This is the big brother of the racing runabout classes and has only a few restrictions on the engines. They can be a maximum of 470cuin(7700cc) and have no superchargers but anything else goes. Engines are all V8 and come from Ford or Chevrolet and most run Big Block methanol burning fuel injected engines and the top boats run 120mph(195kph).

Pro Com Contact

John Ryan
33 Keppel Street
Phone (03) 388 7639

Kilo Speed Records

National Record Graeme Weller Rat Attack 120.17mph (193.39kph)
Northern Zone Graeme Weller Rat Attack 120.17mph (193.39kph)
Central Zone Mike Wotton Bowtie Boogie 101.15mph (161.64kph)
Southern Zone Mike Ryan Gladiator 108.418mph(174.481kph)


New Zealand Pro Com Champions

2021 John Ryan  Dancing Bear 2
2020  Adam Parker   Heat Seaker
2019  Ben Ryan  Dancing Bear


2016 Tony McCaa Victory
2015 Tony McCaa  Victory
2014 Adam Parker Heat Seaker
2013 Paul Burtenshaw Provocative
2012 Richard Smith Balistic
2011 Steve Denham Venom
2010 Mike Wotton Bowtie Boogie
2009 Brett Mercer Aftershock
2008 Terry Mckinstry First Offence
2007 Craig Stevenson Kaos
2006 Gary Gregory Cut Loose
2005 Gary Gregory Cut Loose
2004 Gary Gregory Cut Loose
2003 Tony McCaa Krazy Kiwi
2002 Kent Dunlop Razors Edge
2001 Kent Dunlop Satans Pride
2000 Kent Dunlop Satans Pride
1999 Graeme Weller Rat Attack
1998 John Weller Captain Manta
1997 Graeme Weller Rat Attack
1996 Allan Mallett Cobra
1995 Steve Rosewarne Plum Crazy
1994 Gary Parker ICI AutoCol