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NZPBA News Page November - December 2012
If you have any news updates please contact the Secretary , Jason Buttimore or Someone from the NZPBA on the Contacts Page.
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31st December 2012 - Goldcup Gallery

Gallery of Images from the Racing at the Goldcup Regatta

30th December 2012 - Goldcup Regatta 3pm

Outlaw leads Promt Parts out of the first turn in heat one of qualifying for the goldcup.

race cancelled no result

Top 6 in the Final were Luke Sharp, Phillip Stilwell, Steve Hughes, Sam Hughes, Brendon Cornes and taking last place due to others pulling out was Chris Palmer. Luke Sharp had an edge on Chris and Steve only just but going into the top turn on Lap one Steve Hughes rolled on the turn thus Red Flagging the race. The rain then set in and the Officials declared the meeting over.

Right now the rain has gone and the suns out however trying to run the two heats of the Goldcup it didn't stop raining. in Chris Planers Heat he was having a great battle with Luke Sharp just holding him off for first place when his Blower belt broke on the last lap.

Kent Dunlop also broke down in his Heat. Luke Sharp and Steve Hughes looked very strong.

30th December 2012 - Goldcup Regatta Lunch

Sally Nagel Race
1st Michael Robertson Going Going Gone
2nd Steve Mathieson Midnight
3rd Alan James Dundeel

Bob Dunlop Memorial
1st Mike Denham Inject the Venom
2nd Adam Parker Heat Seeker
3rd Jeff Robinson Bavarian.

Ross Knight Memorial
1st Rodney Wood Scorpion
2nd Steve Mathieson Midnight
3rd Brody Mathieson RJS

Starting to rain a bit at Lunchtime but it will pass and the 3 heats of the Goldcup Qualifying will be run to find the 6 fastest boats for the final.

Chris Palmer won his heat of the Bob Dunlop Qualifying by half a lap. but he wanted to make some changes to the boat and did not run in the final. Kent Dunlop broke a blower belt and had to miss the final as well but has got a spare to put on. Richard Smith came all the way from christchurch and broke down in his qualifying heat.

30th December 2012 - Goldcup Regatta 7.30am
Shaping up to be a Great day so far a lot of teams have been given the hard word to get ready early with the Outlaw Team already setting up the boat for its first test.

29th December 2012 - Goldcup Regatta 5.pm

Outlaw Crew prepping the Motor

Steve Denham in Inject the Venom

All three Weller Boys showed up to race Today and had a blast racing in the big fields

Sam Hughes in Sole Survivor leads Philip Stilwell in Acceleration on Water

Kent Dunlop in Razors Edge

Steve Mathieson in Midnight with Allan Steiner in Misty Blue in the back

Chris Palmer in Outlaw

Bayden Sprozen going over in Mad Dog Maddi

Awesome days racing today with some very tight racing in all the classes.

North Island Clubmans
1st Ross Leger in Dire Straits
2nd Andrew MacBeth in AB Marine
3rd Zac Weller in Rat Attack 003

Very Big Field with 13 Boats starting the first heat and it was pretty interesting out there on the water with Pincoya doing a 360 spin on a turn but regaining control to finish the race. The race was stopped on the last lap with Bayden Sprozen in Mad Dog Maddi tipping over. boat and driver were ok and came back to race later in the day.

Chris Palmer in Outlaw did 3 demonstration test runs today and looked very impressive on the river. The crowd were right behind his boat. Kent Dunlop in Razors edge was also starting to look good and may put up a fight in the Goldcup tomorrow. Steve Hughes was a standout in his GP registered Tunnel Boat running a very modified Mercury Outboard, he will be hard to beat tomorrow.

Race 4 V8 Inboard
1st Heat Seeker
2nd Inject the Venom
Broad Minded DQ

Race 3 Scratch Race
1st Lucky Break
Going Going Gone DQ
Misty Blue DQ
Brayka DNS

Race 13 Hydroplanes
1st Midnight
2nd Dundeel

Tunnel Scratch Race
1st Acceleration on Water
2nd Sole Survivor
3rd Chaos
4th Atomix
5th Flying Ripper

Modified Hydroplane Race
1st Midnight
2nd Dundeel

Carl Augustine Trophy.
1st Steve Mathieson in Midnight
2nd Brody Mathieson in Meridian.
3rd Alan James in Dun Deel.

This was a very close race with Brody taking the early lead on the start over Alan James and Steve Mathieson who made a meal of his start and had to work very hard to chase down the two lead boats. It was neck and neck for the last two laps between Brody and Steve and Steve only just beat Brody to the Line to win the Trophy

The Weather is supposedly the same tomorrow with the chance of some thunderstorms late in the Day so its hopefully an early start to get the big races over with quickly. I will add some more results and pictures.

Mixed Handicap
1st Brayka
2nd Misty Blue
Heat Seeker
Inject the Venom
Going Going Gone DNF
Broad Minded DNF

Race 1 Clubmans
1st Rat Attack 3
2nd Outboard Marine
3rd Spider
4th Rat Attack 2
5th Lookout
6th Rat Attack 1

Race 2 Clubmans
1st AB Marine
2nd Pincoya
3rd Dire Straits
4th Notalotofbucks
5th Mad Dog Maddi
6th Rampage
Buzz DNS

Clubmans Handicap
1st Mad Dog Maddi
2nd Outboard Marine
3rd Rat Attack 1
4th Dire Straits
5th AB Marine
6th Buzz
Pincoya DQ

Clubmans Handicap
1st Notalotofbucks
2nd Lookout
3rd Rampage
4th Spider
5th Rat Attack 1
6th Rat Attack 2

29th December 2012 - Goldcup Regatta
Yesterday there was a little rain during the setting up of the Regatta but otherwise it would have been great for racing. We are hoping the next two days will bring some good weather. Camping ground is pretty full we haven't had this many camping in quite a few years. As dawn breaks over the River it is looking very promising. Hopefully everyone works together to start on time today and we can rattle through the racing today.

A couple of withdrawals with Anarchy breaking down and Suzie IV not making the trip.

Late entries from Luke Sharp in Prompt Parts and the Weller's have brought all 3 of there Junior/Clubmans Boats down.

Today's big Races are the North Island Clubmans and the Carl Augustine Trophy

May be able to do a brief update at the Lunch break, otherwise its after 5pm before some results can go up.

23rd December 2012 - Manawatu Evening Standard
An Article in last weeks Manawatu Evening Standard about the Manawatu Club and its Goldcup Regatta.
Chris Palmers Outlaw Boat arrived in the Country Last week and the Palmer Clan will arrive shortly will be spending time with their NZ Family members and prepping the Boat for the First Regatta 29th & 30th December in the Manawatu before traveling onto the Lakeland Regatta 5th & 6th January

23rd December 2012 - Karapiro & Tauranga Entry Form

Regatta 2nd & 3rd February 2013
Lake Karapiro.
Featured Events:

Masport Cup.
North Island F2.
North Island Mod H.
Round 2 NZF1 Powerboat Tour

Regatta 16th & 17th February 2013
Featured Events:
AE Baker
Round 3 NZF1 Powerboat Tour

New Zealand Grand Prix Hydroplane Drivers Club
P O Box 1076
Cambridge 3450
Denise Moughan
Mobile 0272 503 504
Email: denisemoughan@xtra.co.nz

Karapiro & Tauranga Entry Form

18th December 2012 - Lakeland Power Boat Club
Mangakino Hotel. The lady that used to run it has gone and is not forthcoming with bookings that boaties may have made from our last the regatta for upcoming regatta. If anyone has pre-booked accommodation with the Hotel can they ring ASAP to confirm and if there is anyone out there still looking they do have some rooms going. They are giving us first option as people are ringing looking for rooms. This offer is only available till the end of the week. Ring Hotel 07 882 8276

Regatta 5th & 6th January 2013
Featured Events:
Des Geddes
V8 Challenge
Master of Mangakino
North Island
North Island Pro Com

Lakeland Power Boat Club Entry Form

Post Entries to:

147 Rangatira Drive,
Mangakino 3421

ph 07 8828 733

Email: boplakeland@slingshot.co.nz

Still Time to Enter if your Quick

9th December 2012 - Lake Kaniere Yacht & Power Boat Club

Regatta 19th & 20th January 2013
Lake Kaniere, Hokitika.
Featured Events:
South Island FV
South Island Series 3000
South Island Pro Com.
South Island Pro Stock
South Island F2
South Island UU

New Brighton Power Boat Club has Cancelled there proposed Regatta and the three SI Titles they were to run were transferred to the Lake Kaniere Club 

Colin Stevenson
PH (03) 755 6351
Mobile 027 656 9409
Email: lakekaniere@xtra.co.nz

Kaniere Entry Form

9th December 2012 - Downtown Flying Lap

Sam Hughes in Sole Survivor Yesterday.

Conditions are to rough for the 4 GP and 4 Tunnel boats. They only had 2 boats out and both struggled with the wind and white caps, so they are on hold for quite some time i imagine.

Jeff Price in Lone Wolf yesterday doesn't look like he's running today.

Ken Lupton yesterday in Cheatah

Warwick Lupton Today in the rough.


Three Video Clips from Round One of the NZF1 Powerboat Tour held in Cromwell a couple of weeks ago.

The clips are on the Stilwell Brothers Racing Video Page.

NZ F1 Powerboat Tour 2012-13 Round 1 - Race 2 - On-board with Stilwell Brothers Racing

NZ F1 Powerboat Tour 2012 - Round 1 Race 1 - Cromwell

Friday Test Session Cromwell Nov 2012 - On-board NZ F1 Scott Construction

6th December 2012 - Cliff Jordan

Cliff Jordan recently won the South Island Modified Hydroplane Championship racing in the boat "Bugga Me". This boat was once "Helter Shelter 1".

Cliff has now made a deal to trade the "Bugga Me" Boat back to previous owner Wayne Wells. As part of the deal Cliff has picked up "Summer Wine" and the boat is currently at Rakaia Marine having a sr20 gti-r Nissan installed.

At 72 years young Cliff is as keen as ever to add to his titles this year, and enjoys taking part in the Sport.

2nd December - Cromwell Results
A few results from Lake Dunstan's Regatta last weekend
South Island F1
1st Luke Sharp – Prompt Parts
2nd Phillip Stilwell - Acceleration on Water
3rd Anthony Robinson- Design Windows
  South Island GN
1st Mike Harvey- Aquanaut
2nd Shane Harvey-Eagle Rock

2nd December - Training Weekend Cancelled 8.45am
Wind and persistent rain has meant that today's Training day at Manawatu River has been called off. Bit of a shame but here's hoping the Goldcup weekend will see good weather

Gallery of Images from Saturday can be found here.

2nd December - Central Zone Raffle
Central Zone Raffle results drawn 30th November 2012
1st Ticket # 1879 F.Campbell
2nd Ticket # 2202 P.Hoskyn
3rd Ticket # 2489 Karl.K
4th Ticket # 1375 R. Ker
5th Ticket # 2337 L.Ranguia
Winners will be contacted ASAP and prizes sent out on Monday

1st December - Training Day

Some of the new Drivers learning about their Boats and the racing rules on the Manawatu river today.Good day delayed somewhat by a few breakdowns not always to the race boats either unfortunately. The wind picked up but it didn't deter the Clubmans boats from running around and getting in plenty of on water time. Some more boats are coming up to run tomorrow, have pictures and news on sunday night.

30th November - New Brighton Power Boat Club
New Brighton's Clubday on Sunday 2nd December has been cancelled due to the Damage suffered to the Rescue Crafts Engine. The Club has been unable to replace it at this stage.

26th November - NZF1 Power Boat Tour Round 1

Luke Sharp has taken a slim lead in after the opening round of the NZF1 Powerboat Tour raced in Cromwell over the Weekend. The Prompt Parts Boat took 50 points for the Fastest Qualifier as well as 2 wins, but a DNF in race 2 saw the points close up. Philip Stilwell showed that reliability is important and is in 2nd place overall after two thirds and a second. Anthony Robertson came in third place with a first and second but picked up a DQ in heat 3 for missing a turn Buoy. Steve Pope had a DNF in Race 1 but finished second and third to come out in 4th place. 5th place went to Richard Sommerville and in 6th place was Julian Stilwell whom suffered from Engine Problems all weekend. Jeff Price unfortunately was unable to start any of the Heats.
350 points are awarded to each boat for attending the Round.
Race 1
Race 2
Race 3
Jeff Price
"Lone Wolf"
Richard Sommerville
"KS Builders"
Julian Stilwell
"Scott Construction"
Philip Stilwell
"Acceleration on Water"
Steve Pope
"The Vatican"
Luke Sharp
"Prompt Parts"
Anthony Robertson
Sam Hughes
"Sole Survivor"

Brenden Cornes
"Total Chaos"


No Other results to hand from the Cromwell Regatta as of yet.


15th November 2012 - Wanganui Motor Boat Club Entry Form

Regatta 26th & 27th January 2013
Wanganui Clubhouse Course
Featured Events -
North Island Pro Stock
North Island Series 3000
North Island Mod VP
North Island FV
King of the River
River City 3000
Joe Robinson Goldmist Hydro Cup
Fred Robinson Memorial Cup

Valerie Gee
8 Brassey Street, Waverley 4510
PH & Fax 06 346 5311
Email: tradge@ihug.co.nz

Wanganui Entry Form

14th November - Southland Powerboat Club Regatta Photos

Images by Amanda Mcpherson from Saturday's Racing at Invercargill can be be found on her Gallery Page.

12th November - Southland Powerboat Club Regatta Photos

Images by Gavin Pope from Saturday 10th November 2012, are on his Gallery page. Looks like some good fields and great racing.

Images from Sunday 11th November can be found on this Gallery Page

12th November - Luke Sharp Racing

Luke Sharp has a new website dedicated to his Team and racing exploits. check it out at Luke Sharp Racing

12th November 2012 - Manukau- Auckland Speedboat Clubday

Manukau-Auckland Speedboat Club Clubday

Saturday 17th November

At the Mangere Bridge Course.

Scrutineering from 8.30am
Racing from 11.00am

42 Davies Road
Wellsford 0900
Yvonne Mullins
Ph (09) 423 7781
Mobile 027 355 2410
Email: yvonnemullins@xtra.co.nz

11th November - Southland Powerboat Club Regatta Results

Results from Annual Regatta 10 & 11 November 2012 held on Lower Oreti river, Sandy Point.

South Island Clubmans Championship

1st Buzz; Tony Arthur (Dannevirke)
2nd Outrageous; Andrew Connor (invercargill)
3rd Just Add Water; Quentin Keen (Invercargill)

South Island Modified Hydroplane Championship
1st Bugga Me; Cliff Jordan (Rakaia)
2nd Don't Know Alan Ballantyne (Riverton)

Crosbie Shield Trophy
1st Eagle Rock; Shane Harvey (Invercargill)
2nd Don't Know; Alan Ballantyne (Riverton)
3rd Velocity; Mark Dawson (Invercargill)
4th Whiplash; Ryan Birch (Cromwell)

Rookie of the Regatta:
Outrageous; Andrew Connor (invercargill)

South Island Modified Veebottom Championship
1st Velocity; Mark Dawson (Invercargill)
2nd Just Add Water
; Quentin Keen (Invercargill)
3rd Buzz
; Tony Arthur (Dannevirke)

South Island Formula 3 Championship
1st Buzz; Tony Arthur (Dannevirke)
2nd Outrageous; Andrew Connor (invercargill)
3rd Just Add Water; Quentin Keen (Invercargill)

Phil Brown Memorial Trophy Inboard Hydroplane Open Class
1st Eagle Rock; Shane Harvey (Invercargill)
2nd Don't Know; Alan Ballantyne (Riverton)

Wes Varcoe Memorial Trophy Outboard Open Class
1st Velocity; Mark Dawson (Invercargill)
2nd Whiplash; Ryan Birch (Cromwell)

Southland Boat Most points during the Regatta
1st Just Add Water; Quentin Keen (Invercargill)
2nd Velocity; Mark Dawson (Invercargill)

8th November - Manawatu Goldcup Entry Form

42nd Gold Cup Regatta 29th - 30th December
Manawatu River, Foxton.
Featured Events:
42nd Gold Cup
60th Carl Augustin
Sally Nagel Cup
Bob Dunlop Memorial
Ross Knight Memorial
North Island Clubmans.

Goldcup Entry Form

Conditions of Entry

P O Box 296,
Waikanae 5036
Ph (04) 905 7380
Mobile 0275 114 744
Rochelle Dennis

1st November 2012 - NZF1 Powerboat Tour Promotional Clip
Rounds for the 2013 NZF1 Powerboat Tour
Round 1:
24-25 November 2012 - CROMWELL

Round 2:
2-3 February 2013 – KARAPIRO

Round 3:
16-17 February 2013 - TAURANGA

Round 4:
30-31 March 2012 (Easter) – CROMWELL (NZ Nationals)

29th October - Training Day for New Drivers

Manawatu Power Boat Club
Training Days
1st & 2nd December

Manawatu River, Foxton.
Featured Events:
Training of new members.
This is also open to any other members wishing to run their boats.

Entry Fee will be $30.
Camping will be available on the Saturday night.
We are hiring toilets but not showers and we are
having a paramedic and rescue boat.

P O Box 296,
Waikanae 5036
Ph (04) 905 7380
Mobile 0275 114 744
Rochelle Dennis

Training Days Entry Form

24th October - Lakeland Power Boat Club Regatta Entry Form

Regatta 5th & 6th January 2013
Featured Events:
Des Geddes
V8 Challenge
Master of Mangakino
North Island
North Island Pro Com

Lakeland Power Boat Club Entry Form

Please help with early entry.

Post Entries to:

147 Rangatira Drive,
Mangakino 3421

ph 07 8828 733

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