Clubmans Class is open to all those over 15 years of age.

Engines: 25hp Stock Outboard or 30hp 2cylinder Stock Outboard

Hull design is free Ski Boat, Flattie, Skiff, Hydroplane, Tunnel Boat what ever hull you think works best with your Engine Package. All Boats must be fitted with a foot or Deadmans hand throttle. No Tiller Steering is Permitted.

Competitors must wear Safety Gear Helmets, Lifejacket's in accordance with the NZPBA Rule Book.

Midsection: Must be Standard with ID tag on.

Gearbox: Standard IE: Forward, Reverse and Neutral. Nose Cones and water pickup modifications are permitted

Propellor: Open.

Fuel: Pump Gas Only.

Numbers: To be on a Vertical Plane Behind the Rear of the Driver.

Life Jackets: Collered life jackets with crutch straps to NZ safety standards.

Weight: Minimum weight of Boat, Driver, Engine and Fuel to be 180kg.

Steering Cable: Wire galvanised or Stainless to be replaced every 2 years with proof of purchase for RWOF.4mm minimum thickness 7x19 woven strand or similar specs. Spectra allowed.


Clubman's Class Drivers Club President email:


Kilo Speed Records

Zone Driver Boat Speed
National Record Quinten Keen Outrageous 26.881mph (42kph)
Northern Zone      
Central Zone      
Southern Zone Quinten Keen Outrageous 26.881mph (42kph)


New Zealand Clubmans Champions


2015 Andy Morris The Judge
2014 Andrew MacBeth AB Marine
2013 Andrew MacBeth AB Marine
2012 Brian Railton Mad Dog