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NZPBA News March 2012 Page
If you have any news updates please contact the Secretary , Jason Buttimore or Someone from the NZPBA on the Contacts Page.
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28/3/2012 - NZPBA Nationals

Just a week and a half out from the NZPBA Nationals regatta held at Lake Kaniere, Hokitika on April 7th & 8th and a few late entries have been added to the Entrants List.

27/3/2012 - Southland Power Boat Club Regatta Results

Photo Gallery from the Southland Regatta can be found here Thanks to Gavin Pope for putting up the Gallery and letting us use the Images.

South Island Formula Three
1st, Just Add Water,Ryan Birch (Cromwell)
2nd, Hell's Paradigm,Andrew Railton (Invercargill)
3rd, Pure Venom,Royce Baxter, (Invercargill)

South Island Modified Hydroplane
1st, Rage,Allan Ballantyne, (Riverton)
2nd, Don't Know,Shane Harvey, (Invercargill)
3rd, Fast Fwd, Tony Arthur, (Dannevirke)

South Island Formula V
1st, Just Add Water, Ryan Birch.
2nd, Hell's Paradigm, Andrew Railton.
3rd, Pure Venom, Royce Baxter.

South Island Clubmans
1st, Just Add Water, Ryan Birch.
2nd, Hell's Paradigm, Andrew Railton.
3rd, Pure Venom, Royce Baxter.

The South Island championship results are gained from two separate heats for each class,while these results look a bit repetitive they do not reflect the contest on the water to achieve them.For example in the second heat of the SI Clubmans,Quentin Keen (Invercargill) in Outrageous, while trying to overtake Hell's Paradigm on the third last corner of the race caught the wake of Just Add Water and barrel rolled going onto the straight,the boat was ok,Quentin was ok,the boat was drained, dried and going again 2 races later. A search is still going on for Quentin's pride which was the only thing injured.
In the Modified Hydroplane heats it was Rage all the way with the minor places keenly contested,Ricky Mitchell (Invercargill) in Burnt Offerings is ruing the return of some electrical gremlins,robbing him of the chance to show the true capacity of his boat.
Tony Arthur of Dannevirke in Fast Fwd went very well at times with a couple of minor problems keeping him from being consistent.
All in all a good effort by those participating in the SI championships and a great effort by the race officials and support staff in light of the sometimes trying conditions.

Sunday 25th March

Sunday dawned,well,'nuff said about that,things looked pretty grim to be able to hold the Southland Championships and the ILT Foundation supported Southland Power Boat Club King of the Oysterbeds,but then right on cue the weather here decided to head to elsewhere,water conditions improved to excellent,competitors,rescue crews,divers and officials got activities under way on time. Results are;
Southland Inboard Hydroplane Championship
1st, Rage, Allan Ballantyne
2nd, Don't Know, Shane Harvey

Southland Outboard Champion
Velocity,Mark Dawson(Inv)

Southland Clubmans Championship
1st, Just Add Water
2nd, Hell's Paradigm
3rd, Pure Venom

Southland Clubmans Sealed Handicap
1st, Hell's Paradigm
2nd, Just Add Water
3rd , Pure Venom

ILT Foundation King of the Oysterbeds
1st , Rage
2nd ,Velocity
3rd, Thunderstruck,Alistair Gorrie,(Invercargill)

The Kaye's Bakery Kilo Time Trials could not be held later in the day because of rising westerly winds blowing across the course coupled with some logs entering the course area due to the high tide.

The racing for Sunday was hard fought ,Thunderstruck at last showed some of the potential for Alistair and his crew,
Ricky Mitchell tried hard all weekend,Ryan Birch and his Dad Chris have shown us all what a damn good team they are, Andrew Railton has benefited from the loan of a decent motor from Paul Van Dijk's boat Megabyte.

Tim, Greg, Nigel, Tim, Brendan and Malcolm of the rescue team deserve a lot of praise for their efforts over the weekend as do the tower staff and all the other people who helped make a most enjoyable regatta.

27/3/2012 - Manukau/Auckland Speedboat Club Regatta Results

Masport Cup
1st Ken Lupton "Annihilator 3"
2nd Warwick Lupton "Annihilator Race Boats"
3rd Scott Coker "Fair Warning

Moult Gold
1st Ken Lupton "Annihilator 3"
2nd Warwick Lupton "Annihilator Race Boats"
3rd Scott Coker "Fair Warning"

Trillion Cup
1st Allan Steiner "Misty Blue"
2nd Daniel Pollack "Undertaker"
3rd Mike Robinson "Brayka"

Unfortunately weather again wreaked havoc with yet another regatta this season.

23/3/2012 - Southland Power Boat Club Regatta

Oreti River, Invercargill.
24th - 25th March 2012
Featured Events:
Saturday - , South Island FV
South Island
South Island ModH
South Island Formula 3.

Best of Luck to all the Competitors in the Deep South This Weekend

22/3/2012 - Video Clip

Clip of some of the Boats racing at Karapiro this year.

19/3/2012 - Manukau/Auckland Speedboat Club Regatta

Less than a week to go before Manukau Auckland’s Masport Cup Regatta.
Feature Races:
Masport Cup
North Island Grand National
Trillion Cup
Moult Gold Cup

Set up for the event will be Friday from 10am onwards; security will be onsite Friday and Saturday night if you wish to leave your boats at the race site.
Meals: The Mangere Boating Club will be open Friday night (No meals)
Breakfast available Saturday & Sunday from 7.30 – 9.30am $12.00
Food available during the day in the club.
Saturday night meal buffet dinner $15.00.
Music 7pm until 11.00pm

19/3/2012 - Rotoiti Regatta

Only a few Results available.
King of the Lake
1st Steve Pope The Vatican
2nd Mathew Pope Bad Obsession
3rd Jeff Price Lone Wolf

Arthur McCaa Trophy
1st Luke Sharp Promt Parts

South Island UU

1st Luke Sharp Promt Parts
2nd Jeff Price Lone Wolf
3rd Ben Ryan Dancing Bear

18/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta

Onboard Video Clips from the Major Races at Wanganui can be found on the Buttimore's You Tube Page.

14/3/2012 - Rotoiti Regatta

Weathers going to be pretty good down south this weekend. The Lake is generally pretty good during the day. One of the Events featured is the F1 Powerboat Tour

Onboard Clip from Luke Sharps Promt Parts Boat during Round two of the Series at Karapiro

Best of luck to those racing on the weekend


14/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta
Thanks to Rochelle Dennis for all the Clubmans Pictures that have been added to the Gallery page.
Image Gallery
from some of the Racing.

Heat One of the Formula 3 NI Championship

  There were 8 Clubmans Boats at the Wanganui Regatta and while we only got in one Official Race by our selves on the Sunday we all had a great time and everyone learnt a lot about there Boats. We had one new boat straight off the ferry from the South Island that will be based out of Manawatu. It was promptly flipped over by Jamie Knight during a testing/demonstration drive. Boat was ok the Driver will never live it down. One of the Northern Boats that came down was sold on to a new Cambridge Driver and she is looking forward to getting out and racing. Those of us who entered into the Formula 3 race had a great time. A few Clubmans Boats from the North Island are traveling down to the Nationals

13 /3/2012 - Lakeland Power Boat Club

Lakeland Power Boat Club Closing Weekend April 21st - 22nd 2012
Lake Ohakuri, Ngakuru.

Lakeland will be holding there Closing Weekend at Ngakuru this year at the request of the Boaties whom pledged there commitment to attend during a poll at the Wanganui Regatta. Good numbers are expected.
Featured Events:
Handicap and Scratch Racing
. Camping is most welcome, there are Flushing Toilets and a Gas Barbecue but no power supply. Can get a bit Nippy at night

2012 Ngakuru Entry Form

Noeline Steiner
PH (07) 886 8968
Fax (07) 886 9968
Mobile 0276 869 644
Email: noeline.s@xtra.co.nz

More Information on the Lakeland Club Page

11/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta
  Image Gallery from some of the Racing.

Hope to get some Photos of Clubmans during the week to upload.

11/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta 4.45pm

Steve Hughes has won the King of the River with a great duel between himself and Sam Hughes. Kent Dunlop ran strong in third but didn't have the pace to match the Tunnel Boats Steve Rosewarne came home 4th and Ben Ryan broke down on the Last Lap.

The River City 3000 was taken out by Allan Steiner but he was chased very hard by new Driver Michael Robinson in Going Going Gone, Brooster took 3rd place with Brayka 4th.

Goldmist Hydro Cup was won easily by Jamie Knight in the Phantom leaving 2nd spot to a battle between Midnight, D-Tech Motorsport and Tempo Too. Midnight came 2nd with D-Tech taking out 3rd.

Despite the Delays in Racing there was a great crowd along enjoying the free racing displays. Will put up some pictures in a gallery later on tonight with any luck.

11/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta 3.30pm

Steve Rosewarne was presented the Fred Robinson Memorial Trophy on the slipway after winning the Race Today. its was a tight battle for the win with Kent Dunlop and Steve going head to head until Razors Edge cut out on the Corner on lap 3. finishing in 2nd was Ben Ryan and 3rd Jason Buttimore.

Steve Mathieson won the Carl Augustine Trophy for a record 13th time in a row from Brodie Mathieson and Tracy Gapper.

Steve Hughes cleaned up the Tunnel Boats Race beating Sam Hughes with Grant Pedder in Third driving Steve Hughes second Boat.

Still a few big Races to go as well today hope to be finished by 5.00pm

11/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta 1.00pm

We may be a able to get underway shortly now the tides done its dash upstream. Yesterday everything that went up river stayed up and didn't come back. The clubs keen to get some f the big races run and give the 5 Series 3000 boats a run they will be first up followed by the Carl Augustine

11/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta 11.00am

The Tides come in a bit too high and has brought a lot of debris up the river which makes it just to dangerous to race at the moment. Same story different day going to be long drawn out day.

10/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta 6.30pm

Racing has just finished for the day. It was a very long drawn out day with a lot of waiting for first the debris to clear and then the water turned Rough. Only the North Island Titles were raced today with a couple of Demonstration runs from the 8 Clubmans Boats as well one of which resulted in Jamie Knight being tipped out of a new boat.

North Island Formula 2
Only the 3 boats contested the Title with Garin Keane and Kevin Thorburn sitting out the racing as it wasn't worth risking hitting something they may not be able to see. Jamie Hargreaves finished both races in third place and took 3rd in the Title. 1st and Second places were shared in the heats between Steve Hughes in Atomix and Sam Hughes in The Situation. The title came down to the Times with Sam Hughes setting a 4.53 and Steve Hughes a 4.56. Once again the father and son team had a very close Battle.

North Island Formula Three
Grant Pedder in Hostile and Scott Dennis in DSR Racing were the two F3 Tunnels competing and 5 Clubmans boats were also taking part. Hostlie ran away with the lead in both races over Scott Dennis and in Third place both times was Bayden Sprozen in Mad Dog Maddi.

North Island Pro Com
Inject the Venom had an electrical gremlin and it caused him to DNS both heats after leaving from the ramp and coming to a stop while milling around. Race one was a tight affair with Richard Smith in Balistic, Ben Ryan in Dancing Bear and Adam Parker in The Interceptor all very close at times throughout the first race. Balistic crossed the line in first from Dancing Bear and The Interceptor Dean Probyn pulled out and Undacover and Razzle Dazzle were back off the pace a bit. Heat two looked to be cracker with Richard Smith coming out of Turn one in front but ran over a Log bending the Fins and putting him out of the Race. Adam Parker and Ben Ryan were side by side for most of the Race and Adam won but only just over Ben Ryan. Jason Buttimore finished 3rd in Lucky Break from Paul Reed and Ian Warmington. winning the Title with 625pts was Adam Parker from Ben Ryan and Richard Smith's win in Heat one was enough to give him third overall.

The Wanganui Club is Hoping the water will be better tomorrow. So far this Season every regatta has been plagued by some bad weather or water hopefully the Nationals in Easter will not suffer the same fate.

10/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta 11.30am

The Tides come in a bit too high and has brought a lot of debris up the river which makes it just to dangerous to race at the moment. So 40 boats are sitting in the pits playing the waiting game. Other than that it is a perfect Day.

10/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta

Stunning Day in the Rivercity and a full pit area with Boats keen to get some good racing in and have a good time. Course is being set up now the Clubmans boats will all be running in the F3 title along with two F3 Tunnels and while they may be twice as fast as the little boats there will still be some good racing for 1st and 3rd places.
A full field of Flattie's for the Pro Com Title and 5 Series 3000 Boats. Hydros have 6 here at the moment another couple are on the way. The River is like glass and clean with no debris.
Looks like 5 Formula 2 Boats to contest the NI F2 Title. Will try to do an update during Lunch.

6/3/2012 - Wanganui Regatta

This weekend sees a busy schedule of Racing on the Whanganui River.
Over 30 entries will see good numbers in all classes racing for the Titles.
The Clubrooms will be Open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday Nights for Drinks, with Scrutineering available on Friday from 4pm - 6pm. Drivers Briefings will be at 9.30am Sharp on Saturday and Sunday.
All boats entering in the the King of the River and Fred Robinson Memorial are required to do a qualifying time on Saturday Morning at 10am. First race starts 10.30am both days.

Featured Events -
North Island Pro Com Title
North Island F2 Title
North Island F3 Title
Carl Augustine Trophy
King of the River - 13 Entries from F1 Tunnels, Hydroplanes and Blown V8 Flattie's
River City 3000
Goldmist Hydro Cup
Fred Robinson Memorial Cup - 10 V8 Flattie's and Skiffs Entered
Handicap racing for all Classes

5/3/2012 - Kaniere and Nationals Regatta Entry Form
Reminder Entries Close Tomorrow

NZPBA Nationals Regatta 7th & 8th April 2012
Lake Kaniere, Hokitika.
Featured Events:
2012 New Zealand Power Boat Nationals.
South Island Grand Prix Hydroplane
South Island Series 3000
South Island Pro Com
South Island Grand National Hydroplane
South Island Formula One.

2012 Nationals Power Boat Regatta Entry Form

Colin Stevenson
PH (03) 755 6351
Mobile 027 656 9409
Email: lakekaniere@xtra.co.nz

More Information

Entries received without payment will not be accepted

4/3/2012 - AE Baker Championship

Congratulations to Scott Coker and the Fair Warning Team who took out the AE Baker again from Steve Mathieson in Midnight and Grant Harrison in GP1. GP1 did not start the first heat and Helter Skelter was the only other entrant.

4/3/2012 - EC Griffith Cup

Congratulations to Grant Harrison and the GP1 Team for winning the EC Griffith Cup Trophy at at Karapiro today. There was some drama after heat one with just 3 boats finishing the race and GP1 in 1st and Fair Warning in 2nd were DQ for coming in before the Yellow Flag was raised and while Steve Mathieson was still finishing the Race in 3rd. This decision was then reversed and the points reinstated. In the second heat GP1 blitzed the field again to become the Winner of the Cup once More and return it to Australia. Now the GP1 Team will go after the AE Baker Trophy.

2/3/2012 - Stilwell Power boat Article

There is an Article on The Stilwell Family and Power Boats On www.stuff.co.nz This week.

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