Formula Three Rules

  • Inboard Racing Hydroplane: Up to 1650cc carburetted.
  • Tunnel Outboard: Up to 1000cc Open.
  • Mono Outboard: Up to 1000cc Open
  • Mono Outboard: Up to 1000cc Open

Kilo Speed Records

National Record Scott Coker Howzat 101.08mph (162.637kph)
Northern Zone Scott Coker Howzat 101.08mph (162.637kph)
Central Zone Jamie Hargraves Instigator 82.95mph(133.47kph)
Southern Zone Ashley Brown Short Circuit 83.73mph(134.72kph)


New Zealand Formula 3 Champions

2015 Chris Birch Whiplash
2014 Scott Dennis DSR Racing
2013 Georgia Crowle Bad Daughter
2012 Andy Morris Road Runner
2011 Hamish Buttimore Wild Thing
2009 Not Contested  
2009 Not Contested  
2008 Geoff Morrish Sinista
2007 Geoff Morrish Sinista
2006 Geoff Morrish Sinista
2005 Jamie Hargraves Instigator
2004 Scott Coker Howzat
2003 Scott Coker Howzat
2002 Jamie Hargraves Instigator
2001 Luke Sharp Merceta
2000 Luke Sharp Merceta
1999 Kevin Thorburn Warkworth Motors
1998 Not Contested  
1997 Ashley Brown Short Circuit
1996 Scott Dennis Hitachi
1995 Malcolm Jamison Step Right Up
1994 Scott Dennis