Open outboard tunnel design with a minimum length of 4.8m measured along the sponson's All boats shall have a NZPBA approved protective cockpit/restraint system All new hulls, and hulls having repairs to the sponson pickles, shall have the front 35cm of the pickles made of a material to allow for controlled deformation to reduce the G forces on frontal impact The minimum weight of the boat immediately after the race with the driver must not be lighter than 475kg (with residual fuel and without residual water).


The Engine is to be a V6 up to 2700cc with a cast iron bore. Blue printing and reboring is accepted but shall not exceed production specifications. Engine must run standard induction system, ie. non race.


Standard type gearbox, ie. forward/reverse. Right hand rotation only. The unit may be locked in gear, nose cones and water pickups may be fitted. The propeller option is unrestricted other than the maximum of four blades.


Maximum octane rating of 98 is allowed with the addition of lubricating oil for lubricating purposes only. The use of additives aimed at increasing either the power of the engine or the octane rating of the fuel, to either the fuel supplied or to the air intake is prohibited.

All motors over 2.0 litres to run forward/reverse type gearbox. Sportsmaster and CLE Factory Mercury gearboxes either right or left rotation or similar types are allowed.

All EFI motors over 2.0 litre are to run standard factory injection. ie. either up or down draft. Reves are open.

Motors up to 2.0 litre to be either Carbed or EFI.

EFI motors to use Tin Top ECU with 8650 2.5 chip fitted.

Weight of all boats to be min 500kg after the race with the driver on board.

  • Drivers must always be wearing an approved helmet that is painted in a bright or fluorescent orange colour.
  • This helmet is an open face design to assist in case a rescue diver needs to get air to the driver in case of an accident.
  • Flamecrusher or similar Overalls are mandatory and an approved Life vest must be worn at all times on the water.
  • Drivers must also carry a yellow paddle or flag this is to wave to officials to show that help is needed.



Kilo Speed Records

National Record Steve Preece Demon Energy 113.01mph/182.046kph
Northern Zone Steve Preece Demon Energy 113.01mph/182.046kph
Central Zone Steve Hughes Mobil 110.479mph/177.76kph
Southern Zone J. Scott Venom 102.93mph/165.61kph


New Zealand Formula 2 Champions

2022 Not Contested
2021 Not Contested
2020 Not Contested 
2019 Not Contested
2015 Not Contested  
2014 Not Contested  
2013 Not Contested  
2012 Not Contested  
2011 Philip Stilwell Kapiti Distributors
2010 Sam Hughes The Apprentice
2009 Not Contested