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30/12/10 - Lake Hood - 15th January 2011 

Just an update on Lake Hood, everything is in place and looking really good, Mike ,Craig and Delwyn have put in a huge effort in paperwork and gaining good sponsors for this meeting.
Our Major sponsor is: Tinwald Tavern Complex
Other sponsors are:
Master chill Daikin - MMM & 2nd ten fastest
Midland Seeds - Outboards /Tunnels
Ashburton Marine - Pro-stock/ King of the lake
Spring Creek Service Centre - Jet boat Invitation
GJ Gardener Homes Ashburton
Classic Hits Ashburton
Now just to give you an idea of the program for the day, we hope to have the water open for half an hour at 9.30am then time trials .
We have ten entries in the Sth Island Pro Stock title.
We have cancelled the 3000 IBRR as only two entries. 
We have fifteen entries in the MMM  hence we will run hot laps to get the ten fastest ,this will be run after time trials.
Race 1     Sth Island Pro Stock Heat one
Race 2     Mixed field of hydros /tunnels /mod VP
Race 3     Jet boats and non qualifiers of the MMM
Race 4     The Matt Morrison - Heat one
Race 5     Mixed field (handicap race )
Race 6     Outboard handicap Master Chill
Race 7     Second heat of Pro stock title final
Race 8    Jet boats and mmm non qualifiers (scratch race)
Race 9    Mixed scratch race
Race 10  Second heat of the Matt Morrison FINAL
Race 11  Second Ten Fastest
Race 12  King of the Lake
This is subject to change on the day
A very happy new year to you all from the Committee of the NBPBC
and we look forward to seeing you all at Lake Hood on the 15th January 2011. 

12/12/10 - Wanganui Regatta Results

Jeff Robinson won the North Island Prostock and Procom Championships yesterday

North Island Prostock

1st Jeff Robinson - Star Trax

2nd Alan Steiner - Misty Blue

3rd Dean Probyn - Lucky Break

North Island Procom

1st Jeff Robinson - Star Trax

2nd Terry McKinstry - First Offence

3rd Alan Steiner - Misty Blue

29/11/10 - War wick Lupton - 2010 UIM World GP Hydroplane Champion

Congratulations to Warwick Lupton and the whole Annihilator Racing Team on the win at the 2010 UIM World GP Hydroplane Champs in Yarrawonga, Australia.

29/11/10 - John Cross

Our condolences go out to John Cross' family and friends at this sad time. From everyone here at the NZPBA our thoughts are with you all.

29/11/10 - 2011 NZ Nationals

Hello all fellow Power Boat Racers,
Attention all Competitors Clubs and Officials...
Attached you will find some details of this years Nationals to be held January 2nd and 3rd
At Lake Maraetai Mangakino
This is fantastic lake in a beautiful area of NZ and the hospitality is as good as we
always receive in the South Island. In fact you would almost think you could be back
at Kaniere or Rotoiti except here may be a bit warmer at night. Now,These Nationals are all set to go.
The Lakeland Club on behalf of your sport has done a wonderful job in putting this together. Everything is organized from the funds needed right down to A new launching ramp.
This is just one HUGE Problem and this, only YOU can fix……………
Entries have been very slow, at the last count with not much more than a week to run...
Only 17 have been received. There isn’t a single full field as yet!!!
Now Entries Close... December 6th (4 weeks prior to the event)
Please get yours in ASAP. Late entries are a pain and will cost you double. $200
Reason, how can anyone plan a good programme without all the details?
So come on everyone, you have the forms; get your entry off immediately.
The sport needs your co operation to make this a success.

21/11/10 - 2011 Matt Morrison Memorial

The 2011 Matt Morrison Memorial is to be held at Lake Hood on January 15th 2012, this event is being run by the New Brighton Powerboat Club

Entries to date:
These are the official entries so far .
We only have two entries in the sth island 3000 RR, we would like more, who would like to enter?
We will be having a get together on Friday night about 7.30 pm at the Lake House Tavern at Lake Hood ,
Starting time will be early Saturday so be there early.
The prize giving will be at the TIN WALD TAVERN, this is the same venue as last year.

21/11/10 - 2010 UIM World Grand Prix Hydroplane Champs

The NZPBA would like to send there support to the 4 NZ GP Hydroplane Teams for this weekends UIM World Grand Prix Hydroplane Champs to be held in Yarrawonga, Australia.

NZ Teams competing in the World Champs are:

Annihilator 3 - Ken Lupton

Warlord - Graeme Weller

Annihilator 2 - David Alexander

Annihilator Race Boats - Warwick Lupton

21/11/10 - G-Force - Unofficial UIM World GP Hydroplane Water Speed Record Holder

Graeme Weller and the G-Force GP Hydroplane team unofficially set a UIM World GP Hydroplane Water Speed record on friday, with a speed of 172.257mph. Graeme also set a new NZ GP Hydroplane Water Speed Record.

17/11/10 - Manukau/Auckland Club Day

The Manukau Auckland Speedboat Club Executive will be hosting a Club day at on the Manukau Harbour Mangere Bridge on the 5th December 2010. Any member wishing to participate please advise Steve Preece at

15/11/10 - NZ Nationals 2010-11

Remember entries for the NZ Nationals to be held at Mangakino need to be in before the 30th November 2010

Entries received to date:

Formula One

Richard Somerville - Outboard Marine

Luke Sharp - Promt Parts

Scott Dennis - Velocity

Mod H

Tony Arthur - Fast Forward


Mike Wotton - Bowtie Boogie

Warren Sherman - Naviga

Evan White - Wasted Nights

21/10/10 - Alan Lewis' Funeral

Alan Lewis' Funeral is to be held this Saturday 23 October 2010, 11am at the St Andrew's Anglican Church on the Corner of Hamilton Rd and Victoria St, Cambridge.

20/10/10 - RIP Alan Lewis

It is with great sadness that we inform you of Alan's passing today 20 October 2010, he has run his last race, he will now join his Father and Mother where we are sure the spirit of Little Cracker will live on.

20/10/10 - Central Zone Dunk Testing Sunday 31st October 2010

Central Zone Dunk Testing Sunday 31st 2010

At the Raumati Heated Pool, Garden Street, Raumati

From 1pm till 4pm. Bring your overalls and helmet.

Cost $30.00 per person, and this includes the pool charge.

Diver will be James Donald from the Wellington Club.

Please email Andrea Robinson or Tony Hall if you would like to attend.

17/10/10 - 2010 Wanganui Regatta

Attached is the Entry Form for the upcoming regatta in Wanganui on 11th and 12th December 2010. Feature events include, the North Island Prostock and North Island Procom, the River City 3000 and the King of the River.

2010 Wanganui Regatta Entry Form

07/10/10 - Photos from Lake Dunstan, Cromwell

Click on the Shot360 Photography logo for images from the Town and Country Club Cromwell Regatta held on the weekend.

04/10/10 - 2011 NZ Nationals Entry Form

Attached is the Entry Form for the NZ Nationals to be held in Mangakino on January 2nd and 3rd 2011. please note that entries need to be in by 30th November 2010


04/10/10 - Town and Country Club Cromwell Regatta Results

Saturday, 2nd October 2010

Race 1: 1-The Vatican(F1), 2-Promt Parts(F1), 3-Bad Obsession(F1)

Race 2: 1-Hells Bells(Prostock), 2-Thunderstruck(Procom),

Race 3: 1-Uncomfortably Numb(FV), 2-Buggame(ModH), 3-Don't Know(ModH)

Race 4: 1-Promt Parts(F1), 2-The Vatican(F1), 3-Bad Obsession(F1)

Race 5: 1-Aquanaut(GN), 2-Eagle Rock(GN), 3-Buggame(ModH)

Race 6: 1-Stryker(ModVP), 2-Uncomfortably Numb(FV), 3-Hot 'n' Sticky(FV)

Race 7: 1-Aquanaut(GN), 2-Promt Parts(F1), 3-The Vatican(F1)

Race 8: 1-Velocity(ModVP), 2-Stryker(ModVP), 3-Uncomfortably Numb(FV)

Race 9: 1-Buggame(ModH), 2-Don't Know(ModH), 3-Thunderstruck(Procom)

Race 10 Sponsors Race

Race 11 King of the Lake, Heat One: 1-Promt Parts(F1), 2-The Vatican(F1), Aquanaut(GN)

Sunday, 3rd October 2010

Race 1: 1-Aquanaut(GN), 2-Bad Obsession(F1), 3-Don't Know(ModH)

Race 2: 1-Whatever(Procom), 2-Velocity(ModVP), 3-Stryker(ModVP)

Race 3: 1-Annihilator 2(GP), 2-Annihilator Race Boats(GP)

Race 4: 1-Bad Obsession(F1), 2-Eagle Rock(GN), 3-Buggame(ModH)

Race 5: 1-Velocity(ModVP), 2-Stryker(ModVP), 3-Whatever(Procom)

Race 6: 1-Promt Parts(F1), 2-Annihilator 2(GP), 3-Aquanaut(GN)

Race 7: Sponsors Race

Race 8: 1-Bad Obsession(F1), 2-Eagle Rock(GN), 3-Buggame(ModH)

Race 9: King of the Lake, Heat Two: 1-Promt Parts(F1), 2-Bad Obsession(F1), Velocity(ModVP)

Overall Results:

King of the Lake: Luke Sharp-Promt Parts

GP: David Alexander-Annihilator 2

GN: Mike Harvey-Aquanaut

F1: Matthew Pope-Bad Obsession

ModH: Cliff Jordan-Buggame

ModVP: Brent Dawson-Stryker

Formula V: Peter Crowle-Uncomfortably Numb

Procom: Carl Ryan-Whatever

Prostock: Graham Burgess-Hells Bells

20/09/10 - Cromwell Regatta Update

Cromwell Reggatta 2010 Entry Form

Accommodation is available at: 

 Pisa Range Lake Resort, Pisa Moorings, Cromwell Ph:  03 445-3417

email  -  or visit

 Cromwell Motel, Cnr. Gair & Barry Avenue, Cromwell, Ph 03 445-0373 Reservations Freephone 0508-445-0373 or email  or visit

 Cromwell Top 10 Holiday Park, 1 Alpha Street, Cromwell.  (Tent sites through to Motel Units)

Ph: 03 445-0164 email  or visit

Race Weekend Schedule

Friday Night:

Get together at Cromwell Town & Country Club, Melmore Terrace, Cromwell.

Boats may be scrutineered in the car park between 6 – 8 p.m.

Courtesy Coach available  to and from Cromwell Town & Country Club


8.00 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.  Scrutineering

9.15 a.m.  Briefing

9.30 a.m. Water Open for Testing

10.00 a.m. Race Start

Approx 4.00 p.m. Last Race

Prize giving at Cromwell Town & Country Club, Melmore Terrace, Cromwell at 6.00 p.m.

Meals will be available all day until approx 9 p.m.

Band 7 p.m. – 1.00 a.m.

Courtesy Coach available to and from Cromwell Town & Country Club


8.00 am – 9.00 a.m.  Scrutineering

9.15 a.m.  Briefing

9.30 a.m .Water Open for Testing

10.00 a.m. Race Start

Approx 3.00 pm Last Race

Prize giving at Cromwell Town & Country Club 4.30 p.m. Sharp

Meals will be available. 

18/09/10 - Wellington Power Boat Club

AT 5.00 PM


1. Roll Call, 2. Apologies, 3. Minutes & Matters Arising, 4. Commodore’s Report, 5. Correspondence, 6. Treasurer’s Report & Matters Arising, 7. Secretary & Treasurer’s Honourium, 8. Election of Officers : Patron, Vice Patron, Commodore, Vice Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, Club Captain, Committee, Social Committee, 9. Subscriptions, 10.Bank Signatures, 11.General Business

Followed by Prize Giving, BBQ and bar facilities available


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