Modified Hydroplane (Mod H) Engines:

Competing boats shall be powered by one internal combustion motor of the four cycle type with the following restrictions.

  1. Fuel to be gasoline, (petroleum distillates) methanol, or ethanol based.

  2. Nitromethane blended fuels are not permitted.

  3. Naturally aspirated engines are limited to a maximum capacity of 3600cc .

  4. Supercharged/Turbocharged engines are limited to a maximum capacity of 2000cc.

  5. Hulls: Boats fitted with engines over 3000cc or 2000cc supercharged/turbocharged are to be a minimum of 5.5m (18ft) and must be fitted with a reinforced cockpit.

  6. Length is to be measured from the bow or sponson tip to the aftermost edge of the bottom surface. Rudders or propellers are not included in hull length.

Club History

The club was formed over 25 years ago due to mainly because of the concern of a group of drivers racing in the old B and E Classes. They were rather concerned about the direction the sport was going and the likely affect it was going to have on their type of boats. The three members whom formatted the club namely Peter McLeod, Nigel Zander and Peter Dudson polled all boats racing in these classes and came up with a format and name for the new class as opposed to that being proposed by the NZPBA at that time. The members at their first AGM set out the aims of the club and of which they are still used today. The club has it's AGM and prizegiving if possible in the last weekend of August.

The Aims

  1. To raise the profile and promote inboard hydroplane racing up to 3.6 litre.
  2. To encourage sportsmanship and fellowship among members.
  3. To promote full fields of pure class racing wherever possible.
  4. To promote the "Top Gun Series" including the up to 2000cc class.( Now it's own NZPBA approved class see H2000 )
  5. To give owners and drivers a strong voice at national level.
  6. To encourage the building of new modern race boats and grow the membership.



Modified Hydroplane Drivers Club Contacts





Kilo Speed Records

Zone Driver Boat Speed
National Record Steve Mathieson Midnight 138.189mph (222.393kph)
Northern Zone Kevin Ireland Challenger 136.232mph (219.24kph)
Central Zone Steve Mathieson Midnight 138.189mph (222.393kph)
Southern Zone Allan Wells Endorphin Rush 116.62mph (187.641kph)

New Zealand Modified Hydroplane Champions

Year Driver Boat


Max Webb Major Rager




Jarrod Robinson  New Obsession


Mitch Lowe  Endorphin Rush


Brody Mathieson Predator


Jarrod Robinson New Obsession 
2017 Daniel Hall Foreno Tapware
2016 Daniel Hall Foreno Tapware
2015 Cliff Jordan Summer Wine
2014 Steve Mathieson Midnight
2013 Allan Ballantyne Rage
2012 Allan Ballantyne Rage
2011 Steve Mathieson Midnight
2010 Tracy Gapper Tempo Too
2009 Janine White Predator
2008 Nigel Zander Helter Skelter
2007 Brody Mathieson Meridian
2006 Alan Lewis Little Cracker
2005 Alan Lewis Little Cracker
2004 Alan Lewis Little Cracker
2003 Steve Mathieson Midnight
2002 Steve Mathieson Midnight
2001 Alan Lewis Little Cracker

Geoff Robinson

Summer Wine
1999 Peter Stilwell Quantum
1998 Peter Stilwell Quantum
1997 Peter Stilwell Quantum
1996 Peter Stilwell Quantum
1995 Nigel Zander Helter Skelter
1994 Robbie Burns Commando








 Tony Ward






Mitch Lowe

Endorphin Rush


Geoff Robinson

Breaking Point

 IMG 7412 2

Brendon Hall

Bounty Hunter


Steve Mathieson



Peter Mcleod