H2000 Hydroplanes

New Class in 2019: 

This class has come about following the recommendations made as to the future

of smaller displacement Hydroplanes in New Zealand.



Competing boats are to be powered by one internal combustion motor of the four-cycle reciprocating piston type utilizing four cylinders
with a total displacement not exceeding 2000cc.
Engines are to be production based i.e. engines supplied in vehicles as sold to the general public by the original manufacturer.
Engines are to retain the original cylinder head and cylinder block; all other mechanical modifications are permitted.
No form of mechanical supercharger or other auxiliary device shall be employed to increase the compression
or volumetric efficiency of cylinders. The use of onboard supplies of gases, nitrous oxide or compounds such
as oxygen or compressed air used as an engine enhancing product is prohibited.
Fuel is restricted to pump gas only, including E85. No nitromethane blended fuels are permitted.


Hulls to be a minimum length of 4.8m (15’9”).
Length to be measured from the bow or sponson tip to the aftermost edge of the bottom surface.
Rudders or propellers are not included in hull length
Maximum width 2.9m (9’6”).
For boats constructed after 2020, a minimum weight (with driver) of 470kg will apply.
Adjustable angle propellers, shaft angle or adjustable fins are prohibited while the boat is under way.
Class contacts to be advised .
For any further details please contact the webmaster   webmasternzpba@outlook.com


2023 Not Contested  
2021  Jarrod Robinson  New Obsession
2020  Jarrod Robinson  New Obsession






 Jarrod Robinson  New Obsession