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This is a stock V8 class designed to make for affordable yet competitive V8 racing. The engines are limited to 358cuin(6000cc) and have restrictions on the carburetor size as well as camshaft lift and must run on Petrol. These boats are normally around 16 feet (5 metres) in length and race at around 95mph(150kph).

Pro Stock Contact

Pro Stock PDF File of Driver Profile Form Driver Profiles. If you want to Update your Drivers Profile please Email the Webmaster With any Information you need Updated either added to or removed. If you are suppling pictures please make sure you have the permission of the Photographer (I may have images of my own i can add to the Page). If you know your sponsors webpage address or logo we would like to include it in the Sponsors Section.
People are Interested in any past Acheivements and History of your Boats and Drives, so the more information you supply the better your Profile will look.

Kilo Speed Records
National Record
Mike Wotton
Bowtie Boogie
101.15mph (161.64kph)
Northern Zone
Central Zone
Mike Wotton
Bowtie Boogie
101.15mph (161.64kph)
Southern Zone
Paul Burtenshaw
87.04mph (140.05kph)

New Zealand Pro Stock Champions
2015 Tony McCaa Victory
2014 Adam Parker Heat Seeker
2013 Paul Burtenshaw Provocative
2012 Not Contested  
Mike Wotton
Bowtie Boogie
Mike Wotton
Bowtie Boogie
Paul Burtenshaw
Paul Robertson
Going Going Gone
Not Contested
2006 Gary Gregory Cut Loose
2005 Gary Gregory Cut Loose
2004 Gary Gregory Cut Loose
2003 Not Contested  
2002 Peter Broeren Bavarian
2001 Peter Broeren Bavarian
2000 Ian Ferguson Roxanne VI
1999 Steven Denham Venom

Click on the Images Below to go to the Boats Profile Page. Only Boats whom wish to have a Profile and supply information are to be listed.

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