series 3000


Series 3000 is an extremely competitive class and is limited to engines no larger than 3000cc(184cuin). Generally highly modified Japanese and European car engines are used to propel the best in this class to over 80mph(130kph). A drivers club series also has a number of handicap races to level the playing field among the boats and has great racing.

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Kilo Speed Records


National Record
Brett Mercer Shockwave 84.7mph (136.31kph)
Northern Zone Brett Mercer Shockwave 84.7mph (136.31kph)
Central Zone Greg Cox Ambush 83.235mph (133.93kph)
Southern Zone Richard Kennett Interceptor 70.34mph (113.18kph)


New Zealand Champions


Year Driver Boat
2023 Allan Stiener Misty Blue
2022 Not Contested  
2021 Not Contested  
2020 Sophie Ward  Ambush
2019 Not Contested  
2018 Brent Frampton  Flat Out
2017 Not Contested  
2016 Mike Robinson Buckshot
2015 Allan Stiener Misty Blue
2014 Allan Stiener Misty Blue
2013 Richard Kennett Interceptor
2012 Not Contested  
2011 Allan Stiener Misty Blue
2010 Not Contested  
2009 Jeff Noble Ambush
2008 Paul Robertson Going Going Gone
2007 Not Contested  
2006 Mike Wotton Madison Blues
2005 Brett Mercer Shockwave
2004 Brett Mercer Shockwave
2003 Brett Mercer Shockwave
2002 Brett Mercer Shockwave
2001 Brett Mercer Shockwave
2000 Malcolm Wotton Misty Blue
1999 Malcolm Wotton Misty Blue
1998 Not Contested  
1997 Peter Broeren Buckshot
1996 Peter Broeren Buckshot
1995 Jeff Robinson Trax Tavern
1994 Malcolm Wotton Misty Blue