6. Miss CathieAll H&C events sanctioned by the NZPBA shall have the following requirements that are the same as for all current classes and member clubs. The following rules are for onwater craft only. Boats must be registered in the H&C class with the NZPBA. Drivers must have a current H&C license (or Full NZPBA Race Licence) and be financial members of one of the NZPBA clubs. Scrutineering shall be done on the day, prior to going on the water. All current on course driving rules shall apply. Helmets and Life Jackets must worn by drivers and passengers. Passengers must be at least 15 years old.

PURPOSE 1.  The purpose of this Division shall be:

A.  To provide a means by which individuals sharing a common interest in vintage and the history of race boats and racing can meet, share experience and information, exchange ideas and generate enthusiasm for all aspects of their interest.

B.  To promote the preservation of the New Zealand Power Boat Association’s (NZPBA) racing history.

C.  To promote, further and encourage a love and enjoyment of historic & classic boats at itshighest level in all of its aspects.

D.  To promote Historic & Classic Race Boat Shows and rendezvous (possibly in conjunction with NZPBA sanctioned races) for the benefit of the public at large, and to educate members of the Association and the public by conducting research. In the long term, maintaining a library with information regarding classification, restoration and authenticity of historic and classic boats. In general, to promote sponsored activities designed to create an interest and educate the public at large about historic & classic boats.

E.  To promote safety in the operation and display of Historic and Classic boats and assist in the planning and organisation of H&C Division events.


The membership of the NZPBA H&C Division shall consist of persons or other entities who are interested in and willing to be active and participate in furthering the aims and purposes of NZPBA and H&C. The members of the H&C of NZPBA will receive a membership and registration card for their historic & classic boat(s).

1.  The H&C is open to all classes of former racing boats from Outboards, Inboards through to Unlimiteds. The expanding popularity of historical activities makes it appropriate to clarify the types of boats that can be categorized as NZPBA H&C. The mission of the H&C Division has been to promote and preserve the rich history of NZPBA boat racing. To accomplish this, it is important that standards are in place to help participants restore, replicate or create boats that will reflect that mission. The goal is not to create a series of rules to enable static judging contests or inhibit participation, but rather to offer guidelines to members, participants, restorers and boat builders that will make it possible to continue the growth of H&C and thus achieve the Division’s stated mission.

2.  Historic Class Boats: A “Historic” boat is designated to have been a hull style that was used for racing prior to 1963.

3.  Additionally, Vintage and Historic Class boats will fall into one of the following construction categories:

A.  Un-restored Original: Self-explanatory. (Note: An un-restored original boat may not meet safety requirements and may only qualify for static display.)

B.  Restored Original: A boat that raced in NZPBA sanctioned events at the time of its original construction. A measurable part of the original hull structure, hardware, engine or appendages (cowlings, etc.) must be included in the restoration of the boat. The engine type used in the restoration must resemble one found in the original. If, due to scarcity of original components, a later engine is used, the type and approximate power output of the original must be maintained.

C.  Spirit of Vintage or Historic: A boat resembling a race boat from the Vintage or Historic eras. The dimensions, configuration, and date of construction should be similar to boats that could have participated in NZPBA events of that era. The engine type must resemble one found in the original. If, due to scarcity of original components, a later engine is used, the type and approximate power output of the original must be maintained. A Spirit of Vintage or Historic boat can be named and numbered after a vintage or historic boat that it resembles if the original boat is not in existence. The NZPBA Secretary should be contacted prior to naming the boat to ensure the Name/Class Number’s eligibility.

D.  Re-creation (Complete reproduction or replicas): A recently constructed boat that closely resembles a racing boat that could have participated in NZPBA sanctioned events from the Vintage or Historic eras. The original boat that is being re-created must no longer exist. No apparent content or components from the original boat are used, but all dimensions, basic construction technique, engine type, hardware, paint scheme and name/number accurately closely replicate the boat that it is patterned after. The engine type must resemble one found in the original. If, due to scarcity of original components, a later engine is used, the type and approximate power output of the original must be maintained.


1.  Capsule, cage or reinforced cockpit Inboard hydroplanes and runabouts are not permitted to participate in active running at H&C events. The NZPBA Executive will have the final judgment should disputes exist concerning capsule, caged or reinforced cockpits.

2.  All modifications to H&C hulls must be made in the “spirit of Vintage”. Hull modifications are subject to review by the H&C Chairman and if deemed not in the “spirit of Vintage”, the hull will be designated for static display only. Examples of modifications not in the “spirit of Vintage” include, but are not limited to, overpowered engines, technological advances not period to the hull, enclosed cockpits, safety cells, cages, driver’s restraints, etc.

3.  Boats would be eligible for any class letter, number and name that the original hull may have had in its racing career. It is highly suggested that to maintain the relevance of the historic preservation mission of H&C, the boat’s most famous or noteworthy name be used. The owner can use the name and number of his choice as long as he does not attempt to recreate a boat currently registered in H&C. The NZPBA Secretary should be contacted prior to naming the boat to ensure its eligibility.

4.  History and restoration photos are strongly encouraged to be displayed with the boat.

5.  Certain boats may be eligible to participate as both a competition boat (class racing) and as a Historic &Classic boat. Under no circumstances shall the same hull participate as both in the same event. This includes participating with different drivers.


1.  Driving former racing boats is an inherently dangerous sport and each participant assumes the risk when he/she participates in an event. While everyone involved - owners, drivers, crew members, officials, promoters, and the sanctioning body - can take, and have taken, measures to reduce the risk of serious injury, the risk cannot be eliminated and, in fact, will always be present. It is the participant’s responsibility to advise their spouses and next of kin NZPBA cannot be, and is not, responsible for all or even most aspects of the safety effort. That responsibility instead rests with the various participants in the events as follows:

For more info refer to your Rule Book or contact your local club.