Clubmans Championship will be held on April 3rd on the Oreti River in Invercargill. A Rainout date is set aside for April 17th.

There are 7 registered Clubmans Boats in Southland and next season there are plans for more. Many in the class at the moment started as Junior Drivers and have progressed to the Clubmans Class using the same boat. The Southland Club has some Boats that can be leased and are more than willing to help out newcomers to the Sport. The class is a great way to get in to the sport at low cost and boats can reach a speed up to 60mph. Boat shapes and size can vary but the above Pictures are typical of the more popular shape from 8 to 12ft. Engines are anything up to 25hp and are completely Stock.

Manawatu Club members currently have a number of these Boats under Construction in an effort to bring the class back in the North Island and to try to encourage Junior drivers into the Sport. There have on Trade Me recently been a number of these boats listed for sale and somewhere out there sitting in sheds and backyards are many many more. If you know of any unwanted Boats please use the Contacts on the Clubmans Page

9/3/2011 - Manukau/Auckland Speed Boat Club
The Manukau/Auckland Speed Boat Club Wish to Advise that they have cancelled the Club Day set down for the 3rd of April.

6/3/2011 - Manukau/Auckland Speed Boat Club
Racing as been called off at Mangere Harbour due to the weather.

5/3/2011 - Manukau/Auckland Speed Boat Club
Racing as been underway at Mangere Harbour. There has been a few dramas with Graeme Weller's G-Force GP Boat who suffered a n engine Fire. The Rescue boat used up two Extinguishers to put it out and while the boat and driver are ok the Engine, Cowling and more importantly the Electrics all Suffered major Damage. Hopefully they have enough spare electrics to be up and running again but I wouldn't think it will be today?

North Island Formula Two Championship.(unofficial)
1st Sam Hughes "The Situation"
2nd Jamie Hargreaves "Instigator"
3rd Kevin Thorburn "Jafa"
Sam Hughes ran away with both races from the field of Too Keane Too, Jafa, Dead Keane and Instigator.
For Photos and News of the F2 Championship please visit

EC Griffith's Cup 2011 Champion Scott Coker "Fair Warning"

With only 3 boats starting the first heat and Both Annihilator 2 & 3 failing to finish Scott took the Heat 1 Win meaning all he had to do was finish Heat 2 to become the 2011 EC Griffith Cup Champion.

28/2/2011 - Manukau/Auckland Speed Boat Club
Here is an update from Manukau/Auckland Power Boat Club EC Griffith Cup Regatta, Still no word on any Entries for the Event.

Accommodation: if you are looking for something close to the race site their are still some rooms
available behind the Landing Hotel which is across from the Onehunga Wharf (walking distance to the race site) the rooms are $130 per night you can Email: if you require a room.

Meals: The Mangere Boating Club will be open for cooked breakfast from 7.30-10am ($10.00)

Lunches available during the day:
Toasted Sandwiches $3.50
Hamburgers $4.00
Chips $2.00
Pies $2.00
Assorted Filled Rolls & Sandwiches $3.50

Full bar facilities available during the day.

Prize Giving both Saturday & Sunday in the Boating Club when the event has finished for the day.

If you Haven't entered yet please do so with John Weller. Make the effort to ring at this late stage.
Secretary : John Weller
7 Cleland Crescent
Blockhouse Bay
Tel / Fax (09) 6266279
Email: John Weller

27/2/2011 - Manawatu Power Boat Club

The River on Saturday was just perfect for racing all day, Here's hoping for similar conditions in 3 weeks Time.

Thompson Contracting were assisting with the digging to lay the new Power Cable. We were going to connect it to the cable that went out to the middle of the campground but some mongrels had dug it up and ripped it out. All that remains now is for the Powerboard to show up and connect the wires to the Pole. The Water Pipes were dug up and relaid and we will have a couple of taps on that, one of which will plug into the Portable Showers. We do recommend boiling the water just for safety reasons. A third Tap will go into a Water Heater for tea and coffee.
The grass will be mowed the week before by the Farmer. We will place the Marquee in front of the ruins where the Chiller will also be located. Portaloos are supplied some of which are only for use by the Women

Please Get your Entries in as soon as possible:
Entries for the North Island Series 3000 Title close on March 5th as per rule book. If there are not 5 Series 3000 entries received by then The Club will not run this Championship.

2011 Manawatu Goldcup Regatta Entry Form
Race Secretary Rachel Gapper
Ph (06) 367 8315
Mobile 021 298 5597
Email: Rachel Gapper

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