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 Class Rules

Junior Class is open to all those 12 - 15 years of age. Engines are any Outboard or Inboard Stock Standard Engine up to 30hp. Hull design is free Ski Boat, Flattie, Skiff, Hydroplane, Tunnel Boat what ever hull you think works best with your Engine Package. All Boats must be fitted with a foot or Deadman's hand throttle.

No Tiller Steering is Permitted

Competitors must wear Safety Gear Helmets, Lifejacket's in accordance with the NZPBA Rule Book.


Juniors drivers cannot compete in junior class after the end of the racing season in which they turn 16 years of age



Please note that in addition to information supplied on a Junior application for licensing form, the following information needs to be supplied with Junior license applications before Maritime NZ sanctioning will be given.



Please be aware that due to the need to apply to Maritime NZ for permission to hold a license, Junior License applications could take up to 14 days longer depending on return of permission from MNZ.

Evidence of juniors attending a training day must be supplied with application for licensing, although hopefully, the hosting clubs/zones will provide the registrar with this evidence.

Criteria for junior training will be printed in the Rule Book this year.

Thank you



Junior Contacts

South Island
B A Railton
37 Alma St

Ph: 03 206 4454
mob: 022 626 4976


North Island
Brendon Hall

06 3672338


Junior News 2021

 Arapuni Regatta March 27/28

6 Juniors made the trip to Cambridge/Waikato's Lake Arapuni Regatta. Close racing all weekend with Kendall Tacon winning her first race.

Well done to kendal and the Juniors now head to the Gold Cup April 10th and 11th

NZPBA Nationals

The biggest field ever converged on lake Rotioti in the south Island for the Nzpba Nationals.         

Close racing all weekend from the field of 12 with Jacob Knoef winning his second straight NZ1.

Second Tate Burns and third to Cory Lowe.



Wellington Regatta 2021 Feb 27/28

We had a great turn out of seven boats for the two day wellington regatta.

Seven races over the weekend with a mixture of pole boat, clock and handicap races.

Seth Parker in Raptor Force won the weekends series.

Special mention also to Leo in Train Wreck and Blake Morrison in Bayonet who made there debuts in the class.

Also well done to Abby Hall who won her first handicap race in style on Sunday.

Next stop for us is Lake Rotoiti Nzpba Nationals March 13/14.



Nationals 2021 

Another fantastic event for our Junior racers held at the beautiful lake Rotoiti.

Nzpba 2021 Nationals also saw the conclusion of the Hydro Thunder Series.

Jacob Kneof claimed both NZ1 and the Hydro Thunder Series title. 



 New Zealand Junior Champions

Year                      DriverBoat
2022                 Dani Taitini  
2021                 Jacob Knoef  
2020                 Jacob Knoef  

 Black Jack

2019                 Sam Johnstone    Big Chief
2018                 Lee Merrian    The Huntsman
2017                 Hayley McBeth    AB Marine
2016                 Luke Dunlop    Problem Child
2015                 Mason Dunlop   Jenny
2014                 Karl Weller   Rat Attack 001





Driver Profiles


 White Lightning

Andrew Speedie

andrew speedie3


   Hi my name is Andrew Speedie racer of White Lightning, I come from Wellington Power Boat Club and this is my 2nd season racing power boats, my dad got me into racing when he bought my sister a boat and she never ended up racing it so I took over the job.

The Huntsman

Tate Burns




My name is Tate Burns I am 16 and have been around boat racing ever since I can remember I have been watching dad race learning all the tricks. Now I drive the huntsman and love the sport and can’t get enough of it.


Abigail Hall





Hi my name is Abby Hall owner/driver of Momentum. I am apart of The Manawatu Power Boat Club and this is my first session racing. I grew up in a family of Hydroplane racers and always new I would start racing ,but never would I of thought I would be racing a Clubmans.

Now getting the hang of everything and loving the thrill you get when racing, stopping wont be an option for me.


Red Hot

Jono Elliot





 Hi, my name is Jono Elliott and I am the driver of Redhot from Wellington power boat club(better than manawatu) cough cough. I started in boat racing after I convinced my Dad to buy a barn find boat and rebuild it as the first Junior/clubman boat with a cell in New Zealand. With a load of help from Jeremy Thomas we achieved that goal, Now in my second season I haven't thought about stopping once.
















Kendall Tacon





Hi, my name is Kendall. I am 12 years old (the youngest Junior) and I race ‘Jenny’. I first drove the boat at a Manawatu Club day and have been counting down the days until each race meeting ever since. I am the the 3rd generation to race on the Dunlop side and the 2nd generation on the Tacon side of my family – so there was no avoiding it really.



Ova Lowed

Cory Lowe






 Hi my name is Cory Lowe, racer of Ova-Lowed. I am part of the Cambridge Waikato Powerboat Club. I am a 3rd generation racer with my Nana, Popa and Grandpop racer in Hydroplanes. My Mum and brothers also race.

The 2021 is my third race season and 2022 will be my last in juniors class.








Miss Fairview 

Lily Weir






 Hi my name is Lily Weir, driver of Miss Fairview. I'm from Timaru but I'm a member of the NBPBC. I'm the 3rd generation in the Weir family to race, as a tribute to my Pop I carried on the name and number of his race boat. I've grown up around boats and have co-drived with my dad from an early age. As soon as I had an opportunity to race in juniors there was no turning it down.




Johnston Associates

William Stilwell






My name is William Stilwell, racer of Johnston Associates #74, I’m part of the Rotoiti Powerboat club. This year is my 2nd season racing. The Stilwell family has been racing since 1942 when my great grandad started racing. Since then my grandad Peter, dad Julian ,uncle Phillip, brother James and I have all raced



Raptor Force

Seth Parker